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by Alan Stang
February 12, 2008

I have just returned from a monster Ron Paul rally in Lake Jackson, Texas. The hall held about 1,000 people and was so full they had to close the doors. The crowd outside was almost as big, so Dr. Ron had to speak both inside and outside. He assured us that he is not � is not � is not quitting the national race.

Of course the enemy is trying to persuade you that he is, trying to discourage you. If you discourage yourself, you are doing exactly what they want. I was there, saw and heard it all, and saw no sign of discouragement in the candidate or in the roaring and chanting celebrants. The enemy concocted this new, preposterous assertion because Dr. No has sensibly adjusted his tactics to conform to the latest events.

Yes, he has cut staff; with Super Tuesday behind us the bigger staff is not necessary. Should he have wasted precious money and kept them on? Not only has he not quit the national race, but also that race is not at all decided. Traitor McCain does have a substantial lead, but he is nowhere near home, and conspiracy for world government puppet Huck still is winning (Kansas) delegates.

If the traitor cannot win enough delegates on the first ballot at the national convention, it becomes �brokered,� which means the delegates are free to do whatever they like. Anything could happen and Dr. No will be there, along with a small, but carnivorous group. So it is important that Trader Huck stay in the race. Yes, we know he is there to scarf up whatever trash he can to install in his trailer; whatever, we need him to stay in the race.

I said recently that there could be leakage from the departed Romney to Dr. Ron. At the recent CPAC convention, Romney supporters were so furious when Mitt bowed out that they gave up their display table to the Paul people after his announcement. There is also Dr. No�s new book, The Revolution, which will be published April 30th, and is already an best-seller.

The Prostitute National Press has also engendered confusion because Texas law allows Dr. Paul to run for reelection to Congress while he runs for President, and that is what he is doing. The PNP says this means he has abandoned the national race. In fact, the opposite is true. The next big primary is Texas, on March 4th. Its 142 delegates make it even more important than we natives thought it was. (I admit I didn�t think that was possible.)

The two campaigns will obviously nourish each other. Everything Dr. No does to campaign for Congress will automatically enhance the national campaign. For instance, Texas radio and television are now running about $700,000 worth of ads for Dr. Paul. Does that sound like he is dropping out of something?

In my last piece, which proved that the Republican Party has been Red from the start, I warned that it would certainly try to sabotage Dr. Ron. Now, here comes another neocon who is running against him in the upcoming primary for the seat in Congress. He is Chris Peden, who earlier told Ron that he would not run against him. Is this some kind of record? Flippery Chris is flipping even before the campaign begins.

By the way, the Galveston Daily News (1/12/07) reported a monumental endorsement for Ron: �I have an immense amount of respect for Ron Paul. Politics has a way of forcing people to go against their core principles for political gain. That has never been the case for Ron Paul.� Who is the author of this expression of immense respect?

The author is . . . Chris Peden. That is correct. I asked Chris about it after Dr. No�s monster rally yesterday. Peden was speaking to a handful of people next door. He confirmed that he had said it. We don�t know who told him what to change his mind about running against Ron. I believe this statement by Peden is immensely important because it proves that something stinks. The Paul people should plaster the Congressional District with it.

Despite all this, I am receiving some emails � enough to answer publicly � that express frustration about Ron�s personal style. Some Nervous Nellies (sorry, Nell) and Weak Sisters (sorry, Sis) pout that Dr. Paul is not combative enough. Yes, thank God, he certainly is not as combative as Traitor John Hundred Years War McClunk. Yes, he has the reflective temperament of a college professor or the country doctor that he is.

Let me set you pouters straight. At First Manassas, sublime Christian hero Stonewall Jackson stood like a stone wall and so did his men. The battle lasted one day. When it ended, Jackson stood with the Immortals. Dr. Paul has stood on the floor of the House, most of the time alone � alone � alone, ignored by his enemies, betrayed by his party, derided by the media, sometimes in danger, for twenty years.

