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By Lynn Stuter
March 23, 2010

Well, they did it; Congress passed socialized medicine.

Did I expect that they would? Yes, the writing was on the wall. The bribes were flying fast and furious; the threats were flying fast and furious; the backroom deals were, well, backroom—one can obviously figure out that backroom deals are shady. And the lamestream media was working, fast and furious, to "spin" the truth into a positive light, i.e., all the lies, backroom deals, bribes were somehow "good for us."

If the resident's lips are moving, he's lying. He lied about open debate; he lied about putting the whole thing on CSPAN; he lied about an open and above board process; he lied about no backroom deals; he lied, he lied, he lied.

So what's new; did we honestly expect anything else? It should have been apparent to people long before now that if his lips are moving, Also Known As (AKA) Obama is lying.

Marxists always lie. They lie to deceive; they lie to get what they want; they lie to gain power and control.

And while AKA may be a smooth talker, great at oratory, what comes from his lips is still a lie. That you can take to the bank; that you can count on.

The same is true for Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their minions.

Is anything new or different? No. This is just the more of the same.

Am I distraught over the passage of Obama deathcare? No, I'm not. I expected it; knew it was a done deal. All the bally-ho was merely theater to distract the people from what was really going on; to obscure all the deals being made to buy votes.

Those who are distraught are those who truly believed it would never happen; that somewhere, somehow, someway in all this, the Democrats would regain their "right mind", their moral compass, some sense of principles; that they would, in the end, do what was right for our country, our people, in the interests of freedom.

But Democrats today are not about freedom, they are about tyranny, control over the people because they really do believe they know what is best, and as a Senator or Representative, they believe they really are a whole lot smarter than you are, that they really do know what is best for you.

And, of course, the greatest consideration is power and control; they more they get, the more they like it, the more they want; the old adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

These people use the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights for toilet paper. They have for a long time. That is nothing new or shocking.

They take an oath of office but only as a formality, to deceive the people because they know that, under the current oligarchy, they do so with impunity. They know they will not be held accountable by any court. They know the courts are not courts of law but legal means by which to persecute those who would dare offend the bureacracy, also a mechanism to punish those, like Elliot Spitzer, who "need to be taught a lesson" about exposing the statist corruption.

And do not believe that the Republicans are any different.

At the moment, the Republicans are playing "we are the people's best friend." That is, until they regain the reins of power. Then the Marxist agenda will move forward again on a different level but with the same result: power and control.

What is the solution?

Throw them all out. And not just the political whores in DC. Send all the power brokers behind them packing less their ill-gotten gains.


Dump the federal reserve. Close Goldman Sachs, AIG, JP Morgan, Lehmann Brothers, Citibank, Bank of America, and all the rest who have profited outrageously, at the expense of taxpayers, from the subprime lending fiasco, confiscate all their assets that belong to the treasury of the people of the United States.

Notify the United Nations that they no longer have diplomatic privilege on United States soil; invite them, politely, to take their one-world government organization somewhere else. If they refuse, expel them from the United States, lock, stock and barrel, minus all the documents housed inside the United Nations that reveal the treachery plotted against the peoples of the world.

Prosecute the corruption that has permeated Washington, DC for decades. Leave no stone unturned.

Force the usurper in the Oval Office, occupier of the White House, liar, resident, Liar-in-Chief, Zero, AKA … to produce his birth documents. And when it is shown, as it will be, that he was not eligible to the office of president, as he held dual citizenship at birth, then send him packing, out of the United States. Whether his wife and children join him is up to them. No salary, no pension, no benefits; he's history; don't ever step foot in this country again; if you do, the "go to jail" card will be automatically invoked and you will live in the worst hell-hole we can find for the remainder of your days. That's what Marxists deserve.

In all of this, I sincerely hope the American people have learned a hard lesson, that a man's word is his bond and a man that speaks out of the side of his mouth is not to be trusted.

And I sincerely hope the morons who voted for AKA have learned that something for nothing is not plausible, is not feasible; that the only way to get what you want is by working for it. That was, after all, the premise on which our nation was founded. That is a premise that AKA knows nothing about. AKA has spent his entire life plotting, scheming and lying his way up the political ladder.

Many people are thoroughly discouraged this morning.

Do not be. Take heart. The war—and this is war—has only just begun. AKA, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the politically corrupt, the money-changers, the hucksters, the big bankers—these people are not friends of liberty; these people are the enemies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights; as such, they are our enemies.

Now, maybe, the American people will realize that we truly are at war and what is at stake is our freedom.

Remember the laws of our friend, Alan Stang, now passed on,

Law One: If you don’t know you are in a war, you will lose.
Law Two: If you don’t know you are in a battle to the death, you will die.

What do we do now?

We throw the bums out. As AKA is not the legal president of this nation, anything he signs is null and void. It is not enforceable.

The American people, right now, have standing. Any court that says otherwise speaks treason; any judge that refuses to force AKA to produce all his documents is a traitor.

The road ahead is going to be rough. One thing we cannot do is lose sight of the principles upon which this nation was founded. That does not mean that we need tolerate the Marxists now occupying our government.

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Contact your Senator, your Representative; ask that they work together to write a bill that will gut the Obama deathcare machine. Tell them to withhold appropriations for implementation. Without money, the bill is dead, even if AKA signs it as he will.

On March 21, AKA, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats declared war on the people of the United States.

We fight or we die.

The choice is ours.

� 2010 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned about the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Throw them all out. And not just the political whores in DC. Send all the power brokers behind them packing less their ill-gotten gains.