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David R. Usher
November 16, 2007

Bibles and Torahs aside, if there is a secular reason why women�s rights does not include entitlement to function as Catholic Priests, Rabbi Susan Talve of St. Louis�s Central Reform Congregation is a cameo example.

Rabbi Talve recently commenced interfaith nuclear war in St. Louis by anointing her synagogue with the authority to act as the religious platform for the ordination of two women into the Catholic priesthood, with the apparently unanimous blessings of the �synagogue� board (CRC earned air quotes around its name because is not really a synagogue � it simulates religious activities using a Torah and Talmud exorcised of moral teaching not in agreement with radical feminist theory).

St. Louis Diocese Archbishop Raymond Burke responded promptly and vigorously, causing the CRC board to reconsider its strange decision. After all, performing official Catholic functions with a Rabbi in a synagogue is, at best, tasteless comedy material suitable for filler during the Hollywood writer�s strike. But CRC did not realize it might have been a mistake until after the Catholic Church pointed it out to them.

Perhaps CRC�s first mistake was employing a feminist to serve as a Rabbi?

Mischief in Catholic realms aside, I have some personal experience doing battle with Susan Talve over her style of conducting well-established official Jewish functions. Some years ago, she gave permission for the boyfriend-du-jours of my ex-spouse to say the father�s prayer at my sons� double bar mitzvah. I was to be relegated to the audience over my great objections (I had converted to Judaism years before and had been very active at CRC until my unsolicited divorce made participation impossible). Her passive-aggressive position was that she had no say-so over events held in her own synagogue. Imagine that -- a Rabbi not permitting the father to do the father�s prayer at a Bar Mitzvah!

I organized a small protest outside a large signing event held for the 1997 book Our Families, Our Values: Snapshots of Queer Kinship. This book contained an astonishing chapter penned by Talve titled �Celebrating and Sanctifying Lesbian and Gay Relationships and Families� The chapter was deeply submerged in romantic babble about queerness and same-sex marriage. It climaxed with the blessing she apparently used when performing illegitimate same-sex rituals at CRC: �With This Ring You Are Made Holy unto Me According to the Laws of Moses�. We protested at the event with signs such as �Set My Children Free�, causing much consternation at the event.

Talve would not relent. I called her to say that if she permitted the Bar Mitzvah to be held without me doing the father�s prayer, that I would be at the event -- but protesting outside of it. I did not want my children to think I condoned an illegitimate Bar Mitzvah. And, I was going to let the whole synagogue know about it too.

In the end, I won and was permitted do the father�s prayer, but only after raising cain with the president of the Board. It is truly a sad day in Baal when folks must resort to hardball activism to convince a �Rabbi� she should observe the most basic principles of her own �religious ceremonies.�

Susan Talve is a good case study in feminist pseudo-religious practices. She is a member of the National Organization for Women, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. These are facts conveniently unadvertised at CRC.

Talve is not alone in leading her flock down a slippery secular slope. The majority of others who set out to take over religious institutions in the name of feminism behave similarly. The cockpit view of their mission is essentially to turn God into the liberator of women (from men), to replace religious teaching with feminist gospel, and to turn churches into executors of the feminist agenda.

Unfortunately, people already drenched in secular feminism every day have difficulty realizing that a person who is a card-carrying member of the National Organization of Women might not be a trustworthy moral or spiritual leader. Instead of being lead down a path of life that is good for them or their children, followers are lead even deeper into the careless or destructive attitudes towards marriage, men, sexual behavior, and personal responsibility so characteristic of radical feminism.

Talve�s activities in the Jewish faith parallel that of other activists working to transmogrify major world religions by fiat. The �Roman Catholic Womanpriests� could be described as the military generals of feminist religious hegemony. Some are lesbians, others working directly or indirectly to inject the goals of politicized lesbianism into religion. Like their hard-boiled counterparts in the secular world, these women are militant, crafty, smooth-talking, and will do anything to achieve their goal.

In 1970, feminist icon Robin Morgan issued the edict �We can't destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage", and preached that man-hating is an honorable political act. These notions are commonly-taught in university-level women�s studies coursework today. A softer but equally destructive version of these attitudes is now part-and-parcel of the �Womanpriests� initiative.

Beyond raucous pontifications about equal rights for women in religion lurks the holy grail long sought by feminists. Their goal is to make same-sex marriage the law of the land. The Catholic Church is the largest and most powerful religious institution squarely blocking them, and hence is the current target for takeover by any possible means. We must understand that, like interdisciplinary studies programs in our universities, feminists in religion apply inter-faith community work as a primary vehicle for exportation or enforcement of their agenda on other religions.

For years, feminists have driven men out of marriage and family. Feminists now want full control of the institution of marriage, thus relegating men to paying child support to pharaoh as slaves to an intended feminist dynasty. Their hope is to merge Church with Pharoah, joining other radicalized institutions such as Reform Judiasm, the United Church of Christ, and portions of the Lutheran Church who have already been taken over.

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Those who wish America to be set free from its now-obvious social and economic decline must strongly reject feminist wiles and remove those who practice it from positions in religion entirely. Republicans and Democrats will have no choice but to clean house too.

No large nation in history has survived for long absent a strong bedrock institution of marriage. The decline of America as a world leader and economic bastion should come as no surprise to anyone. Without a strong America, the future of Israel is very uncertain.

Let the housecleaning begin, right here in America.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












For years, feminists have driven men out of marriage and family. Feminists now want full control of the institution of marriage...