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By Investigative Reporter
John Taft

September 6, 2005

Second Amendment rights floated to the surface on the flood waters left by hurricane Katrina after devastating the Gulf Coast region and the city of New Orleans. Thousands are reportedly dead, and tens of thousands who didn�t evacuate the now ruined city of New Orleans were left hungry, in harm�s way, and depending on government to rescue them. Only there was no government organized to rescue them and restore order for several days. This was a catastrophe of monumental proportions perhaps somewhat comparable to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. With no government and effective police force, this was the catalyst for the unleashing of the intrinsic evil in man�s nature. The result of this was anarchy resulting from the failure of government. The evils engendered released predators who looted, raped, murdered, and shot at civil authorities attempting to help those in distress.

An AP article dated August 31, 2005 [1] reported that, �New Orleans homeland security chief Terry Ebbert said looters were breaking into stores all over town and stealing guns. He said there are gangs of armed men moving around the city.��

The same article stated that, �Looters tried to break into Children�s Hospital while staff and sick children huddled waiting in vain for help to arrive as looters tried to break through the locked door. Neither the police nor national guard arrived.�

Predators on the Prowl

Predators are always in a society�s midst waiting for their release from the restrictions of law and order to pillage, loot, rape, and murder. When a natural or man made disaster occurs, these individuals are like predatory wild animals preying on those unable to defend themselves. Women are often targets for rape, and the elderly are robbed. A well armed and trained citizenry is less likely to be subjected to thugs who take advantage of disasters while government initially wrings its hands in helplessness and confusion. If your guns are taken by the despots in government, you can easily become a victim of those with criminal intent. If allowed to, Chuck Schumer D-NY, Sarah Brady, and their friends would like to collect your guns, and they can�t protect you from the criminal element of society.

This article looks at the vision of the founding fathers regarding Second Amendment rights, the liberal left�s agenda of taking away your gun rights, how they are attempting to do this, and why these individuals are a menace to the Constitution and your inalienable right not to be a victim or prey to the predators like you find in the City of New Orleans, and other cities, and communities throughout the United States.

The elected officials in Congress and in every state legislature and community who advocate and work to restrict the ownership of guns or the total ban of these weapons are the Second Amendment�s bane and the honest citizens� avowed enemy. They are willing to steal the citizens� gun rights and put them at risk of death, injury, and theft by making them prey to the predators of our society. The gun banning crowd is the predator�s best friend and the honest citizens� worst nightmare.

England Bans Handguns and Gun Crime Rises

England, Wales, Australia, and Canada have basically lost their gun rights. Hand guns are banned in England, but not for criminals; only honest citizens turned in their guns. In his article, �The Failed Experiment,� Gary A. Mauser said, �Despite Britain�s banning and confiscating all hand guns, violent crime and firearms crime continues to grow. Gun laws don�t reduce crime as proven by studying the facts.�[2] Common sense and reason have nothing to do with the left�s agenda to ban guns. For example: Since 1990 a ticking time bomb sat quietly as a law in Washington D.C., waiting for the opportunity to explode and destroy the US gun manufacturing industry and the gun dealers. This unconstitutional law was titled the �Assault Weapon Manufacturing Strict Liability Act.� The intent of the law was to hold gun manufacturers, importers, and dealers in the Washington, D.C. area accountable for the discharge of an assault weapon or machine gun that caused death or damage. The definition of an assault weapon included semi-automatic firearms or whatever these pompous law makers wanted the law to mean.[3]

Fruitcakes in the Courthouse

US Courts are packed with too many fruitcakes making rummy decisions non stop year around. These individuals can�t be trusted to act rationally or protect the US Constitution they have sworn to uphold. This is easily shown by the decision the full DC Appeals Court made in supporting this ridiculous law. This court voted 8 to 1 in support of holding gun manufacturers liable for acts criminals committed using a gun. For a follow up, will attorneys next use the courts to pursue General Motors because it manufactured the vehicle a drunk driver used to commit mayhem and death against the innocent? The list of victims that could be sued is endless. Instead of dispensing justice, the courts have often become a money distributing racket benefiting the judges, lawyers, cops, and administrators.

Senate Bill 397 Creates a Shield against Lawsuits

Lawsuits were being filed by weasels (attorneys) in the hen house (courts) against gun manufacturers and suppliers. The cost to gun manufacturers had soared to $200 million and was climbing. Second amendment rights were on the brink of being lost to bad legislators, lawyers and judges. These people are the enemy within, who continually work to seize citizens� gun rights through corrupt legislation. This they will continue to do until they are destroyed as a political force in this nation. Those who support Second Amendment rights were properly concerned and took action.

Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho came to the rescue saying, �This bill (S. 397) is intended to do one thing, and that is to end the abuse that is now going on in the court system of America against law-abiding American businesses when they violate no law.'' Craig supports Second Amendment rights in Congress.

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith on the Black List

On Friday, July 29,th the Senate passed S. 397 by a 65-31 vote. Four senators didn�t bother to vote. Those not voting were Senator Gordon Smith R-OR, Sununu R-NH, Roberts R-KS, and Feinstein D-CA. In this instance Senator Gordon Smith R-OR and the other nonvoting senators are just as bad as those attempting to destroy Second Amendment rights. They didn�t care enough to cast their votes. Every gun owner and supporter of Second Amendment rights needs to know how his senator voted.[4] The infamous 31 senators and the 4 nonvoting senators who failed to support gun rights should be targeted and voted out of office and replaced with staunch supporters of the Constitution and Second Amendment rights.

Senator Kennedy, Mary Jo, and Gun Rights

One of the more notorious anti Second Amendment right�s pursuers is D-MA Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy. Kennedy gave Mary Jo her last ride and wants to do the same with your gun rights. In his state of Massachusetts the voters have wandered far from the hopes and aspirations of the founding fathers into the abyss of the welfare state mentality. This is a serious mental illness that can only be cured by ridding themselves of liberal legislators. Here�s what Kennedy had to say about S. 397. "It's a blatant special interest bill to protect gun makers and dealers, even if they make firearms recklessly available to criminals and terrorists," (That isn�t done) He continued with calling it a demonstration of the "raw, special interest power" of the gun lobby. Kennedy is out of tune with many of his fellow democrats. Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV, the minority leader, joined with 13 other Democrats and 50 Republicans and one independent in supporting S. 397. Next stop is the House of Representatives which reconvenes on September 6th after a month�s furlough. Here is the information the reader needs to make this an easy win in house of representatives. Contact your congressman and tell him you want S.397 passed just like it was in the senate.[5]

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Last year the democrats had the muscle to prevent the senate shield bill (S.397) from passing. Since their ranks were depleted in the last election, these gun banners have lost their clout in Congress. However, they are always dangerous and continue to pose a threat to Second Amendment rights. This year there were four new republicans in the senate and a number of democrats from conservative areas who decided supporting the Second Amendment rights made political sense.

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John Taft former president of Josephine County, OR. Taxpayers Association is presently an investigative reporter for the US-Observer and He has had many years of broadcasting, news writing and reporting experience. He also has written a popular conservative newsletter for a taxpayers organization to inform the public on taxing issues.


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Predators are always in a society�s midst waiting for their release from the restrictions of law and order to pillage, loot, rape, and murder.