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by Alan Stang
April 18, 2008

There are many proofs of the assertion that el presidente Jorge W. Boosh is not loyal to the United States, that he is in fact a traitor. One of those proofs is of course his refusal to stop the illegal alien invasion of our country, which he could stop in ten minutes by picking up the phone. The fact that he does not pick up the phone is proof that he wants the invasion, that he is leading it.

Another proof is his sponsorship of the North American Union, which means that he is literally leading a campaign to abolish this country by submerging it in a regional government with Mexico and Canada. This is not at all an exaggeration. Boosh is working to abolish the United States. He is a traitor. What else could you call an alleged “American” who is doing that?

But there is an even more devastating proof that this man should be arrested. It comes to us from the military. From time to time I have alluded to the fact that Boosh has given the edge in combat to the enemy; that under Boosh an American really shouldn’t go into combat without his lawyer; that Boosh is demoralizing our military by throwing our own – the best of the best – into prison, convicted of “war crimes.”

Let’s put some individual faces on this treason by looking at a few examples of what Boosh has done. Marcus Luttrell is a Navy SEAL. In June, 2005, he and three others parachuted deep inside Taliban territory in Afghanistan. Their mission: kill or capture a Taliban leader named Ahmad Shah, thought to be close to Osama bin Laden.

But a couple of local Afghans discovered their hiding place. One of the SEALS voted to kill them. Another voted to let them go. The third abstained. The deciding vote was Marcus Luttrell’s and he elected to spare them. Why? “I didn't want to go to jail.” The SEALS let the Afghans go. The Afghans reported their presence to the Taliban, about one hundred of whom returned and attacked. Three of the four SEALS were killed.

Sixteen Special Forces rescuers aboard a Chinook choppered in. The Taliban shot it down with an RPG. All sixteen were killed. Luttrell was the Lone Survivor. That is the title of his book, published last year by Little, Brown. His nose was broken, his face torn up, some vertebra were shattered; his legs were full of shrapnel. Nineteen men died because Marcus Luttrell voted to let those Afghans go. Why? Again, “I didn't want to go to jail.” He was worried about committing a war crime.

What? Why would a Navy SEAL – the best of the best – dropped by his superiors among the enemy to kill one of them, devote precious attention to worry about going to jail? Because of the Rules of Engagement. It was the Rules of Engagement that killed those nineteen men. Who imposes those Rules of Engagement? Well, who is Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces? It is el presidente Jorge W. Boosh. It was Boosh who killed those nineteen men by imposing those rules, by planting that fear in Marcus’s mind.

Compare this horror to World War II. The reason that war is so important in this case is that it was the last war we fought that was legal and the last we tried to win. There was a legal declaration and we won in only three-and-a-half years. Could you name for me please one – one is all I ask – just one war crime committed by U.S. forces in that war? You say you can’t?

Does your inability to name one mean that wherever we fought around the world for three-and-a-half years there never was an incident in which Americans – not worried about going to jail – killed interlopers, or maybe did something else that armchair strategists taking tea would not be happy with?

No, obviously to believe that would be hopelessly naïve. There no doubt were many such incidents, but, because we were fighting to win, our government chose to look the other way, chose to give our men the edge. This is the place to recall for the hundredth time what combat is like and what truly American policy in war should be.

The judge hears the evidence in court. He retires to his chambers. He hits the books and studies the cases. He applies the cases to the facts. Stare decisis. The Constitution (we hope). Then he rules. Suppose, after all this, he makes a mistake? His mistake will be corrected by the court of appeals. If they make a mistake, it will go higher. In combat, much of the time, you have one second – often less – to decide who lives and who dies, and there is no judicial review. Your decision can’t be rescinded, whoever is dead.

So the question is not whether you will make a mistake. You will. Especially behind enemy lines and house-to-house. You will make mistakes every day. That is not the question. The question is, will command back you up? And the answer is, yes, a government run by Americans will do that because, if you put a man in combat, it is a sacred trust, a most holy commitment originating in scripture to protect him. If the children of Israel honored their commitment to Rahab, an enemy hooker, how much more allegiance do we owe our own men?

