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Safe Schools?

Homeschools, Private Schools, and Systems Education









By Lynn Stuter
October 29, 2013

It seems that parents, across the United States, are upset and angry about Common Core.

Ummmm, folks, I really have to ask – where you'all been all these years?

Systems education is called by lot of different names – Outcome-based Education; Proficiency-Based Education; Performance-Based Education, Competency-Based Education, Standards-Based Education … It's called "education reform" by your local teachers and administrators who were around back in the early 1990's. In the realm of education transformation, there are probably teachers and administrators from back then remaining; they've been drummed out as they realized the ultimate goal of systems education was not education for intelligence and objected. Parents, today, undoubtedly think education, as now conceived, is as it has always been. Nothing could be further from the truth. There was a day when education was for the purpose of producing a child who could access a broad spectrum of knowledge, and utilize that knowledge to formulate a reasoned conclusion as an individual. That concept is foreign to systems education, the focus of which, under the paradigm shift, is the exact opposite – the dumbed-down child, easily led, easily manipulated, easily used.

Full implementation if systems education, as opposed to the piece-meal programs tested and perfected in various schools and classrooms around the country, started with the tome, A Nation at Risk, under President Ronald Reagan in April 1983; full implementation continued under President George H.W. Bush (America 2000), President William J. Clinton (Goals 2000 and School to Work), President George H. Bush, and now Obama (who is not our legal president; therefore, I refuse to address him as such).

Democrat or Republican, the education transformation agenda has moved along just as planned. The ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), reauthorized every five years, became the funding mechanism for the strategic plans, moving education reform from where we are now to where we want to be in five years; the aforesaid "we" being the planners and those people who ignorantly buy in to the agenda as stakeholders through the facilitated process known as the Delphi Technique. The purpose of the stakeholder is so public buy-in and support can be claimed, nothing more; such then claimed to represent the people when nothing could be further from the truth. As has been shown, too many times, the stakeholder has no clue what he/she just agreed to, represents no one, and certainly not the public, at large. Most times, stakeholders are carefully chosen to participate because of their ignorance of the process of facilitating a group to a predetermined outcome.

Under Clinton, the strategic plan was known as the Improving America's Schools Act; under Bush II, the No Child Left Behind Act; under Obama, The Race to the Top – all exactly the same thing for the exact same purpose – furthering the systemic entrenching of systems education.

But education reform, education transformation, ie, systems education, is even older than the Reagan administration. In reality, it finds basis in the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and a whole host of disciples of Marxism, including John Dewey, a self-avowed Marxist who saw education as the means of advancing Marxist ideology through the children. Books written by disciples of Dewey's doctrine are replete with the concept of education as the means of changing belief systems, of changing the way the child views the world, of changing the child's world view, of a paradigm shift from the Christian world view on which our nation was founded to the Marxist world view which also has a history in the former U.S.S.R. and China (communist), in Germany under Hitler (national socialism or Nazism), in Italy under Mussolini (fascist) – the three faces of Marxism; the three heads of the same evil, vile, oppressive snake body!

Barack Obama is a Marxist. He really and truly believes that you, the individual, isn't smart enough to run your own life; that you will be much better off when the federal government runs every aspect of your life in the name of the common good, the collective.

Of course, this is the same government that …

has spent millions of taxpayer dollars building a healthcare website that doesn't work (Obamacare);

has bankrupted Social Security;

has bankrupted Medicare;

can't balance a budget and is $17.1 trillion in debt;

can't run the postal service in the black;

runs the TriCare healthcare system for the military; a system riddled with corruption, fraud, and inefficiency;

has spent trillions on the War on Poverty, yet poverty continues to grow, encompassing more and more people;

has spent trillions on the War on Drugs, yet drugs are more prevalent and a bigger problem in our society than when the program originated;

has spent trillions on the War on Terror, yet terrorism continues and increases.

Beyond this, anyone with even an ounce of discernment knows that Barack Obama has done more to destroy America; to destroy the middle class; to destroy the economy; to destroy freedom, liberty and justice, than any legal president before him.

