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By Lynn Stuter

September 4, 2007

John Adams stated, �Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people; it is wholly inadequate for any other.�

What did John Adams mean when he said that? The words of Edmund Burke further define what John Adams said � (sic) that freedom without virtue is not freedom but license to pursue whatever passions prevail in the intemperate mind; that man�s right to freedom is in exact proportion to his willingness to put chains upon his own appetites; the less restraint from within, the more must be imposed from without.

In other words, our constitution was established for a people willing to live a self-disciplined life. In words attributed to James Madison,

�We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it. We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.�

But America, while many of its inhabitants claim to be Christians, can no longer call itself a Christian nation. Christians, by and large, avoid the public service that their Christian forefathers were called to as their Christian duty. An oft heard refrain today is �don�t try to impose YOUR values on ME!� which, translated, says, �there are no common societal mores any longer; whatever I want to do is my right; if it infringes on your rights, too bad, and too bad if you don�t like it; everything is about MY rights, not your rights or the rights of society in general.� Such an attitude is the bane of civilized societies and more certainly the bane of the Christian society for which our Constitution and Bill of Rights was established.

Americans who claim to be Christians today have walked away from their responsibility to partake and be involved in their government, leaving the void to be filled by people for whom our Constitution and Bill of Rights are wholly inadequate.

And no better example of that exists than the debacle of Senator Larry Craig and the Minneapolis airport men�s bathroom caper. That Larry Craig was set up, there is little doubt. That is not to say that Larry Craig was not soliciting by his actions in that particular bathroom which he admitted frequenting exclusively on his regular flights through that airport. And his claim that he pled guilty as a matter of expediency just doesn�t fly. As some one who participates in legislating laws, to feign ignorance after pleading guilty doesn�t ring true.

And Larry Craig would not be the first to engage in either promiscuous or deviant sexual behavior. There are a lot of others elected in Washington, DC, who have engaged in this type of behavior, President Bill Clinton not the least of them. Then there is the call-boy incidents linked to the Reagan White House, the GHW Bush White House and the GW Bush White House, and the 4,000 or so telephone numbers that showed up in the records of the DC Madam (Pamela Martin and Associates), the number of Senator David Vitters among them.

So why has Senator Craig been singled out to seemingly be the whipping boy when what he has done isn�t, in all actuality, any worse than Clinton, Reagan, the two Bush�s, Senator David Vitters or Representative Mark Foley?

To understand why some digression is in order.

Time and again, Americans have watched their fresh-faced, newly elected representative depart for Washington DC with the firm resolve to �make a difference� � �change the course of America� � �get America back on track.� Within a short time, the constituents no longer recognize that fresh-faced newly elected representative they sent off with the hope that �this one will be different.�

What happens to change their elected representatives to the point they no longer recognize them?

Among other things, besides the heady concept of power and money that is Washington, DC, the oldest profession on earth. In this case, that profession also involves the criminal use of minor boys and girls sold or coerced into prostitution. Some may remember the scandal that erupted in Omaha, Nebraska in the late 1980�s, early 1990�s and involved one Lawrence �Larry� King, Jr, a rising star in the Republican Party; sang the National Anthem at two Republican national conventions; was the head of the Franklin Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska; had connections to the GHW Bush White House; and was a partner in the call-boy scandal that lead to the Reagan and GHW Bush White Houses. (NOTE: This is not the Larry King of Larry King Live on CNN.) Minor boys and girls, coerced or kidnapped and sold into prostitution; raped, molested and sodomized to indulge the sick sexual fantasies of the rich and powerful, not only in Omaha, Nebraska but in other cities nation-wide including Washington, DC. One victim recounted seeing the presidential limousine parked in front of the home where his services were being utilized by the rich and powerful; the home leased by Larry King in Washington, DC; the party, hosted by Larry King, attended by the who�s who of the Washington DC rich and powerful.

In the instance of the Omaha sex scandal, the perpetrators were never brought to justice because the very people who should have upheld the law, should have prosecuted the perpetrators, were also involved to include law enforcement, prosecutors and judges, and on investigation, the FBI and CIA. Those who sought to bring the scandal to light received death threats; several, including investigator Gary Caradori, Caradori�s 8 year-old son, and victim Troy Boner, ended up dead. John DeCamp, author of a book about the Omaha sex scandal, The Franklin Cover-up, had to move his family out of Omaha to keep them and himself safe. The Omaha scandal was linked to the Catholic-run Boys� Town of Father Flanagan fame.

There are far too few elected in Washington DC who are there for very long without being compromised; this, in part, is how they are controlled; how votes are assured; how the New World Order agenda is pursued against the best interests of the American people. Understand that not every congress-critter is compromised but enough of them are to make the pursuit of the New World Order agenda possible.


