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Deanna Spingola
January 22, 2006

America's early attitude towards imperialism was expressed well in the Monroe Doctrine of 2 December 1823 which was actually the creation of John Quincy Adams, Secretary of State to President James Monroe. Basically the doctrine informed the Old World that the American continent was no longer available for European colonization. Any attempts by Europe to influence politics in the New World would be considered by the United States "as dangerous to our peace and safety." In addition the United States "would not interfere in European wars or internal affairs, and expected Europe to stay out of American affairs."[1]

This doctrine established the wise standard of "an independent American Foreign policy"[2] which functioned well in America for many future administrations. "One should note, however, that the policy succeeded because it met British interests as well as American, and for the next 100 years was secured by the backing of the British fleet."[3]

Imperialism of any kind is in sharp conflict to the established ideals this country was founded upon. America's transformation from a British Colony was achieved by bloodshed during the Revolutionary War. The colonists objected to the heavy, immoral burden of unreasonable taxation to subsidize a foreign country. British imperialism stripped the citizens of other nations their chances for development and improvement while extracting that nation's valuable resources. Aggressive imperialist ambitions are the wicked abuse of the powers given by God to any nation. Individual liberties are granted by God. I submit that the present "war on terror" is the latest disguise to cloak the ongoing imperialistic ambitions of a country that once abhorred such conduct when perpetrated against us.

So how did our representative republic metastasize from the independent, neutral nation described in the Monroe Doctrine to an out of control, fiscally irresponsible, blatant, arrogant, massive interventionist government? It did not occur overnight or without the egomaniacal efforts of power grabbing globalists with tentacles extending into international banking and big business.

Healthy, hungry, hard working emigrants who legally entered this country through Ellis Island and other ports combined their efforts with native born Americans to create an economy second only to Great Britain by 1900. Americans consumed only about 90% of what they produced and exported the remaining 10%. The two biggest and most profitable exports were oil and cotton which produced more than a billion dollars a year. Bound by power and greed, politicians and businessmen could readily imagine increased profits and territorial expansion as a consequence of developing foreign markets.

Like early explorers seeking shorter trade routes, Henry Cabot Lodge proposed the building of a Nicaragua canal to connect the Pacific and the Atlantic. To further America's commercial supremacy and protect that canal Lodge advocated control of the Hawaiian Islands and Cuba. Any kind of takeover of these islands would by necessity include force. Just as there are schoolyard bullies, there are bullies in every circumstance. Intimidating individuals require power and authority in order to implement their policies and plans. The other requirements are willing accomplices, sufficient resources and a communication apparatus to avidly promote their agenda, even if it is a questionable, unconstitutional one.

Theodore Roosevelt, along with other early war hawks, glorified war (mass bullying) and espoused the nobleness of military conquest. Roosevelt and his like-minded cohorts convinced congress to assist Cuba, a vigorous trading partner, in their rebellion against Spain. American business had already acquired sizeable business investments in Cuba. Congressional leaders approached Democrat President Cleveland about Congress declaring war against Spain. President Cleveland absolutely rejected their petition and said that if Congress declared war then he, as Commander in Chief, would not mobilize the troops.

Republican William McKinley replaced President Cleveland and echoed the same sentiment - no war! He wisely preferred diplomacy. Conditions changed drastically on 15 Feb 1898 when an explosion took place on the American battleship Maine which was located in the Havana Harbor. Two hundred and sixty-six souls were lost when the battleship sank. McKinley wanted a full investigation but outraged Americans, possibly prompted by a pro-war press, blamed the Spanish and demanded retaliation. After a brief investigation, McKinley reported to Congress on 11 April that the cause was an external submarine mine. On 25 April 1898 congress issued a formal declaration of war against Spain stating that Cuba should be a free and independent nation. The actual cause of the explosion was not revealed until after the war - it was an internal explosion. The conflict was over in a few months - the Spanish fleet left the harbor on 1 July 1898.

So that should have been the end of that - Cuba was free of Spanish dominion and American interests in Cuba were served. However, that did not assuage the expansionists. And the American troops did not leave Cuba. The Cubans were forced to adopt an American friendly constitution, one that would make Cuba an American protectorate and protect American business interests from expropriation or trade barriers. This was part of the Platt Amendment attached to Cuba's new American sanctioned constitution. We would protect Cuba, requested or not, from invasion by other countries (except ours). Of course this would require a perpetual lease for a military base Guantanomo Bay Naval Station. This base allowed American control of the Caribbean.

American troops occupied Cuba until 1904 but under the intervention provisions of the new Cuban constitution, troops were sent in 1906, 1912, 1917 and 1920 to halt the justifiable uprisings against American control over the Cuban economy. The Cubans rightfully rebelled against this injustice and the Platt Amendment was finally repealed in 1934.

