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Deanna Spingola
June 3, 2005

It is more than a little bit presumptuous of me to try to offer some modest yet sincere recommendations to the myriad of problems facing this nation. Problems are much easier to discover than resolutions. We did not arrive in the serious situation overnight or without a lot of plotting and effort on the part of the wicked elitists or their ignorant followers who were actually complicit when they merely meant to be compliant.

Voters must also accept some responsibility for the situation. We have been apathetic, trusting and uninformed. Some of us do not even recognize the kind of government we have due to ongoing prevalent propaganda, especially from those that govern. We are gullible targets and easily distracted by the unimportant. Rather than demand media substance, we willingly accept mindless entertainment. We are pliable receptors of the spectacular and call it news instead of brainwashing. Like the willing frog, we have allowed ourselves to be placed in the proverbial pot of cool water, not understanding that the pot is on an increasingly hotter stove. Little by little, like a crime of embezzlement, the freedoms we have taken for granted freedoms have been stealthily removed.

As in the case of sin, first we reject it, then we tolerate it and now we have embraced the many freedom stealing changes that have been foisted on us by a conspiratorial conclave of individuals who seek the destruction of our nation and the enslavement of our people into a godless tyrannical one world government. To convince us to give up our freedoms, they have provoked and empowered �enemies� from which we need protection from. Their socialistic formula for protection is a nanny state to exert more control over our lives with reprehensible regulations that strangle the freedom right out of us. The ongoing war between good and evil, right and wrong, has always been about liberty or enslavement.

The following is a list, obviously incomplete, of some of the more apparent challenges that we face:

1. A one world conspiracy initiated by the super rich Cecil Rhodes in 1890.
2. Rhodes scholarship/indoctrination program to influence the opportunistic and power hungry regarding one world government.
3. Federal Reserve (1913) controls the world�s currency - control the currency, control the world.
4. Powerful politicians create opportunities to embroil the nation in war in order to create vulnerability.
5. The Council on Foreign Relations (1921), a clandestine group of likeminded individuals helps establish the United Nations.
Members of the Council on Foreign Relations have infiltrated both main parties. Party Platforms are more similar than different.
CFR members are leaders/owners in media, education, business and government. They control education from kindergarten up. They conspire to empower the United Nations, the vehicle of one world government.
Voters do not hold their elected officials accountable.
Unethical politicians can be purchased by special interest groups, often with money from tax-free foundations.
Unethical politicians disregard their oath to uphold the Constitution.
An out of control intelligence community engaged in illegal and often brutal behavior in other countries.
Government creates problems then spends millions of tax dollars �fixing� them � i.e.: war of poverty, war on drugs, war on terror, etc.
Government has emasculated the military.
14. Genuine military leaders have been replaced by CFR military/politicians instead of tough military professionals whose goal is victory.
Our troops currently fight under United Nations jurisdiction which is illegal.
We have had a succession of devised �no win� wars.
Government puts a stranglehold on business with interference and so-called �free trade� regulations.
Supreme Court activist judges (some are CFR members) rely on foreign law yet remain unaccountable notwithstanding the betrayal of their constitutional oaths.
Groups of voters fail to take responsibility for their lives and demand a custodial style government.
Government and their educational systems promote homosexuality, a lifestyle with a high mortality rate.
Government �lawmakers� do not keep or enforce immigration laws.
More importance is placed on Criminal�s rights than on victim�s rights.
Vocal voters receive government approval/money for their favorite sin/sins.
Groups of greedy voters plunder the labor of others through the unjust redistribution of wealth. (entitlements)
Millions of pre-born humans have been brutally killed through state sanctioned murder, often funded by taxes.
Bloated Bush budget - especially the newest Homeland Security Department and an out of control deficit.

The above circumstances all emanate from the very same satanical source. The viable vehicle used by this fearful force is the United Nations, a benign enough sounding title but the very embodiment of everything evil. The perpetrators pretend to offer us honey but deliver bitterness. They pretend to promote peace while engaging in war. They pretend to support security but plan global tyranny. �Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!� Isaiah 5:20

Excuses for Not Getting Involved

There are a multitude of reasons why individuals fail to get involved in the effort to stem the tide of big government abuses and illegalities. Do any of the following apply to your circumstances?

1. I do not have time.
2. I am just not a political person.
3. I don�t like politics.
4. I don�t understand politics.
5. I don�t know where to start or what to do.
6. I don�t think that one person can make any difference.
7. Things are so bad; there is nothing that anyone can do.
8. My life is good � I don�t see many problems that might not get better with time and money.
9. I do not think that any of these political/societal problems affect me personally.

This might seem true if the following applies:
(a.) No family or friends have been affected by job loss as a result of illegal immigration or outsourcing.
(b.) No family or friends have been affected by crime.
(c.) No family or friends are or have ever been in the military.
(d.) No family or friends have embraced an alternative life style.
(e.) No family or friends are addicted to drugs.
(f.) I do not pay any state or federal taxes.
(g.) I do not or have never owned a small business.

What detrimentally affects a few Americans ultimately impacts all Americans.

What Can We Do?

Few of us have an abundance of available time just waiting for a worthwhile project. We must manufacture and prioritize time for worthwhile activities. Time will not magically descend on anyone any more than freedom will. When weary, it is easy to plop in front of the computer or TV (this is really watching others work) and squander huge amounts of irreplaceable time. Regularly devote time for self education and political action. Read, Read, Read! Those who do not read have no advantage over those who cannot read.

The books authored by News With Views contributors are excellent sources of valid information. Encourage friends and family to subscribe to News With Views by sharing articles that may interest them. Always carry a small copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to study at will. Examine a good basic history book such as �The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History� by Thomas E. Woods. Subscribe to the New American. Any effective action must begin with knowledge. Your knowledge will give you credibility as you share with friends and family. However, don�t be surprised by rejection � some people prefer the blissful state of denial and are content in their ignorance.

