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By Allan Wall
August 7, 2011

The 2012 election is only 15 months away. What are the positions of the candidates on immigration?

The Numbers USA organization has an evaluation system to rate presidential candidates on the issue of immigration.

Just to let you know where the group is coming from, Numbers USA is an organization that opposes illegal immigration and also wants to drastically reduce legal immigration.

So let’s look at their evaluations of the candidates on the immigration issue.

President Barack Obama is planning to run for re-election in 2012. Numbers USA gives Obama an F- on Immigration. For more details, click here.

It’s not really surprising though, that Obama would have an F-. It’s totally logical that Obama would support mass immigration, including illegal immigration. After all, it benefits his party! Most immigrants who vote, vote for the Democrats. So why wouldn’t a Democratic president, especially one who wants to transform the country and move it radically to the left, want to keep the immigration floodgates open?

The Republican party, on the other hand, has a rather poor record on immigration also. Of course, big money donors to the GOP want mass immigration, including that of the illegal variety, because they like cheap labor.

But in the long run, mass immigration hurts the Republican because it brings in more Democratic voters. A lot of conservatives don’t seem to get this, or want to deny it, but it’s a fact, and is not likely to change anytime soon.

Let’s take a look at the Republican candidates and how Numbers USA rates them:

RON PAUL - Numbers USA gives Ron Paul a very poor rating. Not quite as bad as President Obama, with his F-. Numbers USA rates Ron Paul an F on the immigration issue. If you’d like to see why they do this, and if you’d like to contact Ron Paul, click here.

GARY JOHNSON - Johnson also gets an F. Click here.

RICK SANTORUM also gets an F. Click here.

Numbers USA gives Newt Gingrich a D-. Click here to see why.

Jon Huntsman also has a D-. You can click to this page and see why.

And, guess what? Rick Perry also has a D-. Go to his page and read about it. Click here.

What about SARAH PALIN? Well, her grade from Numbers USA is a little higher than the previous three. Sarah gets a D. Click here.

As for Mitt Romney, on the immigration issue he’s tied with Sarah. Numbers USA rates Romney with a D on immigration. Read about it here.

HERMAN CAIN has a little higher rating, a C-. Go to this page and read about it.

How about TIM PAWLENTY ? Numbers USA gives him a C+. Click here.

MICHELE BACHMANN has the highest grade of any Republican candidate with a B-. Imagine, the highest grade of any candidate is B-. That’s pathetic. Click here.

That’s the situation we’re in.

Of course, Numbers USA may modify their grades as the campaign progresses, which means candidates´ evaluations may go up or down. You are welcome to write to the group and share your perspective, if you think a candidate has been evaluated unfairly.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Numbers USA, I recommend you check out the group’s website.

Numbers USA also has an excellent evaluation system for every single member of the U.S. Congress. Click here for this useful resource. You can see how your senators and congressman rate on immigration and the site even includes contact information so you can make your voice known.

I recommend you check out the Numbers USA website.

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Let’s take a look at the Republican candidates and how Numbers USA rates them...