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By Lynn Stuter

September 24, 2008

Earlier this spring I wrote a series of articles — "Seattle Times Soft on illegal alien criminals," Part 1 and Part 2; and "The cost of illegal immigration" — with the spotlight shown on Ana Reyes, the Mexican illegal alien who was picked up in 2007 in Burien, Washington, outside Seattle, and deported back to Mexico along with her illegal alien sons Christopher and Carlos Quiroz, and her live-in lover Arturo Hernandez, and his brother Luis Hernandez. In the 17 years Ana Reyes resided illegally in the United States, primarily in Washington State, she bore two daughters, one by her husband, one by her live-in lover. Because these children were born on American soil, they are considered Americans even though their parents are illegal aliens.

After Ana Reyes’ deportation, her story was picked up by the Seattle Times. Lornet Turnbull wrote extensively about poor, poor, poor Ana Reyes and all she was going through. Of course, the fact that Ana Reyes chose to enter the United States in violation of existing law; the fact that Ana Reyes had registered to vote in the State of Washington, a federal felony; the fact that Ana Reyes, her sons, her lover and his brother all had alleged extensive criminal records somehow escaped the write-ups Turnbull did on Reyes’ behalf.

An Edmonds, Washington, real estate investor named Joe Kennard took up the cause of Ana Reyes earlier this year. While he claimed this to be his Christian duty, Kennard’s taking up of the illegal alien cause probably has more to do with his mother having been a Mexican national. Kennard moved Ana Reyes, her two illegal alien sons, and her lover to a rented house about 10 minutes from the US/Mexican border in Juarez, Mexico. Her two American children would live with a minister and his wife in El Paso, Texas just across the border from Juarez, Mexico. There they would be home schooled to bring them up to grade level.

It wasn’t long, however, before that arrangement fell apart and Ana Reyes ended up back in Mexico City and her daughters were no longer living with the El Paso minister and his family. Her older son was picked up a month or so later in Benton County, Washington, held on an outstanding drug paraphernalia charge, and deported again. Her younger son, Carlos, was subsequently caught at the border trying to use Christopher Quiroz’s Washington Driver License to re-enter the U.S. illegally.

8 USC, Chapter 12, Subchapter II, Part VIII, makes it a federal felony to hire, transport, house, or assist an illegal alien. Mr Kennard, in moving the Quiroz brothers to Juarez, Mexico, within 10 minutes of the border, when they had made it very clear they would attempt re-entry if the opportunity arose, aided and abetted their conduct. What has been done to Mr Kennard? Nothing. Not one thing. Why? Because he has money? Quite likely. If that were you or I, we would be in the pokey right next to the illegal aliens we aided and abetted. Equal justice as required by the Bill of Rights? Hardly. This is more of the discriminate enforcement of the law we see more and more of as America is transformed from a constitutional republic (rule of law) to a democracy (rule by man according to his passions, opinions and prejudices). And, of course, nothing was done to the hotel owner who employed Ana Reyes in western Washington. The hotel owner joins a laundry list of employers who have employed illegal aliens, paying them “off the books” at a lower wage than would be paid to an American. When caught, the government deports the illegal aliens but does nothing to those who employ them. Again, discriminate enforcement of the law.

Kennard has started a group called Organization to Help Citizen Children. The home page of this website states, as its purpose: “The Organization to Help Citizen Children seeks to protect children born in the United States from the trauma of being banished because of the immigration infractions of their parents.” Really? Then why is the largest section of this website titled “Immigration Myths”? What has that got to do with the plight of American children born of illegal aliens? Quite obviously, this group isn’t really about the plight of American children born to illegal aliens; it’s about supporting the illegal alien cause for all Kennard’s claims to the contrary. And in going through the supposed “myths”, it becomes obvious that the real issues concerning the illegal alien population are not addressed; that these supposed myths are nothing more than an attempt to reframe the debate.

In all reality, what kind of parent bears a child knowing that they, the parent, could be deported? A very irresponsible, uncaring parent, that’s who; a parent who had a child for the express purpose of using that child to try and stay in the United States after entering the United States illegally. The term “anchor baby” came about because of that practice.


Ana Reyes has been held up as the epitome of the illegal alien. That being the case, it behooves us to look at what that means.

1 - Ana Reyes crossed from Mexico into the United States in violation of United States law 17 years ago. In doing so, she became a criminal the moment she set foot on American soil.
2 - Ana Reyes never made any effort to become a United States citizen in the 17 years she was here illegally. It is obvious she never intended to become a contributing citizen; that she had no problem with filching off Americans.
3 - Ana Reyes bore two children while on United States soil; undoubtedly at American taxpayer expense.
4 - Ana Reyes bore one child out of wedlock and while committing adultery.
5 - Ana Reyes had an extensive criminal record.
6 - Ana Reyes committed a federal felony by registering to vote in the State of Washington.
7 - Both Ana Reyes’ illegal alien sons had extensive criminal records.
8 - Ana Reyes’ live-in lover had a criminal record.
9 - Ana Reyes’ live-in lover’s brother had a criminal record.

