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By Lynn Stuter
February 23, 2010

Recently, an Austin, Texas man, Andrew Joseph (Joe) Stack, flew his little Piper Cherokee into the Austin building where the Infernal Revenue Service, otherwise known as the IRS, has its offices.

Reminiscent of what people watched as the World Trade Center towers burned, the office building was quickly engulfed in a thick cloud of black smoke indicative of an oxygen-starved fire. Unlike the World Trade Towers, which burned a very short time before collapsing at near free-fall speed into their footprints, the seven-story building burned for several hours but didn't collapse, even though heavily damaged.

Before flying his plane into the IRS building, Stack apparently brought about the destruction of his own home, reported a total loss. Quite obviously, Stack intended it that way.

In the aftermath, authorities came up with a suicide note, written by Stack, supposedly taken from his website; said website supposedly, as originally noted on the website, taken down at the request of the FBI; said notice then changed to remove the request from the FBI. Why?

In the note Stack touched on his decades-long fight with the IRS, near the end of what the lamestream media terms a "ranting manifesto" stating, "Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well."

This is the part of the "ranting manifesto" that escaped the lips of lamestream media personalities on the nightly news across the nation. The tone of voice, the verbiage used, made the message clear: this man was an anti-government zealot, an extremist; which, of course, conjures visions of khaki's, AK-47's, black boots, and swastikas, as intended.

But, after reading the whole note, was he? Or was he a man who had simply reached the end of his rope and could take no more? The discordant progression of the note suggests the latter.

Is he any different than the man in Ohio who, tired of fighting both the bank and the IRS, took a bulldozer to the home he built? While he didn't kill anyone, his intent was also to send a message to the bank and to the IRS.

How many people in this country have displayed a growing anger at the "Big Brother" attitude of the Also Known As (AKA) Obama administration and the Democrat majority Congress who, in the past thirteen months, have…

1. Bailed out their Wall Street buddies with taxpayer dollars;
2. Taken over GM and Chrysler;
3. Slammed through the biggest budget in history;
4. Attempted to take-over health-care;
5. Attempted to pass Cap and Trade based on the hoax made apparent by Climategate, which would drastically increase the cost of energy;
6. Has increased the federal deficit by $1.87 trillion; more than any president before him in the same time-frame;

…at a time when American people are losing their jobs, homes and ability to provide for their families?

To put it mildly, anyone who thinks they can't or won't lose their job is delusional at the least.

To put it mildly, AKA and his minions care not one whit for or about the American people, even though they try to claim otherwise. AKA has, on more than one occasion, displayed his rancor for America and the American people, going about the world denigrating America and its people to other nations and cultures, especially in the Muslim nations.

So long as the American people continue to fork over the dough so Big Brother in Washington, DC can continue its quest for power and control, there isn't one political animal in that city who cares one iota what happens to the American people; they are simply a means to an end.

Are all the people who oppose the Marxist agenda of AKA and his minions extremists? Are the people, angry at losing their jobs, homes and ability to provide for their families, because of the intrusive, detrimental policies of the government, extremists?


The government and lamestream media would like you to think so. But do you agree? Or do you believe in the freedom afforded every American by the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Were our Founding Fathers extremists as the neo-cons, Obamanoids, leftoids, and outright Marxists would have you believe from their continual usurpation and infringement on the Constitution and Bill of Rights written by these great men?

Comparing AKA to the men who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights; do you really think AKA holds a candle to these men? Only if you are a neo-con, Obamanoid, leftoid or outright Marxist.

The last two sentences in Stack's suicide note have not escaped the lips of the lamestream media:

"The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed."

It is of note that the capitalist creed is not the same as the free market creed: equality of opportunity. Our nation was established as a free market economy; not a capitalist economy; capitalism is a word coined by Marx to describe a managed economy based on money and gross national product (GNP).

With the government taking more and more from the people, with the government imposing so many laws, rules and regulations that make every man, woman and child a criminal, is the anger the American people are feeling unjustified?

The unspoken screed of those who scream "extremist" is that in order for you to love your country, you must also love your government.

This insinuates that people should just go along, say nothing, do nothing, because their government really does know what is best for them; that people should not question what they are told by the government; that people should not be suspicious of the government or the government's actions. Another assertion is that the matter is just so complicated, so complex, that the people could not possibly understand it; only the politicians, the elitists, have the acumen to understand it properly.

The term "sheeple" comes to mind.

Yet our Founding Fathers made it very clear that this was not to be the case; that open and honest debate, redress of grievance, and the right to speak openly should not be infringed under any circumstance: the very first amendment to the United States Constitution and the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. To ensure the First Amendment, and having just fought a bloody war of independence against an overbearing King George, they provided the people the right to keep and bear arms, that they should forever have the means to protect themselves against the tyranny of government.

Are people free when the government can kill upwards of 80 men, women and children at Waco, Texas because they didn't happen to like their religious beliefs? Are people free when the government can kill Sammy Weaver after killing his dog and Vicki Weaver while holding her baby at Ruby Ridge in Idaho, all because Randy Weaver would not do their bidding? Are people free when the people, both ordering the slaughter and participating in the slaughter, are not held accountable?

Do you feel free, knowing a SWAT team could show up outside your home, in full battle dress, heavily armed, because they didn't like your religion or because you wouldn't do their bidding? Isn't that what the SS did in Nazi Germany? How are Waco and Ruby Ridge any different?

