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By Lynn Stuter
July 6, 2010

The 4th of July has come and gone, celebrated by millions of people with potlucks, barbeques, parades, family gatherings, fun and above all else, fireworks.

I don't know about your neighborhood, but mine sounded like a war zone. Bombs of every sort and description were going off in the days leading up to the big day.

People were celebrating "our freedom."

But what does that mean exactly? Well, that's a good question and not one most people can answer. Ask fifteen people, at random, to tell you what that means and you will, more often than not, get that deer in the headlights look. Well, freedom is freedom, isn't it?

Aren't we free to travel, free to own a home, free to own a vehicle, free to …. (fill in the blank).

But are we free?

Are we free when, in order to travel on any road owned by the people of this nation, we must license our vehicles with the state, for a fee, and obtain a drivers' license, also for a fee?

Are we free when, in order to own a home, we have to pay a free to the city, county and state (property tax)?

Are we free when, in order to travel by air, we must be willing to have our luggage rifled through by hands that have rifled through hundreds of other traveler's luggage and have our persons handled by hands that have handled other travelers (talk about unclean), or submit to being strip-searched not to mention body scanners (X-ray) that render the individual nude, hard copies of scans (counter to the claims of officials) turning up in very public places?

Are we free when as much as 39% of our income goes to the government and is used for such things as:

thousand dollar toilet seats, screws, and other military parts, equipment and services, the cost of which far over-reach true value.
programs that subsidize women who have one illegitimate child after the next.
programs that subsidize people brought to this country from other countries by our government.
programs that subsidize illegal aliens.
undeclared wars (police actions).
earmarks used by Senators and Representatives to payback campaign donors.
earmarks used by Senators and Representatives to buy votes back home.
subsidized mortgages for people who could not obtain a mortgage otherwise (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac)
ponzi schemes that take your money today and distribute it to others on the promise that when you retire, the money contributed by others will pay you (social security).

This is but the tip of the iceberg of wasteful spending of the taxpayer dollars. I recently sent an e-mail of protest to Washington Governor Christine Gregoire who spent ten thousand taxpayer dollars ($10,000) to have the table on which she signs bills resurfaced. At a time when Washington taxpayers are losing their jobs and unemployment benefits (because there is no money), losing their homes, and watching their jobs be outsourced to foreign shores, refinishing a table is a great example of government officials that don't have their priorities straight, who exhibit irresponsible spending habits, who are totally out of touch with reality and the people.


In response to my protest of her wasteful spending, Governor Gregoire had the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to have the head of the Department of General Administration send me a letter, explaining to me why they just had to have that table resurfaced at this time. What it boiled down to was that the table being resurfaced was far more important in the context of "historical preservation" than putting food on the table of Washington unemployed workers who lost their jobs because Governor Christine Gregoire just can't …

control her spending habits,
live within the means of the taxpayers in the state,
prioritize spending to make sure what is truly important is funded,
prioritize spending to meet the requirements of the Washington Constitution,
tell the feds that federal money will no longer set state budget prioritizing,

and the Democrat-controlled Washington Legislature saw fit to raise taxes, thus putting more people out of work, closing more businesses or pushing them across state lines into Oregon or Idaho.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just spend our money however we wanted and forget about paying our bills (our responsibilities)? Do you think if you ate steak every day but didn't pay your mortgage, your utility bills, your car payment, that your home wouldn't be foreclosed, your utilities shut off, and your car repossessed?

Are we free when 75% of the American people told Congress that they did not want, or did America need, government-run healthcare, yet Congress passed it anyway, forcing on the people of this nation something they did not need, did not want?

Are we free when the government has bestowed upon itself, without the consent of the governed, the right to decide who, among us, lives and dies simply by granting or denying live-saving procedures (managed and rationed healthcare)?

Are we free when even left-learning media outlets such as the Huffington Post and CNN start complaining about government censorship of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico; when the government will not allow photographers and journalists to photograph or write about the realities of the BP disaster?

On this note, Anderson Cooper has been an avid supporter and staunch defender of Barack Hussein Obama since day one, disparaging anyone who wrote about or spoke the truth about this usurper, this non-American sitting in the Oval Office. Now Anderson Cooper is complaining bitterly about Barack Hussein Obama shutting down the Gulf of Mexico to photographers and journalists?