Yes, she truly is the epitome of the illegal alien that Joe Kennard, Lornet Turnbull and the advocates of the invasion of America hold up as a shining example.

Taking up the cause of the approximate 38,000,000 illegal aliens residing in the United States is the Southern Poverty Law Center located in Alabama. The SPLC has a long and nefarious history of hate-mongering, race-baiting and name-calling in pursuit of filling its coffers. The notion that the Southern Poverty Law Center is there to help the poor in need of assistance to attain equal rights and equal justice is a misnomer. While Morris Dees was raised in poverty, he has long since forgotten that “poor with integrity” is far better than “rich with privilege.” When Morris Dees filed suit against Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler, it was hard to discern who was worse, Dees who left no opportunity vacant to get his face on television or Butler who liked nothing better than to see his face on television. As disgusting as Richard Butler was, at least he made no bones about what he was; Dees, on the other hand, is a charlatan of the first order, claiming to be what he is not. A man who makes no bones about what he is certainly has more integrity than a man whose modus operandi is deception.

In pursuit of their deceptive agenda, the SPLC calls Americans opposed to the invasion of their country by criminal illegal aliens “nativists.” That alone should clue Americans to the real agenda of the SPLC; that the SPLC seeks to destroy the “nation-state” of America, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, in pursuit of global government.

In the recent past, the SPLC has targeted Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol, a group assisting the U.S. Border Patrol in thwarting the illegal alien invasion of our country. In August, Sonia Scherr of the SPLC published an invective hate piece, speciously called an “intelligence report,” aimed at the Grassroots Granny, known to freedom-loving Americans as Jackie Juntti of the Washington Grassroots Electronic Network (WGEN). In that invective, Scherr not only slandered Jackie Juntti but Scherr impeached any credibility she might have ever had by making claims that were outright lies as well as applying what appears to be her journalistic trademark: twisting the truth to fulfill the hate-mongering and race-baiting agenda of the SPLC.

In preparation for writing this article, the following e-mail was sent to Scherr:

Dear Ms Scherr,

I am currently doing research on an article concerning the Southern Poverty Law Center. I would like your comment on the following:

1 - the SPLC is a communist front organization that uses race baiting to fund its activities;
2 - the SPLC hires people who will be witting dupes in its goal of taking away the rights of the American people;
3 - the head of the SPLC is a man who committed adultery on his wife; tried to molest his step-daughter; and has had same-sex relations.

Interestingly, while Ms Scherr obviously contacted Jackie Juntti hoping that Ms Juntti would give her something she could twist to her purposes, Ms Scherr did not respond to either this e-mail or a second request for her comment. It seems that when the shoe is on the other foot and it is the deceptive agenda of the SPLC that is being exposed, Ms Scherr has nothing to say.

To get around the rule of law, groups like the SPLC claim anyone who opposes the illegal and criminal invasion of the United States by aliens to “hate” or be part of a “hate group.” The tactic is intended to move the debate from the cognitive domain (fact, rule of law) to the affective domain (emotion, how one feels). As anyone who has tried to reason with an emotionally charged person knows, logic and the ability to think are clearly on vacation. This is why the SPLC and like groups never deal with fact, reality, the cognitive domain; they appeal strictly to the affective domain to invoke fear, hate and enmity.

In the same vein, propagandists are very aware that if one wants to incite people, one must appeal to the emotions. And propaganda to achieve their agenda is what the SPLC and like groups are all about.

And in all the hate-filled psycho-babble spewing forth from groups like the SPLC, the one aspect of the illegal alien crisis they carefully avoid is the fact that existing United States law requires that illegal aliens be returned to their country of origin. That an estimated 38,000,000 illegal aliens now reside in the United States makes it very evident that the United States government, charged with the task of removing illegal aliens from this country, has failed to do its job. That failure has cost the lives of countless Americans, damaged and destroyed the lives of Americans victimized by illegal alien criminal activity, taken jobs from Americans, brought diseases into America eradicated in America long ago, caused American health care facilities to close, and cost the American taxpayers billions. Who has benefited are those who hire illegal aliens, pay them under the table, and line the pockets of politicians to do nothing about the illegal alien invasion of this country.

If the SPLC and like groups don’t like the United States, they most certainly can leave. No one who loves this country, our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be sorry to see them go. Any country they go to, however, will not be nearly so tolerant of their hate-spewing invectives which are protected in the United States by the First Amendment to the very Constitution they are working diligently to destroy. Were it that these people alone would reap what they sow, such would be their right and their just due. But the course they are pursuing is intended to destroy the rights of every American which means they don’t have that right.

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The SPLC and Sonia Scherr have been called upon to remove the inaccurate, deceptive, hate-filled invective aimed at Jackie Juntti from their website, and to apologize. While the First Amendment guarantees free speech; that guarantee does not include the right to slander.

And while groups like the SPLC fight to keep illegal aliens in this country, the pitched battle described in this Arizona Daily Star article could be coming to your neighborhood very soon.

� 2008 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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If the SPLC and like groups don’t like the United States, they most certainly can leave. No one who loves this country, our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be sorry to see them go.