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By Lynn Stuter

November 11, 2008

Election 2008 is finally over. Most Americans are rejoicing that the endless barrage of nauseatingly stupid campaign ads have finally, I mean finally, disappeared from their television screens. The collective sigh of relief was truly universal no matter the political persuasion.

In a history-making moment, it was revealed to Americans who their next president would be: Barack Hussein Obama. The charade was accompanied by television coverage of people dancing in the streets across the United States.

Many believe he was elected. The rest know he was (s)elected. There have been a few clues along the way; some more obvious than others.

One of the first clues was the attitude of the mainstream media. Their bias toward Barack Hussein Obama has been so obvious as to be in-your-face. There is a lot about Barack Hussein Obama that should have been revealed to the public by the mainstream media were they doing their job. Barack Obama’s connections to Marxist organizations like the Industrial Areas Foundation, ACORN, Midwest Academy, Students for a Democratic Society and the Black Panthers were never revealed by the mainstream media; any of them. Nor was the fact that Frank Marshall Davis, poet, journalist, and member of the Communist Party USA, admitted mentor and advisor to Obama, ever touched on by the mainstream media. Obama’s association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and Weatherman Underground member William Ayers were downplayed when they should have been investigated and reported on.

Nor has the mainstream media, to this day, reported on the growing concern that Barack Hussein Obama is not an American by birth; also the fact that he was adopted by his stepfather and became an Indonesian citizen; excluding him from eligibility to seek the office of president of the United States. Many people believe the government vetted the candidates for eligibility. But who says they really did; who made sure they did? If anyone in any agency of the United States government vetted Obama or McCain for eligibility, why haven’t they come forward and said so? A judge in California threw out a lawsuit filed to remove McCain from the California ballot. In his opinion, the judge indicates that the question of eligibility of candidates must come in the form of an objection in Congress at the time of the counting of the electoral votes.

Nor did the mainstream media report on the poll intimidation that occurred on November 4th, one incident of many being in Philadelphia where two black men, dressed in Black Panther attire, one carrying a billy club, were filmed outside a Philadelphia polling place. The intent was obviously to intimidate white voters arriving to cast their vote. Racial slurs concerning "white supremacy" were allegedly made. The Black Panther carrying the billy club was escorted off the premises by police called to the scene; the other one was allowed to stay. This was but one instance that occurred. Were this type of conduct not the modus operandi of organizations like the IAF and ACORN, the SDS and Black Panthers, if they were not the tactics taught by organizations like the Midwest Academy, we could easily say that they don’t represent the president elect, but Barack Hussein Obama’s affiliations with these organizations does not speak well of him, and does not set well with many Americans.

When Barbara West, a Fox News correspondent for WFTV out of Florida, asked Joe Biden, vice presidential hopeful, about the Marxist quote “from each according to his ability to each according to his need” as it applied to Obama’s intent to redistribute wealth, Biden responded, “Are you joking? Is this a joke?” Complaints were forthcoming and Barbara West was labeled “right wing.” Her question was a fair one and one that needed to be asked. The ABC News clip made Obama’s intent of “sharing the wealth” very clear.

Appearing on the website, out of Indianapolis, Indiana, on November 6, 2008, was a piece entitled “Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages.” At the very bottom of the article appears the following missive:

Note: The comments tool has been disabled for this story. It is's policy to approve all comments before they are posted because we aim to maintain a civil dialogue on our site. However, because of the large volume of comments generated by this story, we do not have the time to approve them - therefore they have been turned off. We are sorry for any inconvenience. While our goal is to encourage interactivity on our site, in this case, we simply do not have the staff to devote the time to approving comments.

Now, considering the title, why do you suppose the comment tool was disabled? Could it be that people who canvassed for Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign got a taste of the real Obama and were sounding off in droves? Get used to it people; the mirage that the mainstream media has projected for the past two years isn’t the real man. Get used to being treated this way, there is more to come. Barack Hussein Obama may redistribute your wealth, but I can assure you, he hasn’t and won’t redistribute his. He still has his $1.65 million dollar mansion, bought for $300,000 under market value in a deal that has raised questions about his connections to the Chicago underworld and convicted underworld figure, Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

In the two weeks leading up to the election, I had occasion to be at Costco and was browsing through their books. There, among the books for children, was a book on Barack Hussein Obama. It portrayed Obama as a “man of the people,” a “messiah” of sorts. The book was purely a propaganda piece. I looked to see if there were any books for children about McCain or any of the other candidates; there were none. On Wednesday, following the election, I was again browsing through the books at Costco and there was one about Obama’s change agenda. The thought that flitted through my mind was, “gee, they wrote it, ran it to the publisher, and got it to the store shelves in a matter of hours!” It’s obvious that isn’t what happened; it’s obvious the book was already written. Quite obviously, if some didn’t already know who would be our next president, the publishing of the book would have been delayed until after the election was decided.


In the same two weeks leading up to the election, e-mails arrived describing how propaganda concerning Obama appeared in a high school English Literature textbook in Racine, Wisconsin while not one word was written about the other candidates in that same textbook.

