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Deanna Spingola
July 27, 2005

Three bombs exploded on three separate trains within fifty seconds of each other in London�s transportation system during the morning rush hour at 8:50 am on 7 July 2005. The bombs exploded simultaneously on three separate trains. A fourth bomb exploded on a bus in Tavistock Square at 9:47 am which was carrying passengers who had been evacuated from nearby Underground stations. It is a tragedy � there are 52 confirmed dead and 700 injured and many people are still reported as missing. Many of the injured were foreign nationals which made communications difficult.

It is the single most deadly act of terrorism to occur in the United Kingdom since the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 which took place on 21 December 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Two Hundred and seventy people died as a result of the Lockerbie attack, 189 of them were Americans, the most to die in a single incident until 11 September 2001. As far as London - these bombings constituted the worst attack in London since a V2 rocket attack of 27 March 1945 which killed 131 people.

CCTV (close circuit TV) footage is in the process of being examined by the police who are also looking for forensic evidence. Unfortunately, according to an official report, the cameras had not been working since June. There is no evidence to indicate that these bombings were suicide attacks. Most likely, the bombs were placed in a concealed area on the floor of the trains and bus.

This well coordinated incident necessitated the immediate closing of the London Underground network as well as the streets adjacent to the relevant stations. Those responsible have not been identified but the general consensus is that they may be linked to an al-Qaeda terrorist cell established in the United Kingdom.

The circumstances of this attack are extremely interesting: the bombings occurred:

  • During the first full day of the 31st G8 summit in Perthshire, Scotland.
  • A day after London was chosen to host the 2012 Summer Olympics.
  • Two days after Abu Hamza�s trial began in London.
  • During an antiterrorism exercise based on multiple simultaneous attacks
  • When the surveillance cameras were not working.

A few hours after the attacks the BBC News reported that a 200 hundred page document claiming responsibility had been discovered on a web site allegedly operated by al-Qaeda associates. Apparently a �new guest� using the name "Nur al-Iman" and representing a faction calling themselves "Secret Organization�al-Qaeda in Europe" also claimed responsibility by posting a message on the al-Qal3ah ("The Castle") Internet forum. They assert that the �raid� is retaliation for the British complicity in the 2003 Iraq invasion and the United States invasion of Afghanistan.

Is al-Qaeda responsible for the London attack as well as 9/11? Or is this the Reichstag Fire of London? How will it affect Bush�s �war on terror�? Will he continue to behave like America�s tough �cowboy� by sending others off to war or will our troops return home and give the Iraqis the responsibility for their country?

"Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." - Adolf Hitler

There are two interesting parallels between the London attack and 9/11: although we had security cameras, whatever images were captured were confiscated. It might be very revealing to know exactly why the British cameras malfunctioned.

The other similarity is that:

�On 11 September 2001 the Air Force was in its second day of annual war game drills, titled VIGILANT GUARDIAN, designed to test national air response systems, which incidentally involved hijacking scenarios. In addition the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) which is staffed by military and CIA personnel, and is in charge of most American spy satellites, was running a drill for the scenario of an errant aircraft crashing into its headquarters. NRO headquarters also happens to be located just four miles from Washington�s Dulles airport � where Flight 77 (the flight said to have hit the Pentagon) originated...�[1]

The very first few questions that an observant person should ask are: Exactly who benefits from both the attacks on 9/11 and London? What freedoms will be lost in both England and America as a result of these attacks? Will this event serve as greater justification to install pervasive and invasive CCTV as they have in Chicago? Did the British have foreknowledge of this raid?

Now to the crux of the real issue that has little to do with the London Tragedy which may have simply served as a diversion from what was occurring in the G8 Summit. Why is our president pondering worldly problems in Gleneagles, Scotland when we have sufficient problems here at home that he is completely ignoring? Why is there so little attention focused on these �secret� summit meetings? The London authorities recognize the presence of the "Secret Organization�al-Qaeda in Europe" with the astute implications that secrecy is automatically suspect. That same application should be made regarding the G8 Summits. Why doesn�t the media focus attention on those meetings? A more effective and citizen safe application for CCTV might be at such events. Let�s concentrate the cameras on the government rather than on the citizens who are just trying to live day to day in spite of their respective governments.

