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By Allan Wall
November 17, 2012

The 2012 Presidential election is now history. Republican challenger Mitt Romney was unsuccessful in his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Barack Obama, who has now won another four years as president.

There were only a few million votes separating this election’s winner and loser. So why did Obama win and Romney lose? There are several factors that answer that question.

Team Obama ran an effective campaign. Of course, the media was mostly on his side, so that helped a lot.

There is evidence of monkey business going on at some polling stations. Given the Democrats’ hysterical opposition to voter ID, that’s not surprising.

Team Romney made some strategic errors. Just as in 2008, the Republican candidate failed to attack Obama where he was vulnerable.

Obama’s shadowy past, the difficulty of viewing his authentic documents ( not just the birth certificate), and his far-left associations were hardly attacked by John McCain four years ago. So why should we have expected Mitt Romney to do so this year? Republican candidates would rather lose than go for the jugular against an Democratic opponent.

Romney wouldn’t even press his advantage over Obama on the troubling cover-up of what happened in Benghazi, Libya.

Yes, Romney started to criticize the president over Benghazi, but in the second debate Candy Crowley shut him down. Another typical Republican tactic is to let the liberal media set the agenda. In the third debate Romney didn’t even bring it up.

The biggest cause of Obama’s triumph and Romney´s defeat is the demographic question.

The media talked about the “gender gap”, men tending Republican and women tending Democrat. Actually it was a little more complicated than that. The majority of married women voted Republican, while the majority of unmarried women voted for the Democrats.

That makes sense. For an unwed mother or divorced mother, the government is her husband. So it makes sense she would vote for the Democrats.

(It also indicates what a fraud feminism is. Feminism doesn’t make women independent, it just changes their dependence from that of their husband to that of the government!)

What about race in the 2012 election?

Basically, Romney got the white vote and Obama got the non-white vote.

To break it down further, Obama received 93 % of the black vote, 71% of the Hispanic vote and 73% of the Asian-American vote.

Romney, on the other hand, got 59% of the white vote.

Back in 2004, just two election cycles ago, George W. Bush won the election with 58% of the white vote.

How could Bush win with 58% and Romney lose with 59%?

The reason is that every year the white vote is getting smaller. That’s because of mass immigration (both legal and illegal), and differential birth rates. By about 2050, if present trends continue, whites will have reached minority status.

(The historical white majority, by the way, never voted to become a minority, but it’s being forced upon us, and if you question this you may be called a “racist”).

Put simply, the Republican party has a major demographic problem on its hands.

The very night of the election, pundits were declaring that the GOP has a problem with Latinos and has to do more to attract their vote. What they mean by that is the Republicans should be less strict on immigration and support amnesty for illegal aliens.

Is that a good idea? The way many of us see it, the GOP isn’t strict enough on immigration ! And amnesty attracts more illegal immigrants.

Besides, it’s highly unlikely in the foreseeable future that the majority of Hispanics are ever going to vote Republican, regardless of what the party does. And in pandering to Latinos, the GOP is likely to lose a bigger share of the white vote.

Did I mention the white vote? Is that racist?

Well, as long as people talk about the “black vote”, the “Hispanic vote”, and all the other “votes”, it ought not to be wrong to speak of the white vote.

The white vote is still the largest share of the electorate. White voters outnumber Hispanic voters by about seven to one. Logic would dictate that Romney should have concentrated on winning the white vote, especially the white working class vote.

And that’s exactly the demographic that Romney did lose, in Great Lakes states such as Ohio and Wisconsin. There, the Hispanic vote was not a big factor. In those states, Romney’s problem was that he didn’t convince enough whites to vote for him.

Many working class whites stayed home and didn’t vote for anybody.

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The importance of the Hispanic Vote is exaggerated, and the importance of the white vote is undervalued.

However, if mass immigration continues, then the white vote will continue to decrease and the Latino vote increase. And that spells doom for the Republican party.

The best thing for Republicans to do is work to shut down immigration. By that I mean not only shut down illegal immigration, but drastically reduce legal immigration.

Besides, with 14 million Americans out of work, we don’t need more immigrants anyway.

If mass immigration continues, the Republican party is finished as a national party. The GOP’s leaders should face that fact, and act accordingly.

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.










The very night of the election, pundits were declaring that the GOP has a problem with Latinos and has to do more to attract their vote. What they mean by that is the Republicans should be less strict on immigration and support amnesty for illegal aliens.