The book that tells the true story of how the Money Power gained control of America:

Read how the banking money power and corporate interest,
partnering with government, set up a framework to exploit American workers.


Chapter I
Origin of the Money 
Power in America

Chapter II
Origin of the Present National Banking System

Chapter III
National Banks and Silver

Chapter IV
Conspiracy of New York and London Bankers
and Bond Holders to Demonitize Silver

Chapter V
Efforts to Remonitize Silver and Preserve the Greenback

Chapter VI
The National Banks Wage War Upon the Credit of the United States

Chapter VII
National Banks Secure a Continuation
of Their Existence

Chapter VIII
The National Banking Money Power Secures
Complete Control of the Treasury

Chapter IX
Money Power of England and United States
Combined to Annihilate Silver

Chapter X
National Banking Money Power Brings on the Panic of 1893

Chapter XI
Special Session of Congress Repeals
The Sherman Law

Chapter XII
Senate Votes for Repeal

Chapter XIII
Efforts of Administration to Force Carlisle Bill Through Congress

Chapter XIV
National Banks and the Administration
Combine to Issue Bonds in Time of Peace

Chapter XV
Campaign of 1896


Now, read for the first time in almost a century, the book that documents how and why our elected representatives and the banking money power deliberatly created the national debt. The Coming Battle, first published in 1899, is the chronological history of the usurpign of every American's sovereign rights by the unseen money powers and their agents.

READ how recessions, depressions, and panics are created at will and how the stock markets are manipulated for power and gain.

READ how the manufacturers, with the backing of the money power, import cheap foreign labor, resulting in countless labor riots.

READ how the money power took control of the influential colleges and universities in the United States.

READ how the money power created starvation and suffering in a nation of plenty and how small family farms are set up for foreclosures.

READ how silver was demonetized by the money power, resulting in a five -year depression, that devastated the people and the western regions of the United States.

READ about the Democratic platform of 1840.

READ how the banking money power fleeced the treasury of our gold and silver and replaced it with their worthless paper money.

READ how legislation was signed and passed into law pledging every American citizen as collateral for the repayment of all government debts in gold and silver.

READ about Napoleon The III, attempting to unite nations under a common currency.

READ about the corporate takeover of America.

Told in breathtaking detail with proof-positive evidence taken from Congressional records, newspaper reports, writings of the day, and statements by our founding fathers.  You will not read about this in any history book!

A chilling and all-too-true saga of power run a muck.  Must reading for all Americans who want to know where and when our country went wrong!

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