Following is a brief synopsis of what our illustrious leader, without congressional or voter approval did to us at the G8 Summit. The italicized, alternate font comments are the official reports of the summit attendees:

Terrorist Attacks on London:

They offered profound condolences to the victims and their families as they condemned the barbaric attacks on London.

�We have not allowed violence to disrupt the work of this Summit. The terrorists have not and will not succeed. As well as our work on poverty and climate change, we resolved to intensify our work on counter terrorism.�

This is obviously an ongoing commitment on Bush�s part to continue the barbaric attacks on the civilians of Iraq while squandering our military and our money. After wards, we will use some more of our money to rebuild the infrastructure that we have destroyed.

Climate Change:

�We were joined for our discussion on climate change and the global economy by the leaders of Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa and by the heads of the International Energy Agency, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, World Bank, and the World Trade Organization.�

I doubt that Bush chatted with Vicente Fox about the continuing barrage of Mexican citizens invading our country which deprives our citizens of their sovereignty and resources. Considering the heads of all of the above New World Order proponents we most assuredly know that Bush does not have the best interests of our nation in mind. While righteously angry citizens petition congress to reject CAFTA, the congruent Bush is hobnobbing with the head of the World Trade Organization.

�We have issued a statement setting out our common purpose in tackling climate change, promoting clean energy and achieving sustainable development.�

Sustainable Development (see video 'Liberty or Sustainable Development') means tyrannical control of every citizen and all the earth�s resources by those �special elite� who have or will wrench control of the social, political, economic and environmental concerns within every country. This is what our president is pursuing in spite of what he says. His daddy was a New World Order proponent and so is little junior.

�We resolved to take urgent action to meet the challenges we face. The Gleneagles Plan of Action which we have agreed demonstrates our commitment. We will take measures to develop markets for clean energy technologies, to increase their availability in developing countries, and to help vulnerable communities adapt to the impact of climate change.�

Most assuredly citizens will be making most of the radical changes in their life style to prevent these climate crises. This enforced change will affect how we travel, our occupations, everyday comforts such as air conditioning and heating. This will equalize almost everyone, except the ruling elite, to the lowest lifestyle level.

�Our discussions mark the beginning of a new Dialogue between the G8 nations and other countries with significant energy needs, consistent with the aims and principles of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. This will explore how best to exchange technology, reduce emissions, and meet our energy needs in a sustainable way, as we implement and build on the Plan of Action.�

This really sounds like the communistic approach on the developed countries sharing their resources with the countries whose leaders have already, through orchestrated planning, stripped their own country�s resources to the detriment of their citizens. The New World Order has accomplished this stripping through their minions. The viable resources are or will be centralized then frugally rationed.

�We will advance the global effort to tackle climate change at the UN Climate Change Conference in Montreal later this year. Those of us who have ratified the Kyoto Protocol remain committed to it, and will continue to work to make it a success.�

Global warming is a crisis generated myth perpetrated by the New World Order proponents.

Africa and Development

�The African leaders set out their personal commitment, reaffirmed strongly at this week�s African Union summit, to drive forward plans to reduce poverty and promote economic growth.� � show zero tolerance for corruption�

�The G8 in return agreed to a comprehensive plan to support Africa�s progress. This is set out in our separate statement today. We agreed:�

  • to provide extra resources for Africa�s peacekeeping forces
  • to give enhanced support for greater democracy (tyranny by the masses)
  • to help fight corruption and return stolen assets
  • to boost investment in health and education
  • to take action to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB and other killer diseases
  • to stimulate growth
  • to improve the investment climate
  • to make trade work for Africa, including by helping to build Africa�s capacity to trade and working
  • to mobilize the extra investment in infrastructure which is needed for business

�The G8 leaders agreed to back this plan with substantial extra resources for countries which have strong national development plans and are committed to good governance, democracy and transparency.�

This means the incompliant tyrannical government leaders will be replaced with obedient tyrannical puppets. See Saddam Hussein for references about this.

�We have agreed to double aid for Africa by 2010. Aid for all developing countries will increase, according to the OECD, by around $50bn per year by 2010, of which at least $25bn extra per year for Africa.�

This is Communism 101 designed to look like we are �sharing� rather than redistributing our wealth. Only the middle class, or what�s left of it, will be involved in this redistribution. The elite elected will retain their resources, their pension plans, their cushy government positions and any and all monies received from pharmaceutical companies or lobbyists.

