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By Lynn Stuter
February 9, 2010

What are anti-helminthic drugs? They are medications that rid the animal of parasitic worms. Under this classification, there are different types of drugs depending on the parasite.

Dr Geist closed his e-mail to the concerned citizen as follows:

"Wolves have been exterminated from lived in landscapes universally because they, or their diseases, posed a serious threat to affected people, livestock and wild life. The lessons from history are that we can at best live with wolves if such are relatively few, the abundance of natural prey is high, and the risk from diseases non-existent."

Was this disease in the lower 48 before the introduction of the Canadian Gray Wolf? Previous to the introduction of this wolf, the parasite was seldom found in the lower 48 among the coyote and fox population.

That is no longer the case and the disease is now a threat, especially if the people now subjected to the growing wolf population and habitat are unaware of its presence, and especially as there is no indication that anything is being done to eradicate it.

Did the government know the concerns about diseases carried by wolves before the Canadian Gray Wolf was introduced? Considering the letter of Graves to Ed Bangs in 1993, they obviously did.

And quite obviously, in total disregard for the health and well-being of the American people, the U.S. Government introduced the wolf on behalf of radical environmental groups.

And the government wonders why people have trust issues.

Another problem is that these wolves are predators of a different sort. As opposed to other predators like cougar and bear that kill for food, the Canadian Gray Wolf kills indiscriminately—they kill for sport; they kill because the animal is there and convenient; they kill because they want to.

There is a website, on the internet, that people who think these wolves are just harmless, nice little puppy-dog-like creatures should visit. That website is SaveElk. Right there, on the home page, is the picture of a man holding the head of an elk after wolves brought her down and ripped the fetus she carried from her body. She was then left to die and died, obviously traumatized, in the man's arms.

On that website, you will see picture after picture of cow elk from which wolves ripped the fetus and left the cow to die. The decimation of the ungulate populations in Idaho is well under way. This is the reality of wolves. Go here to see how vast the wolf activity is in Idaho.

Also there, on the home page, is the picture of the remains of a Black Labrador Retriever. The owner reached that dog within minutes of the wolf attack. All that was left was the head and spine! How would you like to find your beloved family pet like that? Would you want your children to see that?

Wolves kill for sport, often bringing an animal down, mauling it, ripping the gut open, then leaving the animal to die a slow, torturous death. This picture (used with permission) is of one such kill. That this animal died a slow death is apparent from the blood pool around it; the animal slowly bled out. There are animal carcasses, just like this one, spread all over the Idaho Wilderness area.


Another known fact about wolves that the pro-wolf advocates don't want people to know is that wolves do not necessarily kill their prey before feeding on it! Here is a picture of a deer, still alive, her back quarters mangled beyond recovery, as the wolf walks away. That deer obviously died as slow and as torturous a death as the elk pictured here.

The Canadian Gray Wolf is driving the coyotes, foxes and native wolf out of areas they take over for the simple reason that if they remain, the Canadian Gray Wolf will kill them. The same is true of the cougar, bobcat, lynx, wolverine, bear and other predatory animal populations.

Timber Wolves, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, are now truly endangered; a fact which the pro-wolf advocates are not concerned about, making it obvious that their agenda has nothing to do with restoring an "endangered" species. Pro-wolf advocates have made it clear that implementing a radical environmental agenda is the sole goal of their efforts; that "wolf recovery" has been a fraud from the start.

One rabid pro-wolf advocate filed a freedom of information request on the Idaho Fish and Game Department, to acquire the names of all who filled their legally obtained, and paid for, wolf tag in 2009. That individual then posted those names on a website that masked his identity. But, being unable to contain his glee at having done this, he then took out an ad in the local newspaper, pointing people to the website where he listed the names. While he claimed his actions were not intended to incite harassment, he was also quoted as saying,

"They're paying for the privilege to use a resource that belongs to all of us … They've made a conscious decision to do something that other people in this state disapprove of."

But he didn't intend to incite harassment? Really?

Did this pro-wolf advocate request of the Idaho Fish and Game Department to know who all had filled tags to legally hunt deer, elk, moose and bear? After all, there might be those who "disapprove" of hunting those, too; and aren't deer, elk, moose and bear just as much (if not more) a "resource" as wolves?

This individual, who would have you believe he didn't do this to incite harassment, did not, however, request that information. Quite obviously, his agenda has nothing to do with conservation, the eco-system, or the environment. If he did, he would care about the decimation of Idaho ungulate populations by wolves.

Like Al Gore and his "global warming" agenda based on pseudo-science, on which he has made millions, the pro-wolf advocates have an agenda which is about money and control, just like global warming is.

I've heard a lot of people compare wolves to those nice little neighborhood puppy dogs. The number of people who have been attacked by wolves is growing. The number who have been killed is also growing. In his letter to Ed Bangs, Graves pointed out that people in certain parts of Siberia do not venture outside at night because, if they do, their odds of being attacked by a wolf are substantial. Here is part of an e-mail from a Washingtonian,

"I can tell you I have had firsthand experience with these wolves in Washington, we have had them looking in our house windows, they have killed deer within a 100 yards of our house, I have shot at them to scare them off and they turn and lope right at me going past me at 50 yards. These wolves are not afraid of people and they are huge. We don’t go out at night to let the dogs pee without taking a big flashlight and gun, I spend many nights at the barns watching out for our stock when the wolves are in close to us. One of the reasons that the wolf diseases will spread and be easy to come in contact with will be that there is too high of a population of wolves."

If a Canadian Gray Wolf can crush the rib bones of a deer, just how safe do you truly believe you are if you come face to face with this predator without the means to defend yourself? If three wolves are not afraid to take on the majestic Grizzly, do you think they are afraid to take you on?

What chances do you have of surviving Hydatid Disease if contracted? Do you really believe that, once it invades the population, it will be given the same attention as, say, AIDs?

The bottom line here is that the American people have been, and are being, lied to about the wolf and the introduction of it to the lower 48 states. That they are being lied to is pretty good indication that the real agenda is other than the one presented.

Get informed, get involved. Save our country for our people, not the rabid, radical environmentalists who have a goal that has nothing to do with freedom, liberty or justice but everything to do with money and control.

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Credit for much of the material used in this article goes to who has done a tremendous job of bringing a lot of information together that tells a story counter to the one people are being told by the government, the media, and the environmentalists.

Another excellent website is Washington Wolf Information. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1,

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned about the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Let me be perfectly clear; the Canadian Gray Wolf is not indigenous to the lower 48 states. To claim they are a "re-introduction" is not only misleading but purposely misleading.