The Coming Battle

Chapter III - National Banks and Silver

Chapter I
Origin of the Money 
Power in America

Chapter II
Origin of the Present National Banking System

Chapter III
National Banks and Silver

Chapter IV
Conspiracy of New York and London Bankers
and Bond Holders to Demonetize Silver

Chapter V
Efforts to Remonetize Silver and Preserve the Greenback

Chapter VI
The National Banks Wage War Upon the Credit of the United States

Chapter VII
National Banks Secure a Continuation
of Their Existence

Chapter VIII
The National Banking Money Power Secures
Complete Control of the Treasury

Chapter IX
Money Power of England and United States
Combined to Annihilate Silver

Chapter X
National Banking Money Power Brings on the Panic of 1893

Chapter XI
Special Session of Congress Repeals
The Sherman Law

Chapter XII
Senate Votes for Repeal

Chapter XIII
Efforts of Administration to Force Carlisle Bill Through Congress

Chapter XIV
National Banks and the Administration
Combine to Issue Bonds in Time of Peace

Chapter XV
Campaign of 1896

   The outlines of that great scheme of the national banks, which aimed to throw the entire business of the country on a credit basis, were now plainly apparent, and it become patent that the plan was to be consummated by the entire volume of currency in the hands of the bankers.

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   All the industries were compelled to pay usury to the most traitorous class of our citizens. The banks were enabled to lay the foundations of that colossal structure of credit, which has plunged the people into an abyss of indebtedness from whence they will not emerge for generations.

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   Under the free coinage of gold and silver, the national banks could not control the volume of money, and, therefore, the position taken by this monopoly was an essential part of that gigantic conspiracy to demonetize silver, and thus maintain its grasp on the property of the people; furthermore , a fight must be waged against the standard silver dollar as a part of the scheme to sustain the supremacy of New York City as the great money center of the country.

page 63

   The national bank autocrats saw, in the rich deposits of silver in the Western States, the danger that menaced their power, and they made haste to strike down the silver dollar, which, in their fears, would become the regenerator of the financial condition of the people. Silver dollars meant cash, national bank notes meant credit, and therefore the bondholders and bankers of London and New York City decreed that silver must die.

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