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by Alan Stang
November 15, 2008

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Regular readers and listeners know I have long contended that the Democruds are more fun than the Republicruds. Sure, Republicruds essentially do the same thing, but so blandly that it looks different. I figure that if you are going to h-e-c-k anyway, you may as well enjoy the trip. Illegal alien-elect Hussein certainly does not disappoint; the only thing I did not expect was that the fun would start so soon.

For instance, Change Number One came within twenty-four hours of the (s)election, when Hussein announced his choice as chief-of-staff. He is Israeli hemorrhoid Rahm Emanuel, a little bastard who is one of the few creatures on the planet more obnoxious than the late Republicrud candidate Hussein beat. Yes, the election was just a few days ago, but already I can’t recall his name. Somebody help me out here.

I realize that many of you are incredulous. You are thinking that my assertion is a physical impossibility, that no human being could be more personally obnoxious than el Senador Juan McCain. How could you be more obnoxious than a man who screams the foulest obscenities at his colleagues in the Senate; who screams at POW families and makes their women cry?

Yes, I recognize that it is hard to believe, but it is true. And before you send the usual complaints about my language and name-calling, please know that, however much I would like to, I cannot take credit for this precious characterization of Rahm. Honor requires me to report that it comes to us from the Hemorrhoid’s fellow Democruds.

For instance, it is Democrud Johnny Podesta, President Billy Bubba Slime’s chief-of-staff, who says Rahm behaves like a hemorrhoid. By the way, Johnny now turns up as chief of Hussein’s transition team, which apparently is Change Number Two. It is Steve Rabinowitz, who worked with Rahm in the Bubba Slime White House, who says Rahm is a “mamzer.” The word is Yiddish for “bastard.” But, “he’s our mamzer,” so he’s kosher. Hey, Obamatrons! Can you handle all this change?

What do we know about this pipsqueak, suppurating hemorrhoid? First, his father was a member of Irgun, which killed hundreds in pre-Israel Palestine. Irgun participated in the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which killed ninety one. We know that Irgun was a terrorist organization because it said so, endorsing “political violence and terrorism” as “legitimate tools.” Even the New York Times said Irgun was terrorist.

The chief of Irgun was Menachem Begin, whom I interviewed for the Mike Wallace show before he became Prime Minister, in the Café de la Paix at the St. Moritz Hotel in New York, where he seemed out of place. Begin’s “five o’clock shadow” made Joe McCarthy’s – which the Communists loved to scare children with – look like a baby’s bottom.

I asked Begin to describe the core of his policy should he become Prime Minister. “We are going to march,” he replied. At the time, I was considerably more stupid than I am now. “March where?” I asked. “Everywhere!” he replied. “We are going to march everywhere to the boundaries of ‘Eretz Israel.’” Zionist authorities debate the exact meaning of the term, but it would certainly include a huge chunk of the Middle East.

But of course we are not going to blame the hemorrhoidic little mamzer for what his Dad did. We do know that Rahm was senior enforcer to President Bubba Slime from 1993 to 1998. We do know that Rahm was on the board of Freddie Mac when it was perpetrating all those swindles. We do know he made some $16 million as managing director of a global investment bank. Hey, Rahm! Mazeltov!

We do know that Rahm started out as an Israeli citizen and that in 1991 he worked for the Israeli military in the first Gulf War. Is he a dual citizen today? In fact, is he plugged in at the top of Israeli intelligence? Again, he is illegal alien-elect Hussein’s new chief of staff. He will control access to the President. I believe it should be an inviolable requirement that anyone who occupies a top job in our government be a citizen of and loyal to only one country: ours.

Need I add that Israeli mamzer Rahm is staunchly in favor of war on behalf of Israel? War in Iraq. War in Iran. War everywhere! He is your archetypical neo-con. Remember that one of the main changes Hussein promised was an end to the war. All during the campaign, some Americans worried that Hussein is a Muslim; his step-father registered him in a Jakarta school as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim.

The appointment of the Israeli Hemorrhoid certainly settles the question. Hussein clearly is not a Muslim. The new question is: Is he actually Jewish? Could be because, remember, he is all things to all men. The answer probably depends on the meaning of “is.” Now remember the Muslims in Gaza and elsewhere in the Middle East, waging jihad by sending millions of dollars of untraceable, illegal donations to Hussein via credit card, donations too small to trace. Hey, jihadists! The joke’s on you! All along you have been financing a mamzer who is a suppurating Israeli hemorrhoid.

I say, what bloody fun! Of course, our Communist media haven’t investigated all this. They were afraid they might find something out. There is no essential difference between our Communist media and the Wehrmacht we fought in World War II. Both were and are enemies. The big difference is that the Wehrmacht had more honor. Chris Matthews, degenerate host of “Soft Ball,” has since graduated from the thrill that runs up his leg when he thinks of Hussein. Now, Chris says he will do whatever he can to help.

Of course, Rahm and Johnny Podesta are only two examples. The transition team is riddled with retreads who worked for Billy Bubba Slime and/or belong to the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations. For instance, remember that there is Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller’s foreign minister and founder of the Trilateral Commission, a world government front.