Could you do that? Remember, he takes no lucrative, congressional pension. In fact, all these years he could have been making buckets of money as a respected physician. Would you do it? Now the conspiracy for world government is applying even more of that pressure. In words of four letters, conspiracy factotums are telling him to get out. Here in Houston, a couple of belligerent talk morons on the radio said recently that he should be confined in a straitjacket. I was thrilled to hear this proof that these yellow swine are scared.

The moral courage that Dr. No shares with Jackson is of a higher order than physical courage. It is divine. Many men blessed with the physical courage of a Horatius do not have it. Physical courage overcomes the fear of injury, pain and death. Moral courage stares in the eye of calumny, of contempt, of all the threats and insults you can think of, and spits.

This is the courage of Stonewall Paul. Stonewall is going all the way to the Convention and beyond; and we, the movement, are going with him. If you can no longer take the heat, if you are satisfied picking nits and finding fault � some of which may even be present � if you have found or concocted one or another excuse to decamp, then thank you for your service, God bless you and goodbye. Now stand aside or be run over. As you gaze at the departing rear ends of our horses, consider that you probably agree with your wife less than you agree with Dr. Paul. Why haven�t you kicked her out?

Among the perennial reasons Americans don�t vote for the best candidate is that they �don�t want to waste� their vote. They want to �vote for a winner.� Instead of voting for the candidate they know is best, they vote for the �lesser of two evils.� According to the movie, General George Patton said Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.

But none of that wisdom applies here. If Texas Republicans vote for John McClunk, of course he will win. We are told that he already is the informal nominee. If the diddlers and the sissies, the waverers and wafflers who worry about such things, vote instead this time for Dr. Stonewall, there is a chance he could win his home state in a three man race.

If he doesn�t, McClunk will win the state anyway, so no harm is done. There is nothing to lose. For once in your life, enjoy the luxury of voting for exactly whom you want without �throwing your vote away.� Every vote Ron gets spreads his message. With a big vote, Dr. No would have that much more influence at the Convention. That influence could be the reason Boosh has not yet bombed Iran.

Again, it is still a three-man race. Huck and McClunk became allies and mutual admirers to get rid of Mitt, but now that mutual enemy is gone. Huck is building a career and has let it be known he would be McClunk�s running mate. They would make a perfect team. The Traitor would of course do the military; the Huck would keep telling his jokes about God. Huck would love the deal, because he has already won everything he can.

If McCain agrees, Mike would stop campaigning and release his delegates to John, but McClunk still would not have enough. Now the only candidates would be the Traitor and Dr. Paul. How would our Communist media handle that? Or will Huckabee stay in the race? That depends on his base, the �Religious Right.�

The �Religious Right� has already embarrassed itself to the point of mortification. Remember, for instance, that Pat Robertson endorsed Rudy Ghouliani, a staunch advocate of abortion, a staunch foe of the right to keep and bear arms and a transvestite, whose law firm runs interference for the Treason Highway the conspiracy for world government says it will build here in Texas. Pat says he picked the Ghoul because he happened to be New York Mayor during Nine Eleven and therefore could lead the �War on Terror� best.

A normal man would be chastened by such stupidity, but the �Religious Right� is not. Pat apparently does not have sense enough to be embarrassed. The �Religious Right� isn�t worried because next Thursday night they will be gone, raptured out of here. By their works they have been saved. Jesus called the Huck on his cell phone and said so. God calls Huck routinely.

Of course, the �Religious Right� is still saving for their children�s college educations, fifteen years from now, just in case the Huck misunderstood what Jesus said, which could happen because, remember, the Huck doesn�t really have the �theology degree� he lied about. And the �Religious Right� still buys sufficient life insurance, because � let�s face it � you never know, despite what Jesus said.

So, now here comes Dumbo Dobson. Dumbo said staunchly he could never vote for McCain. Bravo! Right on! McCain falls short on family values, don�t you know. Dumbo said there was a chance he would sit out the election. Instead, he now goes nose to nose with Pat for the Religious Right�s Stupid crown by endorsing Mike Huckabee.

