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By Lynn Stuter
December 15, 2009

It's all over the news: Tiger Woods, the first "black" pro-golfer, has had at least twelve mistresses … and counting!

Gasp … choke … sputter … how horrible … how terrible … this just can't be … shock of shocks!!!!!

How many days has the "Tiger" news been spewed forth from the mouths of lamestream anchors? Katie Couric, bless her little Obamanoid heart, just can't say enough about the "Tiger Scandal." My goodness, one would think that what has gone on in the Tiger world has never, ever happened before. It's just … it's just … unbelievable!!!! The world is gonna come to an end, Tiger Woods has mistresses!

Oh my!!! To say "I've got a tiger by the tail it's plain to see" wouldn't be a stretch when it comes to the lamestream media and Tiger Woods!

Now let's compare the lamestream media treatment of the Tiger Scandal to the lamestream media treatment of the Obama Constitutional Crisis.

Tiger Woods is of mixed race ancestry. By some accounts, he is twenty-five percent (25%) African-American, Chinese and Thai, and twelve and a half percent (12.5%) "Native-American" (there are no people indigenous to the American continent) and Dutch. Tiger Woods looks black, but to my knowledge has never made the claim of being black (he claims to be Cablinasian), although the media made reference to his being black during his rise to fame in the pro-golf circuit … the first black to make it to the big time in pro-golf, etc.

Also Known As (AKA) Obama is fifty percent (50%) white, by his mother; and, by some accounts, of the other 50% from his father, he is 43.75% Arab (descended of slave traders) and 6.25% Kenyan Black.

AKA is predominantly white even though he obviously looks black and claims to be African-American. But African-Americans have made it clear that AKA is not African-American as he did not descend from people brought to the United States on slave ships. If anything, AKA's ancestors were profiting from the enslavement of the ancestors of real African-Americans.

Nor can AKA claim to be black; he is predominantly white.

That the lamestream media is so focused on Tiger Woods, who they claim is "black", yet refuse to focus on AKA who claims to be black but isn't really, raises some interesting questions.

Does the lamestream media focus on Tiger Woods have anything to do with the fact that he looks black but doesn't claim to be? Can we surmise that all the lamestream media attention, focused on Tiger Woods, is really about race baiting?

This would follow the lamestream media throwing the (black) race card at anyone opposing AKA and his Marxist agenda even though AKA is predominately white.

What does this say about the lamestream media and their continual hi-pitched squealing about racial discrimination? Is the continual squealing, legitimate or not, in the best interests of a cohesive American society; or does it have the effect of breaking American society, as a whole, down into warring tribal factions, such that the different tribes look on each other as the enemy, ignoring the real enemy? Isn't this what Hitler did in order to achieve and maintain his power?

Tiger Woods is a private citizen. What he does is his business, and that of his family, even though his actions reflect on society as a whole, indicating a breakdown of moral standards. To say his actions reflect on blacks or any of the other races that constitute his ethnic makeup is a misnomer as, first and foremost, he is an American; his actions reflect on American society as a whole, irrespective of his ethnicity.


AKA is a public figure. What he does and has done is not a private matter, but must be open to the scrutiny of the people. The people have the right to know that the people they elect are upstanding citizens of this nation, with the honesty and integrity being an upstanding citizen requires.

Yet AKA's life is a closed book, including all medical, education, travel and citizenship records. Lamestream media is and has been complicit in keeping that book closed.

AKA is alleged to have had sexual relations with at least one man. Another man with whom sexual relations may have occurred is dead, murdered; his murder unsolved. That man was a choir director at the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, frequented for twenty some years by AKA.

AKA is of dubious citizenship. The document (Certification of Live Birth) that he and his followers have offered as proof of his citizenship has been seen by no one outside that circle. Pictures of the document, showing up on the internet, are not a legal representation and, therefore, cannot be claimed as proof of anything, including citizenship. No one, including his followers, has seen AKA's actual birth certificate, issued at the time of his birth. Yet in his book, Dreams from My Father, AKA admits finding his actual birth certificate among papers in his maternal grandparents' home where he was living at the time. That being the case, he no doubt has that birth certificate just like John McCain who produced his for all to see. And that being the case, AKA could produce his actual birth certificate, bringing into question the why of the laser printed document he claims is his birth certificate; lending credence to the claim that it is a forgery.

In a resolution before the Senate, sponsored by AKA among others, setting forth a sense of the Congress regarding the question of John McCain being a natural-born citizen, AKA admits that a natural born citizen has two American parents, to wit: "Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936..."

Why is this important? Because where AKA was actually born is up for grabs. His mother was under the age of 19 at the time of his birth. Under the laws in force at that time, if AKA was born outside the United States, his mother had to have been 19 or over at the time of his birth in order to confer her citizenship to him. There is also the matter of newspaper reports out of Kenya, dated 2004, in which it is claimed that AKA was born in Kenya. This tends to substantiate the claims of his paternal step-grandmother, Sarah, that she was present at his birth in Kenya. Under Act 96, Laws of the Territory of Hawaii, Session Laws of 1911, Special Session of 1909, and the Organic Act, in force from 1911 until repealed in 1972, the birth of foreign-born children could be registered in Hawaii. Until the actual birth certificate, issued at the time of his birth, is produced and scrutinized, where AKA was actually born is unknown.

