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Cowards, Communism and Education for Sustainability









By Holly Swanson

June 13, 2007

EFS, or Education for Sustainability programs are currently being pushed into schools across our nation. These programs are designed to pressure students to adopt a �sustainable� lifestyle both in and out of the classroom. The problem with Education for Sustainability is that, although presented as non-partisan, EFS programs reflect the political goals of the Greens, party and movement.

Education for Sustainability amounts to teaching America�s children to embrace Green Party ideology. The political motive behind these programs is to produce a nation of Green voters. The intended outcome of Education for Sustainability is rapid, nationwide political indoctrination of our children.

This is one of the most important issues of our time because political indoctrination would be harmful to our children and ultimately to our nation. Abraham Lincoln warned, �The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next�. Our lives are intrinsically linked to the political process and education plays a vital role.

Most Americans do not realize that Education for Sustainability goals include:

  • Reducing consumption by 75%
  • Diminishing the value of individual success
  • Developing a global ethic that transcends all other systems of allegiance and beliefs

These goals are the tip of the Green iceberg. The Greens are redefining and expanding the meaning of sustainability to mask their radical agenda. Teaching our children that individual success is bad prepares them to accept less so they will reduce their quality of life by 75%. Teaching our children to abandon their allegiance to our country prepares them to abandon the value of being an American. Relinquishing their personal beliefs prepares them to live without freedom.

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History provides us with sad and real examples of how education has been used in the past to politically indoctrinate children and change the course of nations. It is a historical fact that Vladimir Lenin used education to indoctrinate children with Communist Party ideology and Adolf Hitler used education to indoctrinate children to support the nature-based Nazi ideology. The phrase �never again� is often used in reference to Hitler�s reign of terror. Preventing education from being used to indoctrinate children into the ranks of a revolutionary party and movement is part of this �never again� commitment.

A program (like EFS) that targets children, changes the purpose of public education and politicizes the curriculum to advance revolutionary goals is a program designed to indoctrinate innocent children. Slipping EFS into our schools and Green Party ideology into the curriculum is a supreme violation of the public trust. Checking the content of the EFS curriculum is no different than checking the content of the foods our children consume. It is our responsibility.

Worth repeating �

Anthony Cortese, the president of Second Nature and one of the leading advocates in the Education for Sustainability movement, clarified their purpose saying:

�And humans are guided by a whole set of beliefs and values, and those come from culture, from religion, from social, economic and political structure. We need to change all of those.�

The purpose of Education for Sustainability is to use the power of education to:

  • systematically change our children�s beliefs and values;
  • instill Green cultural, religious, social, economic and political beliefs in our children; and
  • change our nation�s cultural, religious, social, economic and political structure.

    �We advocate a diverse system of education that would introduce children early to the wonders of the Great School (Nature), and would cultivate the wisdom of eco-education, eco-economics, eco-politics and eco-culture,� Green Party Platform 2004.

The Greens advocate a nature-based eco-education that would teach our children to support their ideas for eco-economics, eco-politics and eco-culture. Education for Sustainability reflects the nature-based ideology of the Greens and the strategy to use education to redirect our children�s economic, political and cultural beliefs.

The American standard of a politically neutral public education is an essential safeguard to free thought, individual freedom and the democratic process. It�s time to take action and preserve this ethic.

Education for Sustainability � the end game

The Eureka Times-Standard featured an editorial (Jan. 25, 2007) by David Cobb, the 2004 Green Party presidential candidate. Cobb stated the Greens are �committed to a fundamental transformation of how our government and our society operates.�

With these goals in mind, it is vital that we all understand the type of government and society the Greens envision. The following headline provides a snapshot.

�Czech prez: Environmentalism is new communism - Biggest threat to freedom, democracy, the market economy and prosperity.� WorldNetDaily - March 20, 2007

This statement confirms the message of the book Set Up & Sold Out, Find Out What Green Really Means. The next quotation verifies a growing understanding of the political agenda attached to sustainable development.

�The concept of �sustainable development,� considered a euphemism for socialism and communism has been embraced in various pronouncements by the U.N. and even the U.S. government.�WorldNetDaily - May 13, 2007

The bottom line is Education for Sustainability goals mirror Green Party goals and Green Party goals mirror communism. If you are not familiar with the goals of the Greens, party and movement, or how those goals are being implemented, may I suggest you read Set Up & Sold Out.

� 2007 Holly Swanson - All Rights Reserved

Holly Swanson is the author of the book Set Up & Sold Out, Find Out What Green Really Means. Swanson lays bare the undisclosed, radical and partisan political agenda of the environmental movement. Set Up & Sold Out reads like a 'play book' on what the Greens are doing and the political motivation behind their actions.

Swanson is the founder of Operation Green Out! a campaign dedicated to getting Green politics out in the open and out of America's schools. She is a frequent guest on talk shows across the nation and in demand as a speaker.



History provides us with sad and real examples of how education has been used in the past to politically indoctrinate children and change the course of nations.