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By Allan Wall
November 11, 2010

In the U.S., we have a presidential election each four years. That’s the election that gets the most publicity.

But in the middle of the presidential elections we have the midterm election. Though this gets less publicity and attracts fewer voters, it’s equally important, as it determines the composition of Congress, as well as state legislatures throughout the nation.

This year, 2010, midterm elections were held on November 2nd.

The biggest news is that the Republicans have won control of the House of Representatives. That’s good because, if nothing else, they can block some legislation. John Boehner, the probable Speaker of the House in January, plans to block Obamacare from taking effect. Go for it.

There are some interesting new faces who have been elected to the House that hopefully can contribute in a positive way.

Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul) has been elected from Kentucky. During the campaign, Rand Paul took on three taboo subjects, yet still won the election. The three taboo subjects were (1) The 1964 Civil Rights Act, part of which Rand questioned for having too much power over private business, (2) automatic birth citizenship for children born to illegal aliens, which Paul opposes, and which is becoming less of a taboo subject , and (3) the demographic question – the fact that Mexican immigrants vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Let’s hope Rand Paul keeps speaking out and is not muzzled by the media or party leadership.

In Pennsylvania, Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazleton, a longtime opponent of illegal immigration, defeated 13-term incumbent Paul Kanjorski.


In Florida, former Army Lieutenant Colonel, Iraq veteran and well-informed critic of Islam Allen West was elected.

Republicans made gains in the Senate but the Democrats still control it. Disappointingly, Harry Reid was not defeated in Nevada.

There were gubernatorial elections of interest as well. In Colorado, Tom Tancredo failed to win but did quite well considering he was running on a third party ticket and entered later than the Democrat and Republican. In Arizona, Jan Brewer, who signed the SB 1070 law to fight illegal immigration, won re-election.

Interesting state questions were on various ballots. In Arizona, affirmative action (read anti-white discrimination) was rejected by the voters.

In Oklahoma, voters passed State Question 751(requiring official business to be conducted in English), SQ 746, (a photo-ID-for-voting measure) and SQ 755, which “forbids [Oklahoma] courts from considering or using [Islamic] Sharia Law.”

State Question 744 would have taken education appropriations out of the hands of the legislature and base it on the average education funding of the six states bordering Oklahoma. The NEA (National Education Association) put a lot of money into this measure, but it was roundly defeated, 81.41% to 18.59%.

In Rhode Island, the state question attempting to remove “and Providence Plantations” from the official name of the state was defeated 78% to 22%. So the official name of the state is still “Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.”

On the state level, Republicans did quite well, gaining a whopping 680 legislature seats nationwide.

In the state of Iowa, three state Supreme Court justices who had approved gay marriage in the state were voted out by voters.

Now that the smoke has cleared, what’s ahead in 2011?

It had better not be business as usual for the GOP, and certainly not a return to the George Bush era. We need Republican leaders who will stand up for limited government, repeal Obamacare and fight illegal immigration.

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Since President Obama is scheduled to be in office until 2013, and the Democrats still have control of the Senate, there may be a lot of gridlock. But so what? Gridlock is much preferable to having a far-left political agenda imposed upon the nation.

At least with Republicans in control of the House, they can, if they stand firm, block bad legislation, and set the stage for the 2012 elections.

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Allan Wall recently returned to the U.S. after residing many years in Mexico.











Republicans made gains in the Senate but the Democrats still control it. Disappointingly, Harry Reid was not defeated in Nevada.