A few times already in these columns we have listed the Huck�s chapter and verse. There is no need to do so again. Reread them if necessary. Huckabee is a total opportunist who makes Elmer Gantry look like a cloistered monk. Suffice it to say here what Mike says himself, that the man at the top of his campaign is Richard Haass, who just happens to be president of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

The CFR is the secret government of the united States. It was founded by a Marxist to destroy our national independence and dissolve our country in a totalitarian Socialist world government. World government traitor David Rockefeller ran it for years. It has controlled our federal government and many other national institutions for almost seventy years. Except for Dr. Paul, it controls every candidate for President this year. This is what Dumbo Dobson has endorsed. Is there a stupid gene that causes victims to join the �Religious Right?�

It could get worse. We are told that McClunk and the Huck have become close friends. What happens to Dumbo�s endorsement if McClunk takes the Huck aboard as running mate? Preacher to preacher, would the Huck defer to Dumbo and decline the invitation? My speculation on the contrary is that consummate opportunist Huckabee would toss Dumbo overboard in a Ghouliani minute, leaving him to swim ashore with a couple of eggs on his face.

By the way, some of you Dumboites could be offended. Maybe that means you could be cured, but I doubt it. My guess is that you will still be sucking your thumbs and nannifying when you go down the tubes. If somebody says he has a �theology degree� you will put your life in his hands. Are you out of your minds? I guess you are. You are about to be terminated. Did you know that the Archbishop of Canterbury says Muslim law already governs the U.K.? And did you know that I too have a �theology degree?� Yes, it�s the same one the Huck has. Send me your money.

Now let me tell you something that could freeze your blood. Some Republicruds are talking about �saving� the Party from McCain. At the last minute, maybe even at the national convention, a mystery consensus candidate will break the brokering. Enter from stage extreme left, socialist fraud, Council on Foreign Relations member, the man who violated his own Contract With America, and a criminal womanizer who, like McClunk, abandoned his sick wife, Newt Gingrich. To see something you probably don�t know about Newt, get my book, Not Holier Than Thou.

Right now, he is a cloud no bigger than a man�s hand, but the weathermakers could engorge him as they did McClunk. On the other hand, notice that so-called �conservative talk radio,� fronting as always for the Republicrud Party, is subtly starting to push Traitor John, starting to excuse and explain him away. Of course, Levin has the farthest to go, because he went farthest out on the limb against him. Remember that when the Irate One comes around.

Finally, because this piece has been so frightening, let�s close with reassurance. Some misogynists who fear metastasizing feminization are worried about the possibility that a woman could be president. The fear arises from an unfortunate misunderstanding, a curious internet legend, which says that Hillary Clinton is a woman. I have not been able to find out who launched it, but let me reassure you and at the same time apologize to Hillary on behalf of those confused misogynists for what I have no doubt she rightly considers a calculated insult.

Hillary Clinton of course is not a woman. Again, she is a Womanoid. A Womanoid is a creature that has some of the superficial attributes of womanhood � a somewhat more prominent forecastle and afterdeck � but it is not a woman. Observe a real woman. It is easy to do. They are everywhere. And it doesn�t matter what their politics are.

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A real woman doesn�t need to ask herself whether what she is doing is feminine, womanly. She does it, automatically, doesn�t need to think about it, and because she does it, because she is a real woman, it is feminine and womanly. Not so Hillary. When it comes time to be a woman, she has to think about it. Indeed, her advisers have to tell her what to do, when to cry, when to talk about baking cookies, what to say. She is playing a part. Again, a real woman doesn�t need to do that. No one needs to tell her what to do.

So relax. Whatever happens, we won�t get a woman president.

� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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So, now here comes Dumbo Dobson. Dumbo said staunchly he could never vote for McCain. Bravo! Right on! McCain falls short on family values, don�t you know. Dumbo said there was a chance he would sit out the election. Instead, he now goes nose to nose with Pat for the Religious Right�s Stupid crown by endorsing Mike Huckabee.