What this boils down to is that so long as what applied to everyone else didn't apply to Anderson Cooper, he thought what Barack Hussein Obama was doing to everyone else was justified in achieving the ultimate goal. But when it came around to Anderson Cooper, then it wasn't justified. This brings to mind the words of Gerry Spence, famous constitutional lawyer, who has stated (sic) that those who are willing to sacrifice the sheep at the edge of the flock to the wolves by virtue of disagreeing with them, will soon face the wolves themselves because wolves aren't discriminating.


This axiom has been proven time and again by despots the world over, whose policies exempted those who would augment their rise to despotism. Then, when their despotic state was realized, the first to be purged were those who augmented their rise to absolute power. Hitler did it, as did Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong and every other despot this world has ever known. It is an axiom that those who pander to Barack Hussein Obama would do well to remember. There was a reason our Founding Fathers cautioned against elitism in our halls of government; they knew what the consequence would be; they weren't wrong. When Gerry Spence defended Randy Weaver, he made it very clear that he did not agree with Weaver's philosophy (world view) but that Weaver's rights must be protected for the sake of every American.

Are we free when our judges are such traitorous, treasonous cowards, that they refuse to address the question of Barack Hussein Obama's legitimacy to the office of president, using as their excuse the claim that the American people do not have standing to question that legitimacy?

Who has been harmed by …

all the lies (too numerous to count) that Barack Hussein Obama has told?
the forged Certification of Live Birth that Obama claims is his birth certificate but that is not?
the failure of Congress to investigate the Obama birth issue prior to certifying the Electoral College on January 8, 2009?
the failure of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat National Committee to certify Obama eligible under Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, United States Constitution and the failure of states to reject the fraudulent document presented to them as certification?
HR 1, the Wall Street bailout bill that stole billions from the American people to bailout Obama's Wall Street benefactors?
HR 3590, forcing upon the American people a healthcare system they neither needed nor wanted?
the Deepwater Horizon disaster that is now 2.5 months old and for which Obama has shown absolutely zero leadership skills?
every bill that Obama has signed while illegitimately sitting in the Oval Office, occupying the White House?
the $2,551,440,307.302.65 increase in the national debt? Obama has consistently blamed his predecessor, George W Bush, for the deficit. However, in the eight years that George W Bush was in office, the national debt increased by $4,899,100,310,608.44. In office for eighteen months, Obama has increased the national debt by $2.6 trillion, while the increase, in eight years under Bush, was $4.9 trillion. Projecting Obama's rate of debt increase so far, at the end of eight years, the national debt, under Obama would be a crushing $24.5 trillion ($10.6 + $13.9). As you can see, projected, the national debt would more than double in eight years of Obama spending.

The answer, of course, is the American people. If Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, is not upheld by the courts, then the Constitution is no longer and rule of law is dead; and if rule of law is dead, than so are the rights of every American including, ultimately, the rights of these stupid, treasonous, traitorous judges, falling back to the wolf axiom.

As one colleague stated, the claim of these cowardly judges, that Article III standing is not being met, is bunkum. I would use a far stronger and more graphic term but I've no doubt the reader gets the point. From the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law website, this little gem, regarding Article III standing, that makes the cowardice, the treason, the traitorous actions of these judges quite clear:

"When the Court wants to reach the merits of a case, the standing doctrine is often relaxed. Conversely, when the Court wishes to avoid deciding the merits of a case--or perhaps, when it wants to shut a whole category of cases out of court--, the requirements for standing are tightened."

Rather gives definition to the words of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, not so long ago, "We're 'evading' eligibility!"

Do you still think you are free when the judges of this country refuse to uphold the rule of law because they are traitors, because they are cowards, because they believe that if they bow to tyranny that they will survive the tyrant's murderous hand?

As I sat listening to the fireworks exploding about me on July 4th, I couldn't help but wonder what it would take to make the American people understand that such could become their daily fare in the very near future; that it would not be glorious, nor would it be a celebration; that they would watch their family, their friends, their neighbors, their communities mowed down by the tyrant's murderous hand, all under the auspices of maintaining order.

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On July 4th, the American people celebrated "freedom"; what they did not celebrate was Independence Day, the day our Founding Fathers proclaimed,

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

� 2010 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned about the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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This is but the tip of the iceberg of wasteful spending of the taxpayer dollars. I recently sent an e-mail of protest to Washington Governor Christine Gregoire who spent ten thousand taxpayer dollars ($10,000) to have the table on which she signs bills resurfaced.