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by Alan Stang
August 28, 2007

We are searching for the reason so many of today�s women are so crazy. While I have received encouragement (mostly anonymous) in this observation from men, I realize that some of my women readers, like my wife (the Love Priestess) � especially my wife � may disdainfully reject it because of my gender, so let�s look at what a sane woman says.

In the last couple of years, I have noticed an electrifying development. The Internet is teeming with brilliant women. These ladies seem to be much smarter and � I am embarrassed to add � much braver than most men. They write devastating articles exposing the machinations of the conspiracy for world government. El presidente Jorge W. Boosh does not fool them.

Their pictures show them to be as beautiful as they are brilliant. And � most inspiring � they are Christian mothers. I believe their presence and influence could be a species of miracle. Reading them, it is possible to believe that our terminally degenerate country could be saved.

I am not going to name them. They are legion and the danger is great that I could accidentally leave someone out. You know who they are. So, the only one I shall name is the author of the book that occasions these remarks. She is Nancy Levant. Her book is The Cultural Devastation of American Women: The Strange and Frightening Decline of the American Female (And Her Dreadful Timing), a book you should read, not only because it is so provocative and interesting, but because it explains so much of what is going on.

Mrs. Levant offers an unusual inside perspective of today�s version of the gender, not just because she is gloriously female, but because she operates a day care center where mothers leave their kiddos for the day, and from the mouths of these babes she learns what the mothers are doing. Her findings constitute the subject of her book.

When I first heard about her, and became the unofficial president of her fan club, I accused her of being an Amazon. She replied, �I write grants for a local hospital, I work in a bakery � very, very early morning hours, I clean houses for extra money, I write books, I home school my last child at home, and I feed 25+ websites with weekly articles, and I sleep 5 hours per day. Not an Amazon, mind you, just tired and devoted to truth. I work all work/income hours around my child.� I leave it to you to decide whether she is an Amazon or not.

I have spent considerable time demonstrating that the basic principle of modern feminism � that the genders are the same � is criminally wrong and that its purpose is to pull women out of their homes and to push them into military combat and other places they do not belong. Mrs. Levant says as follows of the issue:

�[W]hat men consider to be �yapping and yapping� is actually the female brain in its purest form of delivery and expression. Women can hear 20 conversations at once and understand them. . . . This ability is impossible and totally lost on men. They hear �yapping� because their brains can�t take in floods of rapid thoughts in conversation. . . .

�Unfortunately, women mistake the uni-tasking male for stupid, disinterested, or bored, and men mistake the multi-tasking female for crazy, bitchy, and controlling. The truth, however, is that biology, nature, God, whatever your preference, developed our brains very differently. . . . We are not the same because our brains are not the same. . . .�

There it is again: the female brain. The same female brain Louann Brizendine, M.D., analyzed in her book of the same name. The male brain. Again, there is a dramatic difference. Remember that the reason I keep returning to this point is that the Organized Womanoids have made the alleged �sameness� the reason to overturn our civilization and country in a literal revolution.

Here is one of Mrs. Levant�s versions of what is wrong: �. . . Magazines, television, the fashion industry, the sex-based youth culture, the make-up industry, and yes, schools, have retired American beauty at the age of about 20. I think this has sunk into women like lead and has made them crazy for decades . . . . Women compelled to compete with teenagers for desirability destroy their self-esteem in the very process. . . .�

And here is the result: �Many, many contemporary American women are emotional messes. They are pathologically vain, materialistic as clearly demonstrated by their overly decorated, sterile homes, and landscaped yards; are grossly self-involved, horrible and mean-spirited mothers and wives, and they are constantly, incessantly, angry and neurotic. American women are shallow. . . .

�. . . Take a look at the condition of American children, marriages, and home lives, and then ask what role political feminism has played to make American women a global laughing stock while their children die spiritual and emotional deaths. . . . .� Did you know the situation is so bad that American women are a global laughing stock? I did not. I do know that no other country on earth is stupid and suicidal enough � and degenerate enough � to send its women into military combat.

Of course, the main victims of this horror are the children. At the day care center she has run for more than 13 years, Mrs. Levant routinely sees hundreds of children who have never eaten vegetables and hundreds of others who eat corporate junk food every night, who never eat anything else. At least 50 of them are babies less than one. Some of those babies cry all night in hunger.

�I�ve had a two-year-old child of a multi-millionaire come to day care every day with a satchel full of at least eight bags full of different candies, chips, and snacks, and I was instructed to let her eat them when she liked during the day. Of course, the child ate all eight bags of treats, and was lethargic at the end of the day. Her mother thought her lethargy was due to playing when, in fact, the child never, ever, moved off the couch because she was physiologically ill with sugar peaks and valleys.�

Of course that child�s health is being seriously damaged. Maybe she can recover because she is so young, but the damage may not show up for many years. It�s a scenario that makes the Stepford Wives look like Little Women. Nancy Levant explains what women have lost:

�Okay, so women don�t cook anymore. They really don�t know how to cook, as my mother�s generation was the last to prepare meals as a rule. Thank God, again, that I had an older mother who taught me to cook and that I enjoy the time in my kitchen preparing meats and vegetables, fruits and, yes, even baking. So many women don�t realize what they are missing. They don�t know about the womanly arts, how it feels to give good, nutritious food to children, as many women now rebel against the notion of mom as family cook. . . .�

Needless to say, all of this corrodes and destroys a marriage. Mrs. Levant reports that she hears in the comments of the kiddos left in her care �an inherent disrespect by children for fathers,� that originates directly with the moms. �My dad is stupid.� �My dad is a control freak.� �Dad never does anything.� �Dad never talks to Mom.�

After children are born, men become unnecessary and irrelevant to American women, who find them shallow, boring and childish. �. . . It seems as if we are in the midst of an old role reversal here in contemporary America. And it seems that many American women are rather sullen toward husbands. . . .�

The result is a population teeming with crazy women. �. . . I think middle-class women are being eaten alive, from the inside out, with guilt � pure and unadulterated guilt. I think they know they are guilty of poor mothering, being poor and mean-spirited wives, being bloodthirsty spendthrifts, and self-worshipping. I think they are shame-ridden by their shallowness and rejection of womanhood. . . .� Rejection of womanhood! A supremely important clue!

There is much more in the book. I strongly recommend you read it. It is available in book stores and from Certainly one of the most profound things she says is that �if there is no loyalty to family, no loyalties of any kind can exist.� A corollary could say that if there is no family, no loyalty is possible, to country, to God, not even to oneself. Consider that we are looking at the dissolution of the family, under attack from every conceivable direction. Organized sodomy is one of those directions. In my new book, Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer is Bush? I take apart the sodomite assault.

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So, we have proven to the normal mind that the differences between the genders are profound, so profound that no one normal could accidentally overlook them. And we have proven that today�s women are not as crazy as they are by accident. Somebody is deliberately driving them crazy. Who and why? The womanoids you see screaming that the freest women who have ever lived on this planet � American women � are still �oppressed,� are mere shills for the men who discreetly direct them. It is time to look at the reason for the horror Nancy Levant sets forth in her book.

� 2007 - Alan Stang - All Rights Reserved

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In the last couple of years, I have noticed an electrifying development. The Internet is teeming with brilliant women. These ladies seem to be much smarter and � I am embarrassed to add � much braver than most men.