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By Lynn Stuter
July 31, 2012

In the wake of the Aurora movie theater "massacre", people everywhere are asking why? Why did this seemingly nice young man do this? The mainstream media has dragged out one psycho-analyst after another, all proclaiming loudly that this young man was a psychopath, ad infinitum, ad nauseam—one even going so far as to proclaim that he "must be; he wouldn't have done such a thing otherwise!" Amazing the "experts" that come crawling out of the woodwork at times like these!

Friends and neighbors of this young man, however, do not describe him that way. These are people who lived around this young man in his formative years.

So, what did cause this young man to go off the deep end?

In 1996, a young man by the name of Barry Loukaitas took one rifle and two pistols, stolen from his grandfather's home, into Frontier Jr High in Moses Lake, Washington. There he shot and killed one teacher and two students, wounding a third student before he was subdued by another teacher.

While this incident was the first to be widely covered by the mainstream media, it was not the first; incidents such as this had been occurring, with increasing regularity, since the early 1990's.

In the aftermath of the 1996 shooting in Moses Lake, the spotlight was turned on Loukaitas' family, and the private lives of this family became media fodder – a father and mother in the process of divorcing, rumors of alcohol and drugs, depression, hyperactivity, extramarital affairs – the fodder ran the gamut of "the family you don't want to be."

And while the mainstream media left no rock unturned to find out and broadcast every dirty little detail possible about this family, not one mention was made of what Barry Loukaitas had been subjected to his entire life within the school system. I'm not talking about the rumors of bullying, having his head stuffed in toilets, being urinated on, being beaten up and called a "fag"; I'm talking about what Barry Loukaitas had been subjected to in the classroom.

The Moses Lake School District, of which Frontier Jr High is part, became a Schools for the 21st Century pilot project in the first round of funding in the 1988-89 school year. The Schools for the 21st Century pilot schools would implement, within the participating schools, what would be implemented later across the state and across the nation under America 2000/Goals 2000. These schools were pilot projects in education reform or systems education.

As such, Barry Loukaitas had been subjected to systems education his entire time in the classroom in the Moses Lake School District.

Systems education is not about academics—reading, writing and arithmetic—what most parents generally refer to as the 3 R's; systems education is about process defined as behavior/procedure[1] to be demonstrated in five general areas – teamwork, critical thinking, making decisions, communication, adapting to change and understanding whole systems.[2]

Knowledge—the 3 R's—is only incorporated as it is used and applied in addressing each of these five general areas as defined and benchmarked by the state exit outcomes, by whatever name called. In Washington State, these exit outcomes were called the EALRs – Essential Academic Learning Requirements. They are what every child shall know and be able to do as a result of his or her educational experience.

The measure of mastery of these exit outcomes is the assessment which determines if the child is demonstrating mastery of the wanted behaviors/procedures. The level of mastery determines the proficiency of the child and whether the child receives the certificate of mastery, by whatever name called.

The Schools for the 21st Century resource document makes it very clear that content—what most parents would define as that which is to be learned—is defined in terms of the quality of the change agenda; process is the end result or destination; and emotionality is the method by which content and process will be achieved.

In a book entitled Measuring Thinking Skills in the Classroom,[3] revised edition, teachers are advised to post, about their classrooms, triggers (defined as action words) such that children will know, when the teacher uses these trigger words, what the teacher wishes the child to do—what behavior/procedure the teacher expects the child to perform.

There is a expression for what was just described, it’s called operant conditioning. Pavlov used it to produce his slobbering dogs, B F Skinner used it to produce his rats in a maze. Skinner even allowed as how he could use it to train chickens! Instead of using action words, Pavlov and Skinner triggered the action they wanted by use of a bell.

Operant conditioning is a process utilizing reward and punishment. If the subject does what the controller wants, when given the trigger, the subject is rewarded. Conversely, if the subject doesn’t do what the controller wants, when given the trigger, the subject is punished.

Operant conditioning is a system for training the subject – whether a dog, a rat, a chicken, a pigeon, or a child under the guise of education.

It isn’t being used in your child’s classroom? You can say that with absolute certainty? Are you in that classroom every hour of every day your child is there? Have you ever tried to do a no-notice viewing of the curriculum to which your child is subjected in the classroom? How about a no-notice observation of your child’s classroom? How many assignments has your child completed that you've never seen?

