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By Lynn Stuter

May 8, 2007

It is only fitting, Mr President, that I open this letter by saying that at no time in the history of this nation have the American people been so ashamed of their President; Watergate, Whitewater and Bill Clinton�s promiscuous trysts in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinski don�t even compare, and those were certainly heinous enough. How could it get any worse? The answer is that you became president. During your two terms in office, Mr President, you have

  • lied to the American people
  • mislead the American people, wittingly and with purpose
  • lead America and the American people into an undeclared war which has everything to do with oil and the bottom line on the personal financial statements of a select few people and companies and nothing to do with terrorism or freeing the Iraqi people from tyranny
  • used the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on telephone conversations of Americans
  • used the National Security Agency to peruse the bank records of Americans
  • used the National Security Agency to data-mine internet electronic traffic of Americans
  • signed into law the Patriot Act which has done nothing to deter terrorists but has curtailed the rights and freedom of every American
  • used your office to undermine the American economy and sell American jobs overseas in a redistribution of wealth intended to destroy the American middle class.

And you are only half-way through your second term!

The American people are fed up, Mr President, with the lies, damn lies, and just plain lies.

You tell us our economy is good. But the American people know different. The American people are watching as American companies, built on the sweat of American labor, close their doors, take their profits and move their operations to foreign countries where they can pay people slave labor wages, yet sell the products manufactured for the same or higher prices; the profit from the same being used in part by those same companies to buy politicians like yourself on Capitol Hill. That makes people angry when they watch what amounts to money laundering at the expense of the ability of the people in this nation to make a decent living.

And it makes them more angry when the company closes its doors, and its former workers can no longer pay their mortgages, pay their debt; the adverse effect of which is a downward spiraling American economy that you make look good on paper but that does not, in reality, and as the American people see it, look good at all. The reality is what the people are seeing �

  • homes devalued because the economy won�t support their current value;
  • the price to fill the gas tank to get to and from work becoming prohibitive;
  • the cost of life-saving medicine and procedures skyrocketing because Capitol Hill can be bought by the pharmaceutical industry just as a john buys the services of a prostitute;
  • the price of utilities � heat, electricity, water and sewer/garbage � becoming prohibitive;
  • the price of food becoming prohibitive as well as unsafe to consume;
  • the price of even basic necessities continuing to increase while the paycheck or paychecks fails to keep pace.

This is certainly not the fa�ade you keep painting, firmly believing the American people so gullible as to believe it.

Then there is the illegal alien issue � 12 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens in our country. These people are raping our country; there is no other word for it. These people are like leeches sucking the very life blood out of our nation. They don�t pay taxes; they don�t pay for their health care; they don�t pay for their education; they take American jobs, live in shacks and shanties, and send their wages out of this nation; they are criminals, one and all; they drive vehicles and kill Americans; they rape women and children; they murder Americans; they sell dope; they smuggle dope into America; they belong to gangs that have no qualms about killing Americans. And you have the unmitigated gall, the audacity to stand there and say, �they do jobs Americans won�t.� Bluntly speaking, Mr President, what a crock! And to add insult to injury, you sign agreements allowing their unsafe eighteen-wheelers on American highways carrying God knows what, taking American jobs, and undercutting our trucking industry�s ability to survive! And you want the American people to think you care about them? Who are you trying to kid?

And what illegal aliens are costing this nation is coming right out of the paychecks of hard-working Americans who are rapidly losing their jobs as you sell America out in a global redistribution of wealth scheme that will only end when Americans are living in third world squalor. You have sold out the American middle class, the very people whose labor has made this country what it is, for the filthy lucre finding its way into your pockets and the pockets of your comrades; that�s right, comrades! Prostitutes turn tricks for the money paid them by johns. How are they any different than you?