In A Nation At Risk it is stated,

If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.

What the tome didn't say was that what was being proposed, in the venue of transforming education, was truly an act of war upon America, the American people, and the principles and values of our Founding Fathers and founding documents!

In the realm of education reform, the names may change, the agenda does not. Every parent needs to understand this. Education reform is a system intended to produce a specific outcome; that outcome is the global citizen – a not too well-educated worker (vs. an employee) willing to labor for minimal compensation in the greater good of the collective whole in the sustainable global environment.

In the last thirty years, companies have moved from having employees to having human resources. Under the paradigm shift, people are not more than human capitol, seen only in terms of their productivity in the workplace, just like a machine! What do you do when your car becomes a high-miler, is costly to maintain, is not longer fuel-efficient? Do you keep it or do you trade it in on a newer, more efficient, more cost-effective model? It is worthy of note, at this point, that Obamacare (H.R. 3590 or the Affordable Care Act) will ensure that older people are allowed to die as they are no longer efficient, are no longer as productive, cost more to maintain – they are termed useless eaters. The same will be true of the handicapped, mentally deficient, and disabled! One of those realities of Marxism that Barack Obama doesn't want you to know about; hopes you don't realize until it's too late and the grip of tyranny silences dissent. Hitler did the same thing in Germany!

In the realm of education transformation, Common Core started out as Educational Objectives; became exit outcomes (generic term) under Goals 2000; became Achieve standards under Achieve, established by the National Governors Association; became National Education Standards under Education Testing Service (which controls the National Assessment of Education Progress or NAEP); now they are known as Common Core. They are not new; their name has just been changed, multiple times, to protect the guilty – those who truly believe they know better than you what you should know and believe, what your children should know and believe!

By whatever name known, the exit outcomes all align to the eight national goals of Goals 2000 which are aligned to the SCANS Competencies. SCANS stands for Secretaries Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills that was headed by Secretary of Labor, Elizabeth Dole (wife of Bob Dole), under George Herbert Walker Bush (otherwise known as Papa Bush) clear back in the early 1990's. Many of the people who sat on the SCANS board also took part in the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce (CSAW), a commission of the National Center on Education and the Economy headed by Marc Tucker, friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and self-avowed Marxist. CSAW wrote and published America's Choice: high skills or low wages! in which Hillary Rodham Clinton's name appears, along with several others that sat on the SCANS board.

From that particular tome, page 25, this quote,

"But in a broad survey of employment needs across America, we found little evidence of a far-reaching desire for a more educated workforce."

Parents continually hear the term, world-class standards. While such suggests higher standards, what the term really means is standards based on the lowest common denominator; in other words, substandard education, dumbed-down education. Under education transformation, shifting the paradigm, what parents think the terms mean, and what the terms really mean, are exact opposites – what was up is now down, and what was down is now up; what was good is now bad, and what was bad is now good; what was black is now white, what is white is now black.

But, you say, the Goals 2000 law sunset long ago. In that you would be absolutely correct if what was implemented, under Goals 2000, had also sunset. It did not. Goals 2000 put in place the system on which the new system of education would operate. That system did not sunset when Goals 2000 sunset. That system is still very much in place. That system finds basis in systems philosophy or systems thinking.

Getting back to exit outcomes, I have a book, titled Content Knowledge, put out by McCREL Labs – one of the ten national education laboratories – in 1995. I will bet there is not one Common Core standard that isn't listed in that book. NWREL – another national education laboratory, residing in Portland, Oregon – put out a similar tome in 1971.

And long before Content Knowledge we had Bloom's Taxonomies of Educational Objectives; a two-volume set covering the cognitive and affective domains, published in 1956. I will bet there is not one Common Core standard that doesn't find basis in those books either, since systems education is what the taxonomies are all about!

Whether we call the exit outcomes Common Core, or Essential Academic Learning Requirements, or by some other new name intended to further the old agenda but mislead parents into believing they are something new, they are still exit outcomes; they've been in existence for a very long time, and they run the show in the classroom under systems education; they are what every child shall demonstrate mastery of, which is determined by the assessment, the tool used to determine if the child is demonstrating the wanted behavior/procedure.