I would flee from the socialistic Amerikan republikan/demokrat party posing as two factions. They are merely two conspiratorial heads of the same hideous monster body whose invasive lengthy tentacles reach deep into every area of our lives. If they were genuine advocates, they would undoubtedly police each other and stop all of the political diversions and petty partisan politics, a pretense for activity. Impeachable offenses would receive appropriate attention instead of being swept under the congressional carpet. Many of their elected officials use the same seductive sophistry, exhibit the same amoral ambition and are supported by the same deep pockets.

Join a truly authentic second party, one that actually represents your moral and political values. My personal choice, after a thorough evaluation of all alternatives, is the Constitution Party which has a very definitive moral platform that I support without reservation. Each state has a Constitution Party that would readily welcome your participation. Remember, remaining loyal to either main party makes you complicit and culpable for the damage they wreak or for the good they purposefully fail to accomplish. Both main parties have ignored their loyalties to voters and the Constitution. A vote for righteousness and morality is never a wasted vote.

There are many welcoming activist or single issue groups but all are not equal. Some groups pose as liberty loving conservatives but are essentially wolves in sheep�s clothing. Evaluate the reason a particular group was formed and then determine what impact they have had towards that end. Often these groups, though unsuccessful in their initial quest, become an entity unto themselves and continue to exist for financial benefits. Find out where a particular group gets their money and how they use it. Groups ostensibly fighting vital moral issues raise millions of dollars which can buy a significant amount of influence. Determine which party they support and who they endorse. One such questionable group is the National Right to Life Organization. They could use their millions for real Roe vs. Wade reform. Put your efforts and money where they will be most effective.

Investigate the John Birch Society, established in 1958. They provide a wealth of information through their educational materials and books. Their members receive a very detailed monthly bulletin which focuses on current issues that require voter attention. Early on they courageously warned us about the one world goals of the United Nations while others saw the UN as a beneficial friend. Their thorough research on issues as well as rigorous attention to truth has established their widespread credibility in spite of the vilification by the news media.

However, if you decide to join, be prepared to have your friends look at you as if you just announced that you have leprosy. The CFR controlled media has constantly attempted to malign this very dedicated patriotic group over the years, which is a good indication of the group�s efficacy. If more Americans had acted on this society�s early warnings we would not be so entrenched in the disastrous direction that we are headed.

It is not a stigma to belong to a group that supports individual freedoms and limited government. It is not a stigma to belong to a group whose meetings begin with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. The real stigma in America is belonging to the United Nations and having everything of consequence stripped away from us by wicked individuals plotting our downfall so that we may be led into one world tyranny. That is the stigma, not liberty driven patriotic groups and real political parties that give abundantly of their time and efforts to protect the freedoms that should concern us all. Remember: �Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!� Isaiah 5:20

"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from the government." --Thomas Paine 'The Rights of Man' c.1792

Determine how your House Representative is voting and then contact her/him to show your support for their adherence to the Constitution. If there is a big discrepancy between their voting record and that inspired document, let them know of your disappointment. It is relatively easy to email your congressmen. Each elected official has a web site. Visit those sites and determine how they are representing you and observing their oath to the Constitution. They will always hear from the special interest groups. Let your constituent voice be louder. The accountability of those we elect is to the Constitution and us, not to special interest groups, some of which are foreign. You can apply these same suggestions to your state government.

Consider running for political office. Representative Ron Paul of the 14th district of Texas is a shining example of one person who is making a difference. He is inspiring others with the constitutionally oriented bills that he initiates. There are others in the House who are also attempting to return us to Constitution policies. People often dismiss opportunities to serve through negative thinking. We should never consider ourselves too insignificant to make positive changes. There are opportunities to serve within each state. Of course, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all that is wrong rather than evaluate the possibilities and take the appropriate steps. There is a desperate need for more people the caliber of Ron Paul and others. He is wisely attacking issues rather than specific errant people.

Don�t ever be afraid to courageously stand up for what you believe. It takes people with ethical boldness who will perceive the obvious political pollution. We must not stand idly by while observing the withdrawal of honor and goodness in our society. Surely, a certain amount of fear prevents some from speaking out about the evils in society or more specifically about the dirty secrets of their partners in crime. One could easily be �fosterized� especially if you hang with the wrong crowd. That means you shoot yourself in the heart twice and then have your body moved to a local park rather than divulge what you know. Even a novice CSI would recognize that one could not possibly get off that second shot. But if the government, within minutes of finding the body, says that it was suicide, it was suicide and no one had better ask any questions or mention the word conspiracy. That�s the national media, in partnership with government, and their efforts to manipulate the masses. However, we must never let fear frustrate our efforts. That is what the enemy counts on.

Knowledge, without vigilant action, will result in our collapse and make us the best informed residents of socialist Amerika. Hind sight will be of absolutely no value. Join with others for support, strength and a plan of attack. United, we have a chance at reclaiming this great land.

� 2005 Deanna Spingola - All Rights Reserved

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Deanna Spingola has been a quilt designer and is the author of two books. She has traveled extensively teaching and lecturing on her unique methods. She has always been an avid reader of non-fiction works designed to educate rather than entertain. She is active in family history research and lectures on that topic. Currently she is the director of the local Family History Center. She has a great interest in politics and the direction of current government policies, particularly as they relate to the Constitution.

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Voters must also accept some responsibility for the situation. We have been apathetic, trusting and uninformed. Some of us do not even recognize the kind of government we have due to ongoing prevalent propaganda, especially from those that govern.