Waco and Ruby Ridge were nothing more than a test of the will of the American people to hold government accountable for violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And, except for a few lone voices exposing the reality of Waco and Ruby Ridge, the American people bought into the propaganda fed them by the lamestream media that these people somehow "deserved it."

Are the people protesting in the streets doing so because they believe they are free or are they doing so because they are tired of an ever increasingly oppressive government, complete with corrupt politicians (not statesman), corrupt courts, and a man sitting in the Oval Office whom we have no reason to believe is even an American?


The "extremist" tactic is also being employed by lamestream media talk show hosts. There isn't one that isn't guilty of it, not even those who erroneously present themselves as conservatives.

Glenn Beck tried to paint Debra Medina, candidate for governor of Texas, as believing government officials were involved in 9/11. That wasn't what Medina stated or made claim to, that was Glenn Beck putting words in Medina's mouth.

Why would he do that? Because Medina is not a neo-con, like Rick "trans-Texas corridor" Perry, Kay "Bailout" Hutchinson or John "I love illegals" McCain, all of whom Beck just loves; Medina is one of the people, who believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, who believes government has grown way outside its bounds and authority. And she is right.

What is a neo-con? A neo-con is someone whose political philosophy only differs from that of the liberal left in that neo-cons believe in continual war in the pursuit of imperial expansionism. George Bush, as his father, was a neo-con, as were Rumsfeld, Cheney and many others who comprised the Bush administrations.

On the other hand, Ron Paul is not a neo-con. For that reason, the neo-con lamestream media talk show hosts, like Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck, went after him.

To listen to the lamestream media, these neo-con talk show hosts represent conservatives; yet these men are no more conservative than AKA; they no more believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights than AKA does.

Nor do they represent the people protesting in the streets because they are tired of the increasingly oppressive Marxist policies being implemented, one president to the next, Democrat and Republican alike.

Another claim the lamestream media is guilty of perpetuating is the claim that anyone who opposes the Marxist agenda of AKA and his minions is a "racist." This is a trump card employed liberally, with abandon.

If you don't subscribe to AKA's unconstitutional…

zeal to decide what, if any, healthcare you get;
take-over of GM and Chrysler;
bailout of Wall Street and big banks;
attempt to create a tax based on a hoax;
attempt to take your guns away;
zeal to redistribute wealth;
zeal to increase the deficit with abandon;

… you are a racist.

If the sun was shining and you said it was, but AKA said it wasn't, you would be a racist, not because you were right and he was wrong, but because of the "race" he claims to be. Does that sound logical?

Are people speaking out against the Marxist ideology of AKA really racists?

First of all, one can only be called a racist if one disparages another because of his ethnicity. AKA is predominantly white; the part of him that isn't white is predominantly Arab,; the remaining small percentage is Kenyan black; that is if Stanley Ann Dunham really is his mother and Barack Obama, Sr, really his father. Some question that this is even the case. Since AKA has refused to produce his actual birth certificate, issued at or near the time of his birth, the question remains unanswered. And because AKA refuses to produce his birth document, his claim that he is an American falls far short of credible given his penchant for fabrication and his zeal to obscure from view every facet of his life.

But to say AKA is black is a lie. He isn't. So the racist rant of Obamanoids is exposed as nothing more than propaganda in pursuit of the Marxist agenda. If one can scream "racist" every time people oppose the Marxist agenda of AKA, thus casting aspersions, then maybe people will be so afraid to open their mouths that they can be led down the path, by AKA and his merry band of Marxists, to the oppressive Marxist state.

The protests in the streets make it very apparent that the American people aren't buying into the whole "race" card. All I can say is good for them; it's about time.

The Jesse Jackson's, Al Sharpton's, Louis Farrakhen's and Jeremiah Wright's make their living by keeping blacks believing they somehow just don't have the brains needed to make it on their own. God didn't pass out brains according to the color of one's skin; nor did God say one could only be free if one's skin were a certain color. Such poppycock is the brew of those who make their living peddling it. It is long past time that the idea that black's are somehow entitled—that we must lower the bar for them (or any other race)—come to an end. Affirmative action has never been anything but a denigration of black people.

Those blacks who have refused to buy into that philosophy have done well. For them, I have a great deal of respect. They have made it on their intelligence, their willpower, and their hard work, just like everyone else.

One of the words that long outlasted the Star Trek series was "borged" – a term generally applied to people whose brain had been taken over by the collective such that they were incapable of thinking, reasoning, or acting on their own. They acted and reacted according to triggers or prompts.

Based on the Skinnerian methods of operant conditioning, this is what children have been taught in government schools since the early 1990's.

Too many Americans today have the borg mentality; they tend to believe anything and everything they are spoon-fed so long as it comes from the lamestream media and government, using all the right triggers and prompts. That's why so many have believed the carefully crafted but deceptive words of AKA.

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They cannot see that these are people have an agenda that is not in the best interests of the American people, no matter the color of their skin.

The German people were subjected to this same education system in the rise of Hitler to power. They learned, the hard way, that those behind it were after their enslavement.

Will we learn from history, or will we repeat it?

� 2010 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned about the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Before flying his plane into the IRS building, Stack apparently brought about the destruction of his own home, reported a total loss. Quite obviously, Stack intended it that way.