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By Lynn Stuter

December 18, 2007

As the carol intones, �Tis the season to be jolly ��[1]

And jolly we are, running to and fro, hither and yon, day after day, buying one present after another to put under that tree on �the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse� [2]; buying, buying, buying to the detriment of bank and credit card balances.

All caution is thrown to the wind, the stores are packed, the streets are packed with harried drivers trying to negotiate traffic without becoming entangled with another driver in the same pursuit, all the while rushing from one store to the next.

The ads on the telly entreat us to buy, buy, buy for all those little children and adults whom we must endeavor to make happy, happy, happy.

Lights, lights, everywhere lights, Santa and his reindeer, elves, snowmen, Christmas trees and other assorted vestiges light up the night sky as the measure of one�s enthusiasm for this �Holiday season.� Parties abound. Hope and Good Cheer, the Holiday Season is HERE!

And in all the pageantry, all the show, all the buying, all the hustle and bustle, where is there reverence for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, �born on Christmas day?"[3]

A survey of the American people in 2001 showed that 80% of the American people claim to be Christians [4]. So, it must be the 20% who are pagans who make the month of December the largest retail month of the year? Doubtful. So why, if our nation is truly 80% Christian, are the Christians buying into what amounts to the blasphemy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

And we cry, �God Bless America.� Why should He?

And as Americans blithely go their way, day after day, they send their children off, every morning for nine months of the year, to the local government schools, where their children are subjected to nothing less than brainwashing, refined by the humanist institutions of psychology and psychiatry � the ultimate in mind science in the United States.

Humanism is a religion, so says the U.S. Supreme Court in Torcaso v Watkins. The religion of humanism � one tenet of which is evolution (Darwinism) � cannot be taught in the government schools, says the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, unless ALL other religions are also taught, without exception. Yet the only religion barred from study and practice in the government schools is Christianity.

With 80% of Americans claiming to be Christians, the majority of these same Christians send their children off, day after day, to be brainwashed in the government schools teaching the state-established and state-recognized religion of humanism. In 1939, Hitler stated,

�When an opponent declares �I will not come over to your side�, I calmly say �Your child belongs to us already. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.��

Some Christian parents make no excuse for their actions even though their actions are in direct disobedience of, among others, Proverbs 22:6: �Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.� Other parents make the claim that their child serves as a witness to others in the government school while they are being subjected, day after day, to the same type brainwashing techniques used to break prisoners of war psychologically. In the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke, the fate of those who would harm His children is made plain (sic): it would be better that they have a stone tied about their neck and they be cast into the deepest sea [5].

Yet Americans calling themselves Christian continue to send their children to the humanist government schools in direct violation of God�s commandment to them.

And we raise our voices to Heaven, �God Bless America.� Why would He?

While Americans blithely go their way, day after day, a nationwide organization exists engaging in child prostitution, pornography and pedophilia tied to not only a cadre of powerful elite within the United States government but also to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as many state, county and local government and law enforcement agencies. Young innocent children, abducted off the streets of this nation, some given or sold into bondage by their parents, are used, abused, and sexually exploited by adults with sick, depraved, deviant minds; most then murdered and dumped like garbage, never to be seen or heard from again.

This nation of ours, claiming to be 80% Christian, has done, is doing exactly what to address this unspeakable, unthinkable blight on our nation?

And we raise our voices in harmony, �God Bless America.� Why would He?

Kept from the public eye, under the cause of �national security,� Nazi war criminals were brought into this country following World War II via Operation Paperclip. By some accounts, thousands of them, making the Nuremburg trials the greatest farce of the 20th century. These Nazis went to work in American institutions of higher learning, behavioral science labs, mental health organizations, the CIA, even NASA (Wernher von Braun, head of NASA, was a Nazi war criminal).

And no better example of the Nazi ideology exists than the CIA mind control programs, such as MK Ultra, MK Search, CoIntelPro, Projects Artichoke and Bluebird, using American citizens�men, women and children�as guinea pigs to fine-tune mind control technology using mind altering drugs, physical, sexual, verbal and psychological abuse; experiments no less heinous than those of the Nazi regime on concentration camp prisoners; gruesome, heinous, inhumane acts of barbarism.

Other CIA experiments in mind control seek to remotely control the mind electronically as well as electronically harass a person from afar.

