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By Mary Thompson
May 24, 2013

Recent reports of two phenomena occupying attention and reading time may seem unrelated, but upon deeper reflection are not. One phenomenon is the ongoing awareness, alarm and organized opposition to Common Core Standards. That is a good thing, for although some forty states adopted Common Core Standards, a few didn’t. Indiana is now reportedly in upheaval as “the first state to retreat from CCS.”

Concentration on Common Core Standards consumes massive time, effort, and other sacrifices by those who recognize it as something foreign to the constitutional concept of local control of schools. That concept has been under deconstruction openly and behind the scenes for generations, but accelerated since the mid twentieth century with only a few voices in the wilderness noticing.

It is not the first attempt at a National Curriculum. The current well intended organized opposition to CCS brings back recollection of the parental opposition related to what was the first full-fledged national curriculum disguised as locally implemented. That was Family Life Education (FLE), a total curriculum essentially identical in states and local school districts. It was orchestrated nationally but introduced and implemented by the delfi technique used by regional and local change agents. The mistake made by most parents then, was seizing on “sex education” which was appalling but only one segment of the total curriculum. By emphasizing that one part of the total agenda, the big picture was ignored and assimilated into the total curriculum. Parents didn’t grasp that FLE was a total package to mold every facet of every student’s life. FLE teacher’s guides included, “school, church, home, family, community” with development of “emotional, biological, social, cultural, economic, moral and ethical values and self-understanding”. ..all-inclusive. (San Mateo County K-12 Teachers guide for FLE – 1968) It was the model for the nationally promoted curriculum.

Those who fought the total package of FLE were drowned out by well-meaning opponents of sex education. Sex- ed played much more sensationally in media both liberal and conservative.

It would be a tragedy if the emphasis now on CCS becomes an agenda in and of itself as if unrelated to the planners with their ongoing agenda for a total planned global society reminiscent of the sex ed opponent’s failure to grasp the even bigger agenda of which sex- ed was only a part.

Since those days of the 1960’and -1970’s, technology has come available to advance the agenda to transform individuals into mere cogs in the total planned global society. Local control doesn’t fit the global model of what the planners are talking and writing about in 2013. Opposition to Common Core Standards can be very useful (provided it stops with CCS) to siphon attention, energy and time of parents opposing it and with some success, while the show goes on with the main act unhindered: More draconian visions the planners have for humanity through education redefined.

Anything local has to go!

Marc Tucker is familiar to many as the writer of the letter to Hillary Clinton upon Bill Clinton’s election in which he hailed Clinton’s victory as opening the door to Tucker’s and Hillary’s plans for education. Tucker wrote in a recent 2013 article, “And the Unites States will have to largely abandon the beloved emblem of American education: local control.”…..”I propose that a new National Governing Council on Education be established composed of representatives of state and of the Federal Government to create the appropriate bodies to oversee these functions.”

It should be hoped that the opposition to CCS not stop at CCS, but looks deeper to what the planners including the elephants in the room, the tech and other global oligarchs, have in mind from pre-birth to old age as lifelong learning.

“A Vision for Lifelong Learning-year 2020” a document published by Microsoft with an introduction by Bill Gates, spells it all out with scenarios which could only be described as Orwell’s “1984”on steroids. The paper itself is by Randy Hinrichs, Group Research Manager Learning Science and Technology, Microsoft Research.

Topics among others listed in “A Vision for Lifelong Learning-Year 2020” are: “It Begins at Birth-Intelligent Toys, “Preschool-Games Based Learning,” “The Early Years-social Collaboration and Filtering,” “High School- Increased Community Communication,” “College and Lifelong Learning- Virtual Mentors.”

Remember the term “Virtual Mentors.” The key question becomes who programs the “Virtual Mentors”?

The text of the “Vision for Lifelong Learning 2020” is followed by scenarios of days in the lives of some hypothetical learners as they are awakened by their internet earrings, view wall screens with schedules for the day, as the learners are guided through the day by Virtual Mentors.” Will never happen, you say? But don’t be sure as we read enthusiasm for the google “glasses,” driverless cars, and probably lots we don’t read about in our papers here in Silicon Valley.

Put the” Vision for Life Long Learning-2020” with Bill Gates Introduction, in perspective with another news item of Mary 10, 2010. (WCBD News of Charleston, South Carolina) Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah Winfrey, N.Y.C.Mayor Bloomberg, Warren Buffet among names who arrived on private jets at Charleston Airport on Johns Island, South Carolina to attend a two day conference led by Bill Gates. It was reported only that officials said the meeting was about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Some clues that the clandestine meeting may have something to do with education envisioned by Gates and “company” may be: 1) Secretive nature of the meeting. 2) The fact that Warren Buffett turned over his foundations largess to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to use for their education agenda. 3) The inclusion of Jeb Bush who is staking his political future on his education agenda of charter schools, vouchers, et al in his state of Florida which he has used as his own school choice laboratory since his days as governor.

Conclusion: Heads up People. Even if Common Core Standards were to vanish tomorrow, some component of the long term agenda is waiting as the traffic will bear, and the systematic desecration of elected representation in the name of school choice (charters schools, vouchers, et al) which many of the CCS opponents mistakenly see as an antidote to CCS. Look deeper, think concepts, and recognize that the Federal Government or Obama are not the only objects of engagement, but the overarching issue is the unholy alliance of global corporate interests and government, especially the tech oligarchs who have the motivation and means to impose Pavlov’s methods for behavior modification of the world using government with taxpayer’s money through what they will call “education.”

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A columnist in San Jose Mercury News recently observed:, “Are we very far from the day when Big Data tell us who we will marry, what we will do when we grow up, where we’ll live and when we will die?” (Mike Cassidy, S.J. Mercury News, 1-25-13).

The urgency of the times is to 1) Think Concepts, 2) Look beyond the issue of the immediate day, 3) Address Methodology, 4) Know the enemy’s players even if they appear to wear “our uniform” but act otherwise, 5) Put documented information into a perspective of the planned total managed global society with a “digitized humanity” serving an elite master, and 6) Oppose and resist accordingly in that context.

� 2013 Mary Thompson - All Rights Reserved

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Mary has a degree from Michigan State, her home state. Mary relocated with her husband to California where she became active in Republican Party, then as an early activist opposing innovations in schools which were emanating from Washington resulting from the passage of ESEA. She formed an organization with another mother and political activist to become a research source for information and opposition to the imposition of an all inclusive curricula in the nation's schools, called Family Life Education as well as PPBS, the management by objectives system used to accomplish the acceptance of FLE. During that effort, party activism was abandoned to concentrate on issues before becoming a small business owner with her husband until the 1990's.

In 2001 Mary became an individual plaintiff in association with the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association in a lawsuit against the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority which ultimately resulted in a favorable unanimous decision by the California State Supreme Court in 2008. Following that court decision she was the class representative for negotiations allowing property owners to receive refunds for the illegal OSA assessment.










Those who fought the total package of FLE were drowned out by well-meaning opponents of sex education. Sex- ed played much more sensationally in media both liberal and conservative.