The curriculum used to teach the exit outcomes only incorporates knowledge as it is used and applied in teaching a unit theme or thematic unit finding basis in the four global goals of systems education – world economy, world ecology, world security and world population growth. Knowledge that is not required, in teaching the unit theme or thematic unit is not taught. The focus of the unit theme or thematic unit is why parents are finding objectionable curriculum in their child's classroom; curriculum that promotes (in no particular order, neither inclusive nor exclusive) …

perverted sex, sexuality and homosexuality;

feminism and women's rights while disparaging our Founding Fathers;

liberation theology – the concept that minorities are the oppressed, whites the oppressors; that minorities must rise up against whites, if by violent means, so be it (the ideology of Trayvon Martin and numerous other blacks and Hispanics)

idolization of communist thugs such as Cesar Chavez;

individuality, individualism and individual rights are bad and must be replaced by the collective or common good;

freedom of speech should be reserved exclusively to those who promote Marxist ideology;

· Marxist activism;

those who promote freedom, liberty and justice are racists;

the concept that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are archaic, out-dated, and irrelevant;

government as overseer of the collective or common good;

the individual right to keep and bear arms (Second Amendment) is antithetical to the collective or common good;

social justice (ie, communism, communitarianism, Marxism);

the concept that parents and grandparents are responsible for the environmental destruction of the world – the brown earth syndrome that is the focal point of rabid environmental groups such as Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, Earth First, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation Northwest, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (neither inclusive nor exclusive);

individual wealth and the ability to attain wealth through one's own endeavor and hard work is bad, redistribution of wealth is good (for the proletariat or working class) [the bourgeoisie (elitists or ruling class) are allowed to accumulate and hold wealth and are not spoken of, ergo, the fact that Obama thinks American wealth should be redistributed but should not include his, or his comrade's wealth];

the concept that every world view is good except Christianity – the only world view under which freedom, liberty and justice can reign supreme, the world view upon which our nation was founded.

For all parents, now upset about Common Core, I suggest you pick up a copy of Charlotte Isberbyt's very excellent book on the history of systems education in the United States, the deliberate dumbing down of america; that you educate yourselves on the history of what has been going on in your local schools, full time, since the late 1980's under such nifty names as Schools for the 21st Century, America 2000, Goals 2000 and School-to-Work. And don't forget the Workforce Investment Board, under the auspices of the federal government, that will, utilizing regional economic development strategies and labor market needs, determine what career paths are available to the child, also to the unemployed adult who must be retrained.

The book, the deliberate dumbing down of america, can be found on Charlotte's website. Many excellent documents, on the history of what you are seeing in your local government indoctrination center, ie, your local public school, can be found on another of Charlotte's websites.

To understand what you are looking at, in the realm of systems education, visit my website.

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In closing, what I find so ironic, in all of this, is that when those of us, who had done the research, tried to tell parents, back in the 1990's, what was coming, we were scoffed at, laughed at, called names, ridiculed, harassed, and told that we couldn't possibly know – we weren't "experts". At this point, we would have every right to say, "I told you so." Unfortunately, that does little to change the fact that systems education is destroying our children and our country – just as intended.

Any parent, who loves his/her child, who does not want to see this country or the Constitution and Bill or Rights destroyed, who is a true-blue American patriot, will not send his/her child to be indoctrinated in the government schools. It's just that simple. Any Christian who sends his/her child to the government schools is not truly a Christian as no Christian would sacrifice their child to Satan. And so-called Christian who tells you that his/her child serves as a witness to others in the government schools is ignorant of the techniques being used to brainwash children.

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� 2013 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned about the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Systems education is called by lot of different names – Outcome-based Education; Proficiency-Based Education; Performance-Based Education, Competency-Based Education, Standards-Based Education … It's called "education reform" by your local teachers and administrators who were around back in the early 1990's.