On to your phony �War on Terror.� If your purpose were really to protect America and the American people, your first act after 9/11 would have been to close our borders, both North and South. But you haven�t done that, have you? Instead, you have purposely and with malice used your shill, Johnnie Sutton, to go after any border agent or law enforcement officer who dares protect our country, prosecuting them with trumped up evidence and by buying the testimony of illegal criminal aliens on our soil in violation of our laws, laws already on the books but not enforced because you refuse to enforce them!

The picture that comes to mind here, Mr President, is you kissing certain body parts of the Mexican president while serving up Americans on a platter to appease him. Again, how is this any different than the relationship between a prostitute who aims to please and a john? At the same time, every American is very aware that anyone who enters Mexico illegally is thrown in jail where the violator of Mexican law stays until Mexico decides to turn them loose, however long that might be.

The latest in your efforts to appease the Mexican prez is the investigation of the confrontation between Los Angeles police officers and protestors turned rioters. And despite the fact that the protestors were illegal aliens and should have been rounded up, processed, thrown in jail, then deported COD to Mexico, the officers now find themselves the target of your jack-booted thugs better known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation with its long and seedy history of cover-ups, lies, and deceptions to further the agenda of less than honorable men. And the bottom line is, if you were doing your job, these 12 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens wouldn�t be in this country and this incident would never have happened. That it did is your fault and the fault of those who preceded you who also did nothing, pure and simple. As for the police officers, our nation is under siege, our nation is in a state of war, not with Iraq but with illegal aliens. Not, of course, that you have noticed from behind your barricades in your ivory tower, protected from the �unwashed masses� that you look down upon with obvious disdain! Our police officers have every right to defend themselves against invaders!

Your refusal to clear this nation of the 12 to 20,000,000 illegal aliens; your failure to secure our border with Mexico; your kissing up to the Mexican president; obviously finds basis in your secreted meetings concerning the North American Union and the secreted establishment, under your watch, of the Security and Prosperity Partnership intended to dissolve the borders of America in pursuit of incorporating Canada, the United States and Mexico into one nation. If this isn�t treason, what is?

In summarizing your two presidencies, the only true war in which you have engaged is the �War on America.� You have done more to destroy this nation than did your predecessor, Bill Clinton; your father, globalist GHW Bush; than any terrorist has done to date, including 9/11 � the perpetrators of which have still not been identified, and considering the zeal of your Administration to cover up and ignore the facts surrounding 9/11, it appears those perpetrators are in or very close to your domicile.

You have sold America down the road to financial ruin, not only by continuing the de-education of children through the No Child Left Behind Act, but also by selling American jobs overseas, involving America in this phony-baloney undeclared war in Iraq, and establishing the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

And were it as the days of yore, where commanders lead their troops into battle, and you were in the line of fire, Iraq would never have happened. It�s great when you can send the children of the �unwashed masses� into battle to fight and die for the bottom line on the financial statement of a select few individuals and companies; it would be a different story if you had to lead the charge and risk losing your life as over 3,000 American soldiers have now lost theirs.

You claim to be a conservative Christian. Again, what a crock! There aren�t very many truly conservative Christians who want anything to do with you, your globalist policies or your Satanic memberships (Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove); further, they resent your using them as a front for the same, smearing their name with every lie, every deception, every deceitful act.

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John Adams said, in 1787,

�The people in America have now the best opportunity and the greatest trust in their hands that Providence ever committed to so small a number�if they betray their trust, their guilt will merit even greater punishment than other nations have suffered, and the indignation of Heaven��

Do you really believe that God is going to look favorably on what you have done to destroy this once great nation?

� 2007 Lynn M. Stuter - All Rights Reserved

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Mother and wife, Stuter has spent the past ten years researching systems theory with a particular emphasis on education. She home schooled two daughters, now grown and on their own. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and citizens concerned with the transformation of our nation. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

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On to your phony �War on Terror.� If your purpose were really to protect America and the American people, your first act after 9/11 would have been to close our borders, both North and South. But you haven�t done that, have you? Instead, you have purposely and with malice used your shill, Johnnie Sutton, to go after any border agent or law enforcement officer who dares protect our country....