Our war against Spain was not limited to Cuba. When we dispatched troops to Cuba, an American naval fleet was headed towards the Philippine Islands to begin operations against the Spanish presence there. Those operations included the immediate sinking of ten Spanish ships. For $20 million dollars Spain ceded the Philippine Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam to the United States in the peace treaty of 1899.

The sinking of the Maine was an opportunistic event to further the early globalist big business agenda. The Filipinos, led by Emilio Aguinaldo,[4] fought the American takeover for three years. Could the brave Aguinaldo and his small group of ill equipped followers be considered "insurgents" against the 70,000 superior equipped and trained American troops? It was brutal and bloody - American cruelties included shooting any person over the age of ten. Senate hearings were convened in 1902 to address the American atrocities. However, military leaders felt entirely justified in burning the homes of these "uncivilized" citizens of another country with little regard for women and children.

We were no longer a neutral Constitution abiding nation. We were a strong free supposedly Christian nation with vast resources that could have assisted the poor and the needy in other countries. The war against Spain was officially declared by congress but under very questionable circumstances. No one attacked our shores. Both Cuba and the Philippine Islands could be considered third world countries - vulnerable and unprepared for warfare with a stronger, aggressive country. Those guilty of sinking the Maine remains a mystery. Time has removed all the evidence of this crime and the instigators molder in their graves - it will never be resolved. But perhaps this significant event functions as an outrageous prototype when genuine justifications for warfare, instead of diplomacy, are lacking.

The Spanish American War and our invasions of Cuba and the Philippine Islands were just a part of our warfare road to globalism, another name for the New World Order. New World Order was code for "one-world government," secret societies created by the likes of Cecil Rhodes and financed by the super rich families of Carnegie, Rockefeller, Rothschild and Morgan. The international bankers are in control:

"There are several terms used to describe those in the inner circle who direct the Elite, such as central bankers, international banking families, world banking cabal, and the like, but the two families who really are in charge are the Rockefellers, headed by David Rockefeller, and the Western European and United Kingdom's House of Rothschild. In 1998 the Rockefeller family was worth $11.48 trillion, and the Rothschild family was worth over $100 trillion. When they need money, they just print it. They create their money out of thin air, and it is backed by nothing. You cannot trade it in for gold or silver. These International bankers own the Central Banks in every nation in the world, except the so-called seven rogue nations. The U.S. State Dept. defines "rogue nations" as any nation that harbors of supports terrorists. The present nations that meet this definition are/were: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Cuba, North Korea, and Sudan. There is no evidence that Cuba or North Korea harbor or support terrorist, so the only common thread between these countries is that none of them allow the International bankers to control their central banks."[5]

Warfare creates wealth and power for the elite while it destroys sovereignty, eliminates borders and enslaves the citizens of every nation. The continuing manipulation and elite infiltration of our government occurred under the covert cover of confidentiality. We are mistakenly under the impression that we have freedom of choice and elect our leaders. Our leaders are installed, not by us, but by the secret societies who embrace the New World Order.[6] This obviously calls into question their allegiance and accountability. Where is their allegiance - the Constitution that they swear an oath to uphold or some other clandestine charter? What about their accountability? Actions speak volumes - the middle class shrinks because of porous borders and phony trade agreements. America is becoming morally and fiscally bankrupt at the hands of an unresponsive government aided by apathetic, naive citizens.

The elite insider numbers are relatively small but they are unified and focused on one goal. They are a minority! We, the people, are a majority but we have been purposefully splintered, unfocused, distracted, entertained, drugged, outsourced, controlled, addicted, dumbed-down, and brainwashed by a media controlled by the same covert agenda.[7] Yet, we think we are free. And please, refrain from mentioning the word "conspiracy" unless you want to be labeled as unpatriotic, a kook or worse. Most citizens prefer the faux security of their comfort zones to the warnings of others or the lessons of history.

Our nation, established as a republic, has been compromised by those who seek to destroy the personal freedoms given by God and guaranteed by our Constitution. Mankind is influenced by two diametrically opposed entities. One promotes personal integrity, compassion and love for others and promises the treasures of eternity while bestowing the blessings of personal liberty upon every single human being. The other entity, intoxicated by power, buys his minions with the treasures of the earth while promoting contention, enslavement, warfare, bloodshed and death with the ultimate objective of acquiring wealth while depriving mankind of their God-given individual liberties.

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As the love of filthy lucre increases, the regard for others decreases and the totally self absorbed become "past feeling". The blood and carnage of the world's battlefields never encroaches upon the elaborate comfort of their elitist boardrooms or council chambers. Covetousness and power are the driving forces. With gluttonous greed, enough is never enough. Personal character is sacrificed and all opposition is bought off, lobbied, replaced, vote-scammed in or out, silenced, vilified, demonized or permanently eliminated.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians (6: 12). Click below for part 2.

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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively, teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently, she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.

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Our nation, established as a republic, has been compromised by those who seek to destroy the personal freedoms given by God and guaranteed by our Constitution.