It usually isn't until that errant paper finds its way home in the child's backpack that parents become aware that something is decidedly wrong. And when parents raise concerns, it all becomes a "big mistake" until the parents, once again, stop asking questions and stop watching; then it is back to business as usual. In the meantime, the child is likely to be openly ridiculed in the classroom for taking home assignments that are meant to remain in the classroom. The child is made very aware they are subject to the power of the teacher who should not be displeased even when such requires lying to parents about what goes on in the classroom.

Under systems education, utilizing operant conditioning, children are being pushed to be part of the collective. Individual thinking is frowned on, group-think is rewarded. Children who spend significant time with their peers, both in school and outside of school, are praised and rewarded; those who don’t are made fun of, hazed, bullied and criticized while school personnel watch and do nothing, as are children who spend significant time with their parents or elders. Children who wear different clothes, don't discuss family business at school, don't write in their journals about how horrible their parents are, are shy or reserved, even take their own lunches made at home, are most likely to be subjected to open ridicule (punishment). The message is clearly one of "conform to the norm" as defined by "where children need to be" to achieve and maintain the sustainable global environment.

These are but a few examples; the list is extensive, encompassing how children are expected to view the world in four general areas – 1) world economy; 2) world ecology; 3) world security and 4) world population growth – the four areas identified as important by those advocating the dissolution of the nation-state in favor of the sustainable global environment, ergo, global government or one-world government.

In the words of Ralph Tyler[4],

"Since the real purpose of education is not to have the instructor perform certain activities but to bring about significant changes in the students’ patterns of behavior, it becomes important to recognize that any statement of the objectives … should be a statement of changes to take place in the student.”

This philosophy, part and parcel, is that of progressive education, proscribed to by those of the humanist/New Age religious world view, the cornerstone of systems education. The purpose of systems education is to change the child’s behavior.

Instead of studying the history of our nation, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, children are being taught that these documents were written by self-serving slave-owning reprobates who beat and raped their black slaves, imported from Africa, on a regular basis and produced children by them that they then abandoned or sold into slavery; that women were second class citizens owned by men, and so on. History is being rewritten for the purpose of disparaging that which made our nation free and prosperous and embracing that which will turn our nation into a tyranny and third-world nation. In pursuit of that agenda, children are also being exposed to environmental extremism, homosexuality, "gay rights", and sexual perversion; they are also being taught that non-whites should have rights that whites do not, the government is there to take care of the people, and that people should not own guns; Christianity is disparaged while every other religion, including paganism and Satanism are extolled. All of this is being done in the name of multicultural diversity and the pluralistic society.

Knowing not where our nation came from, children have no idea where our nation is headed.

In January 1998, three researchers (myself included) in Washington State were invited to speak at a Senate hearing held at the state capitol in Olympia, Washington. At that hearing, the Schools for the 21st Century pilot project was exposed for the failure it was.

The hearing was boycotted by Republicans and Democrats alike, few attending. Those who did attend were appalled by what they heard – that systems education was a failure; that it would continue to be a failure if educating children for intelligence was the goal.

In 1996, following the incident at Frontier Jr High in Moses Lake, I sent Washington State Legislators a letter in which I stated that this system of education was going to push some children over the edge; that they would target the source of their anxiety; that if legislators did not stop what was being implemented in the schools, under the guise of education reform, the killings would continue.

Barry Loukaitas didn’t kill his parents; he killed those he viewed as responsible for his pain; he targeted the school as did Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine High School). Kip Kinkel (Springfield, Oregon), the son of two teachers, killed his parents before turning his anger on his school.

The response I received from legislators was that education reform was a sacred cow, that addressing such, at that time, just wasn't in the cards. In other words, children really weren’t all that important in the scheme of things; what was important was the political agenda being supported by Republicans and Democrats alike! They did not care how many children were destroyed by this, they only cared that the political agenda move forward! So upset was the leadership of both parties at the exposing of systems education as a failure, that the senior Republican who set up that hearing found himself occupying a broom closet size office the following year; his bid for the governorship of Washington State undermined by the GOP.

And the killings have continued, and have, as the children produced by this system of non-education have grown older, expanded beyond schools to universities, malls, movie theaters, anywhere a large number of people congregate. And they will continue to occur until enough people decide they do not want their children subjected to what can only be termed a system of brainwashing coming right out of the taxpayer-funded public (government) schools!

