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David R. Usher
March 18, 2006

It does not take a bible scholar to understand that V-day is a �celebration� by and for the benefit of second-wave feminist prophets to instill hate of men and heterosexual marriage in young women.

The true purpose of V-day runs much deeper than child sexual abuse by lesbians in the �Vagina Monologues.� Mass glorification of the female anatomy, the monolithic customary, and the claim it is to end �violence against women� around the world, are merely eye and ear candy designed to distract us from understanding the real political agenda behind the event.

Forty years ago, women ripped their bras off thinking it meant sexual liberation and equal rights. What they bought into was the idea the men and marriage was a bad idea. Many women ended up divorced -- struggling not to slip into the underclass. The family became the property of second-wave feminists in government, and our freedoms and rights went right out the window with it.

In similar fashion, V-Day is also a communist-style mobilization designed to inculcate and enforce the broader cult agenda of second-wave campus feminists. Their front-line anti-family agenda includes inculcation of lesbianism, same-sex marriage, discrimination against men in home and society, and abortion up until the moment of birth.

Raising money to stop violence against women in third-world countries is the supposed reason for the gnashing of female genitalia. But by the time feminist organizations take their cut for throwing the event, we can be fairly certain that not much more than 15% of it ever goes overseas.

The ideological illusion of V-day is that men commit all serious domestic violence, when in fact women are responsible for initiating slightly over half of all serious spousal altercations. Feminists see no difference between normal minor spousal disagreements and murder. Dr. Murray Straus calls this the �clinical fallacy.�

When spousal disagreement is caused by a woman�s drinking or drugging problem, feminists tell her she is a victim and use VAWA to throw her husband out of the family. Many children end up being raised by chemical-abusing mothers who are far more likely to abuse or neglect them. This is clearly not what women in trouble need! A woman with a drinking or drugging problem needs treatment, not a divorce!

The V-day mobilization is designed to terrify those who do not agree with feminist dicta into quiet submission. Ancient Welsh warriors won battles by going into battle stark naked, smeared from head-to-toe with �woad� (a frightening blue vegetable dye). Today, feminists go into battle dressed as vaginas while screaming �violence� and �rape.�

V-day is largely a campus event. Feminists know that change begins on campus, so they want to make sure they run college campuses with an iron fist.

Roger Williams University, in Rhode Island, is a perfect example. While V-day proponents blanket the campus with agitprop and oversized female anatomy, those who object to it have been placed on probation for staging a parody of what campus feminists did � by donning a six-foot penis, named Testicles � which was seized.

It is quite obvious that the Provost � who lowered the boom -- is terrified of campus feminists too. He probably should be. It is quite likely feminists have some dirt about his personal life they are controlling him with.

This brings us to another feminist paradox. The personal is the political � only if the target is a man. When a man fools around, he is a bum. When a woman fools around, it is because the man isn�t good enough in bed.

Federal funds going to feminist campus organizations must be cut off. Campus feminist organizations are not separate entities and do not practice firewalled accounting. Federal funds are used for all sorts of feminist initiatives.

Feminist campus organizations receiving federal funds operate under names such as �Students Against Sexism In Society� (SASS). Their funding gets used for community mobilization, lobbying, and politicking on a variety of feminist initiatives, including abortion, same sex marriage, and divorce laws.

Since Congress obviously isn�t going to fund men�s or pro-marriage organizations, Congress or President Bush should simply end feminist pork entirely -- such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). When college campuses have a level playing field, it will be possible for healthy pro-marriage, woman friendly policies to naturally rise to public policy though the normal political process.

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Let endorphin-challenged oxytocin-free feminists stew in their own testosterone this Valentine�s day. Let us teach love, healing, and tolerance; not hate. One billion Valentine�s day cards cannot be wrong. The vast majority of women prefer truffles and lattes to ending up single mothers having to �do it all.� The choice is up to each of us.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition And is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children











Federal funds going to feminist campus organizations must be cut off. Campus feminist organizations are not separate entities and do not practice firewalled accounting. Federal funds are used for all sorts of feminist initiatives.