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International Charter is Drawing us Into a Black Hole










by Scott Tips, JD
December 7, 2009

It is a truism that bears repeating that our World is a rapidly changing one. Sometimes, I think back and imagine what life was like in 1909, a hundred years ago. What did people think about their future? Did they even imagine that in five years’ time a huge cataclysmic war would descend upon them and devastate the Western World, killing over 20 million people? That, in Europe at least, many of their male friends and family members would die and their own lives and political and social systems be forever changed?

How could they even imagine that? It was, after all, the Belle Époque. Life was mostly good. Every day, there were advances in science, health, literature, and the arts. With a few regional exceptions there had been no major general war in the World since the end of the Napoleonic era more than 90 years earlier. Most people could not even imagine that that could change – ever.

Fast Forward to the Present

One hundred years later most people have almost the same mindset. With a few regional exceptions there has been no major general war in the World since the end of the Second World War in 1945, 64 years ago. Every day, there are advances in science, health, literature, and the arts. Life is mostly good. Most people cannot even imagine that this state of being will ever change.

Of course, now, since last year, there are actual and under-currents of foreboding. The economic downturn in the Western world has seen to that, changing the mindset of many who had previously skipped blithely through life with little thought of what the future might hold for them. Eager to grasp at any straws of hope, they actually believe those self-serving “authorities” who claim that we are coming out of our economic problems. Others know what legendary financial expert Harry Schultz has said, “The financial skies only seem clear and calm because, as with a hurricane, we are in the eye of the storm.” The brunt of the storm is yet to descend upon us.

When we lift the veil from our eyes, when we look around us and see what is truly happening in the World, then the future does seem very troubled. The far-sighted and clairvoyant amongst us will take note of this actual state of events and be pro-active. It is long past time to batten down the hatches and prepare for this menacing future, but even now it is still not too late.

We Are Not Passive Objects

As the National Health Federation and other activist organizations have shown over the years, we need not be flotsam upon a river, drifting out to sea, unable to do anything other than flow with the current. As hard as it might seem, one individual in an ocean of 6.9 billion, we can take a hand in shaping our own destiny – if only we will. We are not victims, we are actors; and we should not only realize this truth but act upon it as well.


Such thinking, however, goes against the current grain of granting “victimhood” status to every member of a pressure group with clout in Congress or Parliament. These days, the media and establishment pressure upon all to accept such victims as downtrodden, deserving members of largesse is irresistible for all but the strongest. Yet, to resist becoming a passive, manipulated object is imperative if you are to survive.

They Think You Are Just Tools to Be Used

“They” treat you like trash. Living like kings and queens with their special million-dollar pensions that kick in the moment they take office, high salaries for little work, travel perks, large staffs, and elite medical health-care plans while they throw crumbs to us the peasants, “they” are nothing more than your supposed servants who, once installed in the mansion, have proceeded to ransack it and turn us into slaves. I do not care what political party they claim to be with, they are worthless leeches and parasites, feeding off of our bodies.

The saddest part of all of this is that “we” put them there! Even sadder is the fact that we have the power to remove them but never do so because of a combination of blindness, false patriotism, gullibility, exceedingly poor memory, and (for some) wanting to share in the loot. And it doesn’t just happen in Canada or the United States, it is true of every country!

So as these parasites drain your essence and vitality, they disguise their vampirism by employing code words such as “for the public good” and “protection of the public.” Whether it is the resurrected 1993 Hillary Clinton plan of government “healthcare” currently being pushed through the U.S. Congress or attempts to bind down farmers, ranchers, and organic businesses with suffocating, expensive regulations, such anti-freedom measures are always accompanied by refrains from the leeches that this is all being done for the “public good.” “The public good” – always the cry of tyrants and dictators – has fooled citizens of every country, no matter how free they originally were.

Change Means Opportunity

The World of 2009 is a very different one than that of 1909. And the World of 2014 or 2020 will almost certainly be a very different one than that of 2009. Many people can sense that we are all on the threshold of change, but are not sure what kind of change. Will it be a change in our society, a change in our political system, or a change in our economic system? Many others stumble forward in life, as our 1909 counterparts did in their own time, with not a clue as to what might strike them in just a few years’ time.

Yet, change means opportunity. It means the opportunity to get it right this time. To avoid another 1914. To see that the parasites don’t manipulate events this time, steering us into yet another set of world-changing disasters. As we hover on the edge of tomorrow, it is more important than ever that, at this critical point in history, we act quickly and decisively to steer events and our institutions towards freedom and not slavery, towards the light and not darkness.

If only the people living in 1909 could have known then what lay in store for them in five years’ time, might they have not acted differently? Hopefully more prescient, we of 2009 have the chance to change our future, if only we will seize that chance.

� 2009 - Scott Tips - All Rights Reserved

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Scott Tips received his Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude, from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1976, studied at the Sorbonne (Paris I) from 1976-1977, and obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) in 1980, where he was the Managing Editor of the California Law Review. A California-licensed attorney, he has specialized in food-and-drug law and trademark law, but also engages in business litigation, general business law, and nonprofit organizations, with an international clientele.

Since 1989, Mr. Tips has been the General Counsel for the National Health Federation, the World�s oldest health-freedom organization for consumers, and is now its president. He also writes a regular column for and Whole Foods Magazine called Legal Tips, a column he started in 1984. Currently, Mr. Tips is occupying much of his time with health-freedom issues involving the Codex Alimentarius Commission and its and other attempts to limit individual freedom of choice in health matters.

To understand better the Codex Alimentarius Commission and the global food standards and guidelines that it is creating, you must read Codex Alimentarius � Global Food Imperialism. This book is a collection of articles by those few health-freedom activists with first-hand knowledge of Codex and the dangers that it poses to our health and health freedom. Compiled by Scott Tips, this easy-to-read book can be purchased here.

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The saddest part of all of this is that “we” put them there! Even sadder is the fact that we have the power to remove them but never do so because of a combination of blindness, false patriotism, gullibility, exceedingly poor memory, and (for some) wanting to share in the loot.