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Deanna Spingola
November 5, 2006

Beyond public scrutiny, both Bush and Kerry are members of Skull and Bones, a secretive, well financed organization with very questionable plans and activities. Their members pledge support to each other and to the group�s agenda. These loyalties presumably take precedence over all other vows, past or present. In the capricious, public world of politics, controlled opposition is the tactical, dialectical device used to manage perceptions and manipulate the masses into voting for whichever pretender party is currently, successfully implementing the covert agenda. Currently that agenda calls for support for the contrived population-diminishing war on terror, recruiting additional military personnel, confiscating more of the taxpayer�s money in order to invade even more countries and emptying the treasury into the already bulging pockets of the international bankers.

Yesterday, a friend asked me which party I favored � Republican or Democrat. I responded that I favored the Constitution, the ultimate standard for both parties. Each party, at various times, will appear to be abiding by that document but the majority of the time it plays no part in their platforms or actions. Constituents should vote according to the candidate�s adherence to constitutional principles. Last minute sensationalized, orchestrated news flashes should not alter individual voter opinions. It is guaranteed � after the election, the complicit media will divert our attention from crucial issues with some other spectacular disclosures that keep us all entertained and philosophically divided.

John Kerry, already an anti-war patsy, read from a prepared speech designed specifically to activate circumstances for political purposes. Anti-Kerry outrage will be conveniently distorted into alleged liberal hatred of the military. No American, Republican or Democrat, is going to deliberately withhold support from the well-meaning, hard-working troops, even those who are against the war. Just as quickly and conveniently, those anti-Kerry feelings will be portrayed as anti-American liberalism � just in time for some desired Republican victories in key areas of the country. Victory by either party is insignificant. Both parties follow the same agenda. They are attempting to dupe us again. Is Kerry�s belated apology really efficacious? It changes nothing!

If any of our elected (installed) elitists would like to apologize for something, I recommend the following lengthy yet unfortunately incomplete list:

  • An apology for the treasonous signing of the border-erasing documents on March 23, 2005 between Vicente Fox, Paul Martin and George W. Bush
  • An apology for the passage of CAFTA when the majority of Americans opposed it
  • An apology to weary homeowners along the southern border who attempt to maintain fences, livestock and property
  • An apology for the freedom-stealing Patriot Act
  • An apology for selling off American property to foreign interests
  • An apology for using a fear of global terror against US citizens
  • An apology for the unlawful, unwarranted spying on Americans
  • An apology to the Americans who have lost their jobs to illegal aliens
  • An apology from our elected officials for not upholding their oaths of office
  • An apology to each severely injured military person who served in Iraq
  • An apology to the families of those who died in Iraq
  • An apology for lying about WMDs
  • An apology for suspending NORAD operations on September 11, 2001
  • An apology from the 9/11 Commission for omitting the testimony of credible witnesses like William Rodriguez and Sibel Edmonds
  • An apology for not exposing the individuals who made millions of dollars on the stock market due to 9/11
  • An apology for not warning ordinary citizens against flying on 9/11
  • An apology for hauling the gold out of the South Tower before 9/11
  • An apology for stalling the investigation of 9/11
  • An apology for the unanswered questions regarding 9/11
  • An apology for demonizing journalists who expose government corruption like Gary Webb
  • An apology for isolating 9/11 evidence from independent researchers
  • An apology from the EPA for telling New York residents that the air was safe after the collapse of the three buildings on 9/11
  • An apology for not discussing why building seven fell on 9/11
  • An apology for the suspension of habeas corpus
  • An apology for the rendition flights and the use of torture against enemy combatants
  • An apology for the CIA secret prison network
  • An apology for the suspension of the Geneva Conventions
  • An apology for depleted-uranium-associated Iraqi health issues
  • An apology for exposing our troops to depleted uranium
  • An apology for not taking care of the long-term health needs of returning service personnel as a result of exposure to depleted uranium
  • An apology to the Middle East for blanketing the area with the eternal effects of depleted uranium
  • An apology for spending the taxpayer�s money to propagandize war
  • An apology for the amount of money spent on a war that congress did not declare
  • An apology for the public relations to manipulate Americans about immigration policy
  • An apology for all of the no-bid Iraqi contracts to Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater and other closely associated friends of the administration
  • An apology for all of the no-bid Katrina-related contracts to Halliburton
  • An apology to all the military who have served more than one tour of duty in Iraq and desire a resumption of civilian life
  • An apology to all the Enron employees whose lives were shattered through unaccountable criminal actions by big campaign contributors and suspicious deregulation
  • An apology for the ongoing abuse of power
  • An apology from all senators and representatives for representing lobbyists and big money interests instead of the American people
  • An apology for connecting Iraq, al Qaeda and 9/11
  • An apology to Iraqi parents for all the children who perished during the sanctions
  • An apology for following the foreign policies and agenda of the PNAC
  • An apology for favoring some religious, tax-exempt groups over others
  • An apology for trashing the republic to further establish a democracy
  • An apology for not responding to Katrina in a timely fashion
  • � An apology for gun confiscation from law-abiding Katrina victims
  • An apology for withholding the actual number of military personnel who have been killed
  • An apology for withholding the actual number of dead Iraqis
  • An apology for using chemical weapons in Fallujah
  • An apology for disseminating pro-administration stories masked as news
  • An apology for the endless campaign commercials wherein liars lie about other liars
  • An apology for the pentagon�s huge propaganda bill � to generate support for war
  • An apology for a plan to inhibit free speech critical of the administration
  • An apology for paying Halliburton $100 per bag of laundry for our military personnel
  • An apology for the trillion dollars missing at the Pentagon
  • An apology for a Pentagon sponsored company supplying contaminated water to our troops
  • An apology for not supplying adequate food to our troops
  • An apology for lack of protective gear for our troops in Iraq
  • An apology for politicizing Kerry�s manufactured speech which may have had a element of truth
  • An apology for retaining Rumsfeld instead of responding to the military
  • An apology for lying about our economic situation
  • An apology for the continuing deception about the federal reserve

Considering the number of real issues that should receive television and talk radio attention, it is an insult and a grand-scale omission for political pundits to focus on John Kerry for a relatively minor offense. Incessant, provoking political rhetoric is not an impeachable offense. Politicians persistently play competitive word games. They usually win while the voters lose. Congressional, executive and legal accountability is totally absent. Irresponsible government servants have become the fearful masters. Not to excuse Kerry in any way, but his unsurprising statements are probably not the worst thing he has ever said. It doesn�t destroy life or limb � the continuing war does that. Kerry does not represent all Democrats just as all Republicans do not model or endorse the behavior of Mark Foley or Ted Haggard.

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We should be more concerned about what the politicians are plotting behind closed doors and more alarmed by what they are doing instead of their purported off-handed rhetoric. If a politician actually said something refreshing and revelatory that would really enlighten, benefit and educate the citizens, he or she would immediately be criticized, emasculated, demonized, verbally eviscerated or maybe even publicly executed by a lone assassin�s bullet.

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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.

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Yesterday, a friend asked me which party I favored � Republican or Democrat. I responded that I favored the Constitution, the ultimate standard for both parties. Each party, at various times, will appear to be abiding by that document but the majority of the time it plays no part in their platforms or actions.