�We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electronically control the brain. Someday armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.�[6]

Unbeknownst to most Americans, there are people in our society who have been and continue to be victims of CIA mind control programs. Many of these people are victims against their will, chosen at random to be the guinea pigs of CIA technology or targeted because they have exposed or threaten to expose corruption within government. These people have been and are subjected to day-in and day-in remote electronic harassment as well as elements of gang stalking to intimidate them, psychologically, into silence, by death if necessary.


When incidents such as Columbine, the Virginia Tech killings, or the more recent mall shooting in Omaha, Nebraska and killings at religious facilities in Colorado happen, the American people shake their heads and cry, �how can this be?� Each of these incidents has the markings of a Manchurian Candidate profile resulting from CIA mind control programs. Yet the American people haven�t a clue, allowing the media to guide their thinking, quickly blaming the availability of guns as the root cause.

True to form, the American people neither know about nor care about the connection between CIA mind control programs and the brainwashing their children are being subjected to in the government schools under education reform, a.k.a. systems education. They also ignore the fact that the incidence of shootings in government schools directly correlates to the implementation of education reform nationwide and the corresponding increase in the prescription drugging of children nationwide via mind altering drugs.

When a child or adult, subjected to brainwashing and mind control, goes off the deep end, people don�t look for the root cause; they allow the media to, once again, guide their thinking in the emotional realm instead of the cognitive realm. Why these killers are �different�, why now versus twenty years ago, the people neither know nor care to find out.

When people make the claim that they are being electronically/electromagnetically harassed or gang stalked, people scoff and call them paranoid schizophrenics, weird, crazy, and/or mentally unstable. They neither know nor care to find out the truth.

And we raise our voices pleading, �God Bless America.� Why would He?

With the move afoot to transform America, a nation claiming to be 80% Christian, Christians stand idly by or welcome the implementation in their church of social gospel: feel-good gospel in which the word of God is not taught, right and wrong become situational, and values clarification obliterates morals, standards and values; in which participants dialogue away their individuality and principles in the interests of communal acceptance. Rick Warren, the guru of the �Purpose Driven� movement, runs about the country spouting his social gospel that replaces God�s will with �my purpose� and advocates the church unification movement (one-world church) in which �all paths lead to god by whatever name called.�

And we raise our voices to proclaim, �God Bless America.� Why would He?

These are but a few of the transgressions of a nation claiming to be 80% Christian; there are many more, not the least of which is the CIA selling of dope on the streets of America and the illegal and unconstitutional invasion of Iraq. We are told, time and again, that our young men and women are in Iraq fighting for our freedom; the great banner of �freedom� intended to obscure from sight the truth. Our young men and women are fighting in Iraq, not in the name of our freedom, but in the name of 1) American imperial expansionism; 2) establishing an American presence in the Middle East forever, thus the building of the largest embassy compound in the world in the Green Zone in Baghdad; 3) securing the Iraqi oil fields for the benefit and profit of large international oil conglomerates with ties to the world elite. Our young men and women, fighting and dying in Iraq, are but fodder in the grist mills of the global elite intent on destroying this nation and establishing a new world order [7] in which the elite rule supreme and the �unwashed masses� are but fodder in the grist mills of the feudal state.

And we cry out to Heaven, �God Bless America.� Why would He?

John Adams wrote in 1787,

�The people in America have now the best opportunity and the greatest trust in their hands that Providence ever committed to so small a number�if they betray their trust, their guilt will merit even greater punishment than other nations have suffered, and the indignation of Heaven��

This nation, claiming to be 80% Christian, flaunts the very word of God, the very teachings of God, yet expects that God will brook no punishment?

�Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.� Matthew 7:13-14 (KJV)

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�He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.� John 3:36 (KJV)

This Christmas may we as Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by turning away from the pagan ritualism that profanes God. And as the New Year approaches may we resolve to return our nation to the Christian foundations upon which it was founded.

End notes:

1, From the carol, Deck the Halls.
2, From the poem, The Night Before Christmas.
3, From the carol, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.
4, 2001 American Religious Identification Survey.
5, Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2.
6, Dr Jos� Delgado; Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School; Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118, February 24, 1974.
7, President George Herbert Walker Bush used the phrase �new world order� many times; he is the son of Prescott Bush who supported Hitler; he is the father of the current president, George Walker Bush who has trampled, with impunity, on the rights of the American people time and again.

� 2007 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Mother and wife, Stuter has spent the past fifteen years researching systems theory with a particular emphasis on education. She home schooled two daughters, now grown and on their own. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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And as Americans blithely go their way, day after day, they send their children off, every morning for nine months of the year, to the local government schools, where their children are subjected to nothing less than brainwashing...