Zbig interviewed Jimmy Carter for the job of President at David’s Tarrytown estate in 1976, worked for McCain in 2000 and for Hussein this year. Zbig Brother has two sons. One of them worked for Hussein this year. The other son worked for the other guy. I can’t recall his name. See my recent piece, “Your New President.” So, exactly as I have told you for more than a year, plus ca change, etc. Illegal alien-elect Hussein is just another front man for Goldman Sachs, the Communist Party and Fascist Islam.

Imagine how much fun it will be when the black voters – even the ones who don’t speak French – the black voters who understandably were thrilled by the first bi-racial candidate, discover that there is more to a candidate than what color he is; that maybe his ideas, his background, his policies and his birth certificate have something to do with it. Imagine the fun when Peggy Joseph in Florida finds out that Hussein will not fill her gas tank and will not pay her mortgage. Will she wind up under a bridge?

Indeed, when illegal alien-elect Hussein does what he is going to do; when he imposes outright Communism, when he drafts their boys and girls for more war, when he takes away their guns, when he makes them shut up, when he brings parasites from around the world to take away their goodies, when he puts them on the bus, and on and on, we shall revel in the knowledge that this is what they wanted, what they voted for. The joy of fulfillment will probably be as intense as it was when Mrs. Billy Bubba Slime was forced to concede.

Now let’s go out to Kahleeforneeya. Despite the opposition of Der Governator Arnold Schwarzenfagger, Proposition 8, which amends the state constitution to forbid marriage to any ménage but a man and a real woman, comfortably passed 53% to 47%. Maybe voters discounted Der Schwarzenfagger’s opposition in advance, because, remember, he is the nation’s only governor who has posed nude for sodomite magazines.

Indeed, Der Governator posed nude for Robert Mapplethorpe, sodomite photographer, whose classic chef d’oeuvre is a photograph of himself with the handle of a bullwhip protruding from his anus. See my book, Not Holier Than Thou. And, by the way, just for the record, I am a fanatic Arnold movie fan.

I have seen them all, more than once, starting with Conan the Barbarian, except the one in which Der Arnold is pregnant, which I have taken pains to avoid. Also, one of my sons can imitate him so perfectly, that if he called you on the phone, said he was Der Governator and that he would “be back,” you would run for your life.

Remember that God struck the Sodomites blind for trying to sodomize the angels visiting with Lot. When a normal sighted man is suddenly struck blind, that affliction now becomes the center of his attention. Whatever else he was doing, he now concentrates on his blindness. Not so the abnormal Sodomites.

Remember that, now totally blind, they persisted in trying to get in at the angels, staggering, bumping into each other, sightless, like characters in George A. Romero’s masterpiece, “Night of the Living Dead,” or like Republicans last Tuesday night. Why? Because they were insane! You would have to be insane to do what they do.

Now, after California voters adopted Proposition 8, the sodomites congregated outside City Hall in Palm Springs, screaming vituperation. Phyllis Burgess, 69, a Christian lady, appeared, carrying a cross. A screaming faggot tore the cross from her hands and stomped it. You can see him doing that on You Tube while she prays. Take a look. Curiously, no one smashed the faggot’s head in, but the police have persuaded Miss Burgess to sue.

About 50% of Kahleeforneeya whites voted for Proposition 8. More than 70% of blacks – the same blacks who voted for Hussein – voted for it. Why? Here is one speculation. Organized buggery has long tried to piggyback on black “civil rights.” The buggers tell the blacks, “We’re a minority. You’re a minority. We are both fighting for our rights. So we are natural allies, part of the same cause.”

But guess what? Because most black people, like all other people, are normal, they resent being lumped in with faggots. Could that be at least one reason they voted so overwhelmingly for Proposition 8? Of course, this is mere speculation, but it is reasonable speculation.

But now here comes the kicker. There was another screaming demonstration outside the Mormon Temple in Westwood. Some black people were present. Aware that blacks put Proposition 8 across, white sodomites screamed at them, “Okay, if you call us faggots, we’ll call you niggers!” Apparently, the white sodomites did not realize until later that the blacks were also sodomites. That is why the blacks were there; to demonstrate with their fellow buggers against 8. But it appears that the glued-together coalition is coming apart.

As usual, sodomite lawyers already are in court, trying to overturn Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment, as they overturned Proposition 22, a law, subject to judicial review, which banned homosexual marriage, and as they overturned the vote of the people for Proposition 187 to forbid benefits to illegal aliens. Consider where they would take us if they succeed.

All our lives we are told that the American way to change things is to vote, and then majority rules. If you want to change something, take it to the people, to the ballot box. But more and more we see what that really means: your vote counts if you vote for what the conspiracy for world government wants. If you don’t, your vote doesn’t count.

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Every time the crooked politicos in black robes contemptuously reverse a popular vote, every time they spit in our faces, they indelibly teach that the vote doesn’t count, that it’s a charade, a joke. A time could come when enough voters finally learn that they really have no choice; when, rather than rely on the ballot box, they turn instead to the bullet box and Proposition .44 Magnum.

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� 2008 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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As usual, sodomite lawyers already are in court, trying to overturn Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment, as they overturned Proposition 22, a law, subject to judicial review, which banned homosexual marriage, and as they overturned the vote of the people...