At the time of AKA's birth, Kenya was a British colony; his father, therefore, a British subject. If AKA was actually born in Hawaii, he would have held dual citizenship at birth. If he was born outside the United States, he would have been a British subject at birth as the British Nationality Act of 1948, in force at the time, states the nationality of the child follows the father.

AKA, himself, has stated that he held dual citizenship at birth. Such precludes his eligibility to the office of president as he must be—under Article II, Section 1, Clause 5, United States Constitution—a natural born citizen, defined historically as having two American parents (Law of Nations); SR 511, quoted above, following that historical definition and precedence.

An American citizen would have no problem applying for and obtaining a social security number. A very large question looms around two social security numbers, one issued by the State of Connecticut, the other by the State of Michigan, both used by the Barack Hussein Obama occupying the White House. Like mother, like son; Stanley Anne Dunham also used social security numbers that did not belong to her; not something an American citizen would need to do.

The registration of AKA at the Fransiskus Assisi Primary School in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 1, 1967 states that AKA was the child of Lolo Soetoro and listed AKA's citizenship as Indonesian. The divorce papers of Obama Sr and Stanley Anne (Dunham) Soetoro indicate that AKA was over the age of 18 at the time but "dependent on the parties for education."

This raises some interesting questions.

If AKA was not actually adopted by Lolo Soetoro, why would the divorce papers list him as a legal dependent of Lolo Soetoro? A legal dependent can only be so if a legal relationship (legal adoption or biological) exists; step children are not legal dependents; and a step child would have been what Barry Soetoro was if not legally adopted.


If AKA was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and his name changed to Barry Soetoro, where are the legal documents changing his name back to Barack Hussein Obama? And where are the documents that had to have been filed in order for Barry Soetoro to reclaim his American citizenship (if eligible to do so) at the age of 18? Was Barry Soetoro listed as a dependent for the purposes of education in the Soetoro divorce papers so Barry could claim Indonesian citizenship and thereby receive foreign student aid? If that is the case, then he was an Indonesian citizen when he attended Occidental College in California. This also means he did not (if eligible to do so) reclaim his American citizenship at age 18. Since AKA would not become a United States citizen by virtue of his Indonesian citizenship expiring or by virtue of his domiciling in the United States, such would mean that AKA is not an American citizen.

In a 2004 debate between AKA and Alan Keyes, when both were candidates for the open U.S. Senate seat for Illinois, AKA responded to a Keyes comment about him not being a natural born citizen thusly, "That's okay, I'm not running for President, I'm only running for the Senate." One does not need to be natural-born to become a senator; one does have to be natural-born to become president.

The Obama Constitutional Crisis far out-weighs the Tiger Scandal in import. The Tiger Scandal, while reflecting on the moral standard of America, does not reach the level of the Obama Constitutional Crisis which threatens the very freedom that the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights set forth and guarantee for every American citizen.

Yet the lamestream media, while going all googly-eyed about the Tiger Scandal, is silent about the Obama Constitutional Crisis.

One can only conclude that the lamestream media is in on the fix; they are complicit in the foisting of the Obama Constitutional Crisis on the American people.

And so are the courts who have refused to address the question of the eligibility of AKA to the office of president, claiming the plaintiffs have no standing.

As established, the flow of power, under the Declaration of Independence, declaring the independence of America from Britain, is from God to the people to the government. Such means the people, singly or severally, have the "first cause", the first right, and therefore standing in regard to any question of offense committed against the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If such is not the case, then America has been transformed from a Constitutional Republic (rule of law) to a Democracy (rule based on the passions, opinions and prejudices of those in power); in other words, a tyranny.

It cannot be both ways. There is no gray area; this is a situation of either/or. Either the American people have the right to redress of grievances committed against the Constitution and Bill of Rights, or they are nothing more than subjects under a tyrannical government. If the American people are mere subjects, chattel to be used, abused and discarded by the government, at whim (as is happening), the Declaration of Independence instructs that the American people should dissolve the government that has made them so.

As for the Tiger Scandal vs Obama Constitutional Crisis; those who are lapping up the lamestream media coverage of the Tiger Scandal have misplaced priorities. There is nothing more important to the future of this nation and its people than the Obama Constitutional Crisis and the truth of AKA's eligibility to the office he holds.

The people need to know that AKA is eligible. If he is not, he is a usurper. Indications are, the evidence grows, that such is exactly what he is. That he has spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.4 million, keeping his life a closed book to the American people, makes the case that if he had nothing to hide, if he was eligible, he would simply produce his actual birth certificate. As liberals like to quip when citizens complain about government invasion of their privacy, "If AKA has nothing to hide, he has nothing to worry about."

No matter how many people voted for him, if AKA is not eligible, the United States Constitution demands he be removed. Any judge who refuses to address that, violates his/her oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution; he/she is committing an act of treason. The same is true for Congress.

Whether AKA is eligible to the office he holds is paramount to the continued freedom and liberty of each and every American; whether Tiger Woods has mistresses is not.

If one has any ability to think for oneself, one has to question why the lamestream media is so focused on the Tiger Scandal but ignores the Obama Constitutional Crisis. The conclusion of complicity is obvious as is the conclusion that the lamestream media does not have the best interests of America or the American people at heart.

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� 2009 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Since his usurping of the office of president, Obama has worked tirelessly to dismantle what remains of the once great nation, the United States of America.