I’m not a fan of Oprah Winfrey, who is a practitioner and promoter of the New Age theosophy and apostasy “Law of Attraction,” but happened to catch part of her program on Wednesday, November 5th. Guess what Winfrey’s program was about? In the twelve or so hours, between the time Obama was officially declared the winner on Tuesday night, and the time Winfrey went on the air on Wednesday, through the overnight hours, a program was put together celebrating the election of a Barack Hussein Obama to the White House. On her program appeared a panel of five individuals all appearing via satellite, all from different locations. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a program of this magnitude cannot be put together in that short a timeframe, not and come off as well scripted as the program obviously was.

The Republican Party ran a campaign intended to lose. First off, they choose a loser candidate. Mitt Romney had more appeal to voters than did John McCain. Yet Mitt Romney suddenly, for no apparent reason, when he was leading McCain by a wide margin, dropped out of the race. And once “the candidate,” McCain campaigned with the same ineptitude, the same lackluster, the same disorganized inefficiency that Bob Dole did against William Jefferson Clinton. Then McCain chose Sarah Palin as a running mate, hoping that by so doing that he could attract the massive number of Ron Paul supporters back into the Republican camp and pick up women defectors among former Hillary Clinton fans. Both ploys were flops. Ron Paul supporters, by and large, abandoned the morally defunct Republican Party when it castigated Ron Paul, and the only Hillary supporters who defected were those who would vote for a woman no matter who she was.

These are but a few of the indications out there that Barack Hussein Obama was not elected, he was (s)elected. All these might be just coincidence, but there is no such thing as coincidence in the political world of today.

The responses I received from Obama supporters to my last article, Will our next president by communist or fascist? fell into five basic categories:

1- Some tried to play the race card; a tactic used by racists to digress from the issues. This was a favored tactic throughout the Obama campaign.

2- Some made the accusation of “poor loser.” Unfortunately, who loses is everyone. Exposing Barack Obama for the communist he is isn’t being a “poor loser;” it’s just a label thrown out there, like “racist” by those who really don’t want to face the facts and the truth of what he is.

3- Some invited anyone who didn’t like Obama to leave the United States; in so doing making their support of Obama and his Marxist ideals just that much more apparent; also their lack of understanding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, explaining why they would support a candidate like Obama.

4- One mentally-challenged individual suggested that maybe I and “my accomplices” were “planning something a little more drastic” regarding Barack Obama. Given his affiliations and his Marxist ideals, that sort of conduct is more likely to come from the Obama camp than from those who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Black Panthers showing up at Philadelphia polling places is just one example; the e-mail from Magda Robinson (relative of Michelle Robinson Obama?) to Devvy Kidd being another.

5- Still others railed on about how Obama would help the little people of this nation, stop corporate fascism, and end the Iraq war.

In four years, let’s hear what they have to say.

I will predict that in four years,

1 - the “little people” will be worse off financially and have less freedom than they do today;
2 - the middle class will continue to disappear;
3 - small businesses will be fewer;
4 - corporate fascism will be alive and well and growing (they own Obama, too);
5 - the Iraq occupation will still be going on;
6 - U.S. imperial expansionism will be alive and well;
7 - the education system in America will still be dumbing-down children;
8 - the “war on terror” will still be going on, costing trillions and going nowhere constructive;
9 - the “war on drugs” (started under President Reagan in the 80’s) will still be going on, costing trillions and going nowhere constructive;
10 - the “war on poverty” (started under President Johnson in the 60’s) will still be going on, costing trillions and going nowhere constructive;
11 - more social welfare programs will be in place that will create more people living in poverty;
12 - the quality of health care will continue a downward spiral while costs continue to increase;
13 - U.S. jobs will still be heading overseas;
14 - energy costs will have increased substantially from what they are today;
15 - the northern and southern borders will be just an open and unprotected as they are today;
16 - the illegal alien invasion will be an even bigger problem than it is today;
17 - the Mexican drug war will have spilled over into the United States;
18 - the United States will be well on it’s way to dissolving its borders in favor of the North American Union;
19 - the dollar will be on the way out and the Amero will be on the way in;
20 - control of the U.S. financial markets will have been transferred to a global entity outside the United States;
21 - the U.S. economy will be in worse shape than it is now;

And last but not least, these two little gems, emanating from remarks Obama has made on the campaign trail:

22 - the establishment of a compulsory “volunteer” civilian youth corps much like the Hitler youth camps;
23 - the establishment of a domestic security force much like the Hitler Schutzstaffel (SS).

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How can I make these predictions with any certainty? Because I know the game-plan; it’s called “The Sustainable Global Environment” and all of these are part of bringing it about. Barack Obama will not deviate from the Strategic Plan already in place as the next step of bringing it about. One individual who responded to my last article stated that Obama would not have carte blanche to do as he pleases. They were right; for all his campaign promises, Barack Obama will do exactly as he’s told just as did his predecessor, George W Bush.

� 2008 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Many believe he was elected. The rest know that he was (s)elected. There have been a few clues along the way; some more obvious than others.