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By Lynn Stuter

May 15, 2007

It seems everywhere we look today, corruption abounds. The cesspool of American government never gets better, only worse. Here are just some of the highlights of which the American public is generally unaware:

  • 12 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens residing in the United States with all the resulting problems associated with the same.
  • The undeclared war in Iraq was a done deal in 2002.
  • Male and female prostitutes, and young children being used for illicit, deviant sexual activity by Senators, Representatives, and the White House; lending to corruption and blackmail above and beyond the obviously sick mind that would engage in such behavior.
  • Eight federal prosecutors being fired; two dying mysteriously, and two associated with those dead resigning; all having one thing in common: cases concerning Medicare/Medicaid fraud, money laundering, and illegal drugs.
  • The outing of a CIA operative who may have thwarted an attempt by our war-mongering president to plant WMDs in Iraq.
  • The prosecution of border guards and law enforcement personnel who have protected America against illegal aliens and the possibility that the drug smugglers involved have CIA connections (remember Iran/Contra?).
  • The unanswered questions concerning anomalies between the official story and the actual events of September 11, 2001.
  • The no-bid contracts for services in Iraq that have proven lucrative for the military industrial complex at the expense of the American taxpayer.
  • The billions of American dollars that have �gone missing� in Iraq.
  • The millions of barrels of Iraqi oil that have disappeared from Iraq oil fields.
  • The stranglehold groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Bildeberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Order of Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove Group, and Bretton Woods Committee have on the politicians in Washington DC and many state capitals as well.

In no particular order.

I received many responses to �An Open Letter to President Bush;" overwhelmingly what I heard was �right on.� Some also cautioned that people who openly opposed this president could end up dead which certainly makes a statement in itself. One gentlemen, tongue in cheek, admonished me for insulting hard-working prostitutes which also is a statement in itself. Another read:

I read your letter to your president. I am afraid it is too late for America. Off course the Bush legacy goes back to Prescott Bush and beyond.

You need to disband your military; you have been invading foreign countries since World War II, killing millions of innocent people all to support the USD and your control of the are the unholy Roman Empire; your elections are a farce. Apparently you have the highest percentage of your population in prison of any country. You use 25% of the planets resources and have 5% of the population. Your military budget is more than the next 20 countries combined. WHY?

It is much worse than just your President. The privately owned world banking system that enslaves humanity (with high interest rates on money created out of nothing in the form of debt) is centred around your Federal Reserve bank and the likes of Goldman Sachs etc.

You are the Pariahs of the planet...We would be better off without you. Wake up to what the rest of the world thinks of you. You were one of the leaders of freedom for mankind 200 years ago; now you are the leaders of EVIL � and you think you are a Christian country.

This individual speaks the thoughts of a growing number of people from other nations.

What is so sad about all of this is that the American people go about their daily lives with little or no knowledge that any of this is going on. Have you heard about any of the above in the mainstream (or is that lamestream) media or newspapers? Why not? Isn�t it important that the American people know about these happenings?

Well, if you want an informed public, of course it is important the people know about these happenings. But what if you don�t want an informed public? What if you are hoping against hope that you can lie to the American people repeatedly if only by omission and they will continue to believe that America is healthy, the economy is healthy, and all is well �from sea to shining sea�?

There is a large element of the American populace who really do want to believe the aforesaid. I heard from a couple of them, too. One accused me of being a liberal. These days a �liberal� is defined as anyone who doesn�t agree with the policies of the fascist in the White House. And if you don�t, you are anti-American, don�t support the troops, and love Islamic terrorists. It�s just that simple. No matter that the fascist in the White House is violating the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and existing U.S. law and deserves to be impeached and put on trial for treason. The rationale is that he was and is the �lesser of two evils.� End of rationale. I have to wonder if the men and women who have died in Iraq would agree that Bush was �the lesser of two evils�.

Another told me that I should simply trust our government!

Of the two, the second is the more dangerous. The price of freedom is truly vigilance and the price of freedom is not free. People who trust our government are quite willing to ignore the obvious. Just what politicians like, for ignorance truly is bliss. People can go about their day to day � watch mindless television on their big screen for hours on end, drink beer to their heart�s content, cheer on their favorite sports team, enjoy their fast cars, fast boats, and big houses, go on vacation, go shopping, go to the theater, be entertained � and not have to worry about what�s really going on in our country. After all, the stress of the job and keeping up with the Jones is enough without having to deal with all the rest! And to this end, mainstream media is quite willing to accommodate them.

There is no such thing as a true investigative reporter working in any major media outlet today. Investigative reporters who truly are investigative reporters are not associated with any major network, are not embedded in Iraq or Afghanistan, are not invited to press conferences at the White House, don�t draw six digit salaries, don�t have official offices in foreign lands, and generally find themselves harassed and hassled for seeking truth. Many have died because of what they know that the powers that be don�t want the American people to know.

And what of people who dare ask questions, such as,

�How did two steel framed buildings with a central core of 47 steel re-enforced concrete columns (documented), with steel lattice skins (documented), with steel re-enforced concrete joists (documented), manage to fall neatly into their footprints (documented) at near free-fall speed (documented) and with complete pulverization of the buildings (documented) following explosions at the base and further up in both buildings (documented) after being hit by two planes that did not cause fires hot enough to compromise the integrity of the infrastructure of either building (documented)?�

I heard from one of those as well, who told me he didn�t believe in all the �conspiracies.� So why is a question, resulting from documented evidence, a conspiracy? Because people who don�t believe what they are told to believe, who aren�t just going along to get along, might cause people to actually stop and think � critically and analytically. And that just would not do. Therefore they must be discredited, made to look like some whacko just trying to get attention; they must be marginalized and alienated. After all, if these questions weren�t ask by the mainstream media, they must not be relevant, right? Haven�t we been taught that the government knows best; is the �expert�? that the government will take care of us? that the government will tell us and teach us all that we need to know?

And besides, if we know something is wrong aren�t we obligated to do something about it? Isn�t it just easier to ignore the truth, vote for the �lesser of two evils�, and hope for the best while griping and complaining about the fact that those �elected� to represent us are out of touch with the people?

Standing on the steps of Constitution Hall in Philadelphia, Ben Franklin was asked what form of government we had; he replied, �A Republic if you can keep it!�

Many today suffer the illusion that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights will protect the American people from any skullduggery committed in high places. This belief is misguided. The Constitution and Bill of Rights will ONLY protect the American people IF the American people are vigilant in protecting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson was not wrong when he stated,

�If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.�

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Hosea 4:6: �My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.�

No nation, in which the people have abrogated their responsibility in overseeing their instruments of government, has stood the test of time and tyrants. The same is true with America.

� 2007 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Mother and wife, Stuter has spent the past ten years researching systems theory with a particular emphasis on education. She home schooled two daughters, now grown and on their own. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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Many today suffer the illusion that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights will protect the American people from any skullduggery committed in high places. This belief is misguided.