With few exceptions, those who can be controlled find themselves re-elected, elevated to positions of power and influence; those who cannot be controlled find themselves, with few exceptions, facing the ire of their party in DC and serious opposition at the polls back home. What has jokingly been referred to as the Washington political cesspool takes on the smell of a well-used open sewer.

The culture of pedophilia in the United States is wide-spread and certainly more wide-spread then the American people know or want to believe. It has connections to the priest sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church, to the CIA, to the FBI.

Scandals that have surfaced that are quite probably linked to this type activity include the OK Boys Ranch in Olympia, Washington; the Texas boy�s home scandal; the call-boy scandals in DC; the DC Madam (Pamela Martin and Associates) scandal; the Heidi Fleiss escort scandal in California; and the McMartin Preschool Satanic sex abuse scandal in California as the more publicized incidents. These are, however, the veritable tip of the iceberg.

Two years ago, former state Senator Jim West, then mayor of Spokane, Washington, was recalled after allegations surfaced that he used his position to solicit male sexual encounters using office computers. After the allegations went public, West resigned from the board of the Morning Star Boys� Ranch, a Catholic-run boys home in Spokane; a position he had held since 1993. Subsequently, West would be accused of sexual abuse by two boys not connected with Morning Star Boys� Ranch but accusations would surface that West, a Spokane county sheriff deputy at the time of the claimed sexual abuse, and his partner, David Hahn, had access to boys at the Morning Star Boys� Ranch and were allowed to take boys away from the home for outings and overnight trips; accusations West denied. David Hahn committed suicide in August 1981 after accusations surfaced that he had molested two boys.

In this same vein, there have been several national and international child pornography and pedophilia rings exposed over the last several years.

The pedophilia criminal cult is also responsible for the disappearance of many young boys, to a lesser degree, young girls. These children are sold; raped, molested, and sodomized by people with power and money; often times murdered. Their bodies are never found; they are considered to be throw-away children. One victim of the Omaha scandal described in graphic detail how the bodies of victims murdered were disposed of. Other victims described how those murdered in Satanic rituals linked to pedophilia cults were disposed of. The picture of a boy who disappeared in Iowa, at the time of the scandal in Omaha, Nebraska, turned up among pictures taken of several young boys lying on a bed, bound and gagged. That young boy was later identified by a victim of the Omaha scandal as having been sold to people living in Colorado to be used as a sex slave.

Prostitution is the oldest profession on earth. And the compromising of the rich and powerful using criminal prostitution is the easiest way for a few to control an agenda at the expense of the many. And if those compromised refuse to do what their �handlers� want them to do, it is not hard to set them up to take a fall in incidents such as occurred in the men�s bathroom in the Minneapolis airport.

And while the Catholic church is being sued nation-wide for priest abuse, while pedophilia and pornography rings are being exposed and perpetrators prosecuted, who isn�t being prosecuted are the elected in Washington, DC, the elected in state capitols and municipalities, government employees, local, state and federal, who are guilty of one of the most heinous and despicable crimes known to mankind: the rape, molestation and sodomizing of children, some as young as 5 years old. Following his arrest in the Minneapolis airport bathroom caper, Senator Craig produced a business card which he handed to the police officer, asking the police officer �what do you think of that?� Quite obviously, Senator Craig thought his position as a U.S. Senator should put him above the law. The seduction of power.

Following his resignation on September 1, 2007, President George W Bush called Senator Larry Craig and told him he had done the right thing. Considering the call-boy scandal leading straight to the Bush White House, President George W Bush should also do the right thing. And when you cast your vote for the next president of the United States, remember that the Omaha, Nebraska scandal was connected to Mena, Arkansas and the CIA Iran-Contra dope smuggling going on there in which Bill and Hillary Clinton were heavily involved. The sexual deviance of both the Clintons has been a long standing fact.

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The Constitution and Bill of Rights were established for a moral and religious people; they are wholly inadequate for any other. This sick criminal exploitation of children will not stop until the American people make it stop by demanding that the perpetrators, no matter who they are, be brought to justice. Beyond that, the culture that has produced this acceptance of sexual deviance will not change until the American people, as a society, return to the morals of a truly religious people.

� 2007 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Mother and wife, Stuter has spent the past ten years researching systems theory with a particular emphasis on education. She home schooled two daughters, now grown and on their own. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Americans who claim to be Christians today have walked away from their responsibility to partake and be involved in their government, leaving the void to be filled by people for whom our Constitution and Bill of Rights are wholly inadequate.