�The G8 has also agreed that all of the debts owed by eligible heavily indebted poor countries to IDA, the International Monetary Fund and the African Development Fund should be cancelled, as set out in our Finance Ministers agreement on 11 June. We also welcomed the Paris Club decision to write off around $17 billion of Nigeria's debt.�

The G8 and African leaders agreed that if implemented these measures and the others set out in our comprehensive plan could:

  • double the size of Africa�s economy and trade by 2015
  • deliver increased domestic and foreign investment
  • lift tens of millions of people out of poverty every year
  • save millions of lives a year
  • get all children into primary school
  • deliver free basic health care and primary education for all
  • provide as close as possible to universal access to treatment for AIDS by 2010
  • generate employment and other opportunities for young people
  • bring about an end to conflict in Africa.

This all sounds wonderfully magical and could be obtained by the hard work of the citizens in each country without heavy handed government control. Individuals have an inherent love of liberty and can excel best in a free capitalistic environment. The African nations have always been enslaved by the greed and wickedness of their leaders and so-called foreign friends. They have rich natural resources that should benefit their own citizens. AIDS is a manmade disease that further enslaved the Africans. Here we go again � complicit, duplicitous men have created a problem that will now take unlimited resources to clean up after the disease has sufficiently reduced the African population to a preconceived figure.

Global Economy, Oil and Trade

�We agreed to redouble our efforts to achieve a successful conclusion across the whole of the Doha Development Agenda. We saw this as vital to drive growth and boost incomes across the world, and a necessary element of our work to reduce global poverty. �We and our emerging economy partners agreed to inject the necessary political momentum into the discussion to ensure an outline agreement by the WTO Hong Kong Ministerial in December, and a final agreement in 2006.�

�We reaffirmed our commitment to open markets more widely to trade in agricultural goods, industrial goods and services, and in agriculture to reduce trade distorting domestic subsidies and eliminate all forms of export subsidies by a credible end date. We also committed to address products of interest to Least Developed Countries in the negotiations, and to ensure Least Developed Countries have the flexibility to decide their own economic strategies.�

NAFTA (1993), CAFTA & FTAA � These last two must not be passed. We must get this country out of the WTO. Are there any courageous people out there who will run for congress? We are following the New World Order agenda, not the agenda of the American people.

�We issued statements on the global economy and oil, trade, and on action to reduce Intellectual Property Right piracy and counterfeiting.�

Regional Issues and Proliferation

�We reaffirmed that the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems, together with international terrorism, remain the pre-eminent threats to international peace and security. We reaffirmed our commitments and called on all States to uphold in full international norms on non-proliferation and to meet their arms control and disarmament obligations. � We expressed particular concern about the threat of proliferation in North Korea and Iran.�

Leaders of the G-8 Nations, 2005

Of course, Iran was mentioned in conjunction with weapons of mass destruction in as much as that is Bush�s next military objective. State arms control also means personal arms control. This will be an affront to our second amendment rights.

�We also issued statements on the Middle East Peace Process, the Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiative, the Indian Ocean disaster, and counter-proliferation, and a progress report on the Secure and Facilitated Travel Initiative (SAFTI).�

�In addition, we discussed:
Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Haiti, We reiterated that UN Security Council Resolution 1559 must be applied in its entirety�

UN Reform, where we agreed that the progress made at Gleneagles should contribute to a clear and ambitious outcome at the UN Millennium Review Summit in September.�

Like a cancer, it must be rooted out and destroyed � no reform. The U.N. and their leaders have shown lack of integrity and have not been held accountable. Their agenda is anti American.

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�We welcomed the offer of the President of the Russian Federation to host our next Summit in 2006.�

They discussed much more but I don�t have the stomach to continue. We are being sold down the river!! God help us!!


1, Air Force War Games on 9/11

� 2005 Deanna Spingola - All Rights Reserved

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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.

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There are two interesting parallels between the London attack and 9/11: although we had security cameras, whatever images were captured were confiscated. It might be very revealing to know exactly why the British cameras malfunctioned.