In 1956, Edward Hunter authored a book entitled Brainwashing.[5] The book is about what was done to prisoners of war by the communists during the Korean War, how they were brainwashed to accept the tyranny they had fought to stop.

Systems education targets vulnerable, naïve children, much more easily brainwashed than battle-hardened soldiers who have been trained in what to do if they are captured by the enemy. As Hunter laid out, in his book, not even trained soldiers could withstand what they were put through. It is naïve to believe a child would be any more successful. To boot, these children are being subjected to this by their parents, whose silence, whose ignorance of what is going on in the classroom, is their signal to the child that participating is acceptable; in fact, expected.

In the U.S.S.R. when systems education was utilized, children began leaving their homes and families, running in packs, victimizing the vulnerable much as is happening right now, across the United States via the Knockout Game. In Germany, where systems education was implemented during the rise to power of Hitler, teenagers would take guns up onto the roofs of buildings; there they would take potshots at those passing below on the street, often killing their target. They saw nothing wrong with doing so.

What trigger set James Holmes off? What turned him into a Manchurian Candidate? We will probably never know. Looking at the bewilderment on his face, in his first court appearance, it is doubtful even he knows. Those who believe he is putting on an act delude themselves and show their ignorance of what has been going on in their own country for well over eight decades; it's roots reaching as far back as the 1850's to Horace Mann and compulsory education; it also shows their ignorance of such programs as MK Ultra, Operations Bluebird, Artichoke and Monarch where brainwashing techniques have been delineated and refined; all these programs initiated right here in the United States by our own government!

Is anyone safe? The simple answer is “no” because these children are ticking time bombs that could go off at anytime, anywhere.

The answer isn’t restricting access to guns, the answer is kicking systems education out of our schools, a system totally counter to freedom, liberty and justice, a system that brainwashes children instead of educating children for intelligence, such that children can access a broad spectrum of knowledge and use that knowledge to formulate a reasoned conclusion. Children who can do this—who can think and reason as an individual—recognize quickly that systems education is about dumbing children down such that they are agreeable to being slaves in a system intended to produce two classes of people: 1) the bourgeoisie—those who rule and live off the largesse of those who labor, and 2) the proletariat—those who labor, forever impoverished to support the almighty state—the feudal system of the Dark Ages.

Beyond kicking systems education out of our schools, get rid of the U.S. Department of Education, not authorized by our United States Constitution and antithetical to the intent of our Founding Father that the federal government have no role in the education of the child; and forever ban the U.S. Congress from appropriating money for discretionary grants for the purposes of enslaving states in circumvention of the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Beyond systems education, we need to root systems philosophy out of our government (Planning Programming Budgeting Systems, also known as the High Performance Work Organization or Continuous Quality Improvement), out of churches (Church Growth Movement or social gospel) and out of our business and industrial community (Total Quality Management).

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Systems philosophy is the system on which Marxism functions; it is the system by which social justice (ergo, communism) finds traction. It is antithetical to freedom, liberty and justice; it is antithetical to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights; it is antithetical to the republican form of government guaranteed the fifty states; it is antithetical to the constitutions of the fifty states.

Any elected official that supports systems philosophy or the tenets of it is committing an act of treason against America and the American people. Vote them out of office.

For more information on systems education—what is now entrenched in every public (government) school across the United States—visit LEARN.

� 2012 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved


1. Stiggins, R.J. Evaluating Students by Classroom Observation: Watching Students Grow, Washington, D.C.: National Education Association, 1986.
2. Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. High Skills, High Wages; Washington’s Comprehensive Plan for Workforce Training and Education; Olympia, Washington; WTECB; 1994. These five areas come from the Secretaries Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) competencies derived by the SCANS commission under President George Herbert Walker Bush and Secretary of Labor Elizabeth Dole, wife of Senator Bob Dole. The SCANS commission resulted from the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce (CSAW) commission (Marc Tucker, Hillary Clinton …) that wrote Americans Choice: high skills or low wages!
3. Stiggins, Richard J, et al. Washington, DC: National Education Association, 1988.
4. Tyler, R.W. Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction, Chicago, Illinois: University of Chicago Press.
5. Hunter, Edward. Brainwashing; New York, NY: Pyramid Books; 1958.

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned about the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Systems philosophy is the system on which Marxism functions; it is the system by which social justice (ergo, communism) finds traction.