And what should be American military policy? We should stay out of “foreign entanglements.” We should scrupulously mind our own business. I’m talking of course about our federal government. No bases around the world. No “foreign aid.” We should encourage our people and our businesses to visit and trade privately with other people around the world. We should be mild in disagreement; we should defer in disputes. We should do everything possible to avoid conflict. We should tell people that if they want what we have they should emulate us.

But we should also let it be known that when all this fails, when, despite all this effort someone attacks us, we shall drop Marcus Luttrell behind enemy lines, 6'5" and 240 pounds of Texas choice beef, with orders to kill everything that moves and not to worry about jail. We should let it be known that we have the world’s most devastating military and that if you attack us despite these prodigious attempts to mind our own business, you will wake up tomorrow dead in a smoking hole in the ground.


Remember, I can take no credit for this foreign policy of genius; all I am doing is repeating in modern terminology the policy the Founding Fathers bequeathed us. Instead of which, Washington gives the edge not to our own but to the enemy. The Rules of Engagement tell our men to be polite, as if today’s war is an Eighteenth Century duel between gentlemen. Again and again, Jorge W. Boosh tries to throw our men into jail. Marcus was quite right to be worried.

Here is another example of what happened to a man who did the opposite. U.S. Army sniper Evan Vela Carnahan is now serving ten years in prison. What did he do? Remember the “Sunni Triangle,” the “triangle of death?” He was there last year. In more than three days, his sniper team had slept about four hours. The temperature was 120 degrees. And his superiors were complaining that the snipers were not killing enough.

Suddenly, outside Iskandariyah, an Iraqi discovered their “hide,” making as much noise as he could, trying to alert nearby hostile Iraqis, yelling despite the sniper team’s efforts to keep him quiet. Carnahan’s superior ordered him to shoot the man to protect the team, which he did. And to please high Iraqi government officials, our government sacrificed him. Sgt. Carnahan is now in prison. Would he have been jailed for disobeying orders if he had not killed the man? By the way, he has a brother who has been in the Navy for six years.

As I write, Jose L. Nazario is waiting to go on trial. In 2004, he was a Marine and fought in the month-long battle for Fallujah. This was room-to-room, house-to-house, hand-to-hand combat. One hundred and fifty Marines were killed. More than two thousand were wounded. Nazario’s battalion alone suffered thirty three dead and more than six hundred wounded.

His unit came under fire from a house. Inside the house, the Marines found Soviet AK-47 rifles and ammunition, along with four men. Another Marine on the radio told Nazario to kill them. He allegedly killed two. He was honorably discharged from the Marines after eight years of service and two tours in Iraq, moved to Riverside, California and became a policeman. Last year, Washington charged him with two counts of manslaughter in the incident, which they cannot prove really happened.

Does all this not remind you of Soviet agent Henry Kissinger’s remark that military men are “‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy?” See Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, The Final Days (New York, Simon & Schuster, 1976, chapter 14, p. 194). Why has this enemy alien not been deported? That is obviously what Washington believes. Remember, these are just the latest examples of the Boosh Administration’s treasonous treatment of our men. Boosh is still trying to convict the remaining three Haditha Marines. The first five were exonerated.

So there is a crime here, yes, but the crime is not what Sgt. Vela did, what Navy SEAL Luttrell did not and what Sgt. Nazario is accused of doing. The crime is blithely starting a war drunk with imperial fantasies on behalf of favored international corporations, a war there was no legal, constitutional reason to start, a war in which our military men – the best of the best – are treated like one-use, throw-away accessories. If enough young Americans understood this, no one would enlist.

Blackwater USA is a private security outfit that the Boosh Administration has awarded more than $1 billion in contracts. Last September 16, in Baghdad, Blackwater guards allegedly killed seventeen Iraqis while escorting U.S. State Department vehicles. No one has been prosecuted because the Blackwater people are contractors not governed by the law. But military men there under orders are kicked to the curb.

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Again, Jorge W. Boosh is responsible for all this. We know that because if he were to pick up the phone and say, “Stop this at once,” it would stop – at once. He is a coward who, like his pal Clinton, the Arkansas rapist, evaded combat himself. Imagine dropping this smirking mountebank with Marcus Luttrell behind enemy lines.

What a great idea!

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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Remember, I can take no credit for this foreign policy of genius; all I am doing is repeating in modern terminology the policy the Founding Fathers bequeathed us. Instead of which, Washington gives the edge not to our own but to the enemy.