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By SO News Writer John Marshall
April 25, 2015

County Commissioners and the City Council Bring Big Brother to Josephine County

Grants Pass, Oregon. The term “Technocracy” originating in the 1930’s was hijacked by the Tri-Lateral Commission in the seventies with reference to a new economic order. Basically it means the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts. This involves a number of NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) the UN and the Tri-lateral Commission. For a better understanding of Technocracy follow this video link.

Last week a friend of mine Chris (last name withheld) was going down G St. when he saw a surveillance camera being installed on G and Third Street. This was being done on the power pole by an unidentified worker with California plates on a yellow utility boom truck. *See Pictures below.

He was asked by Chris who he was and who he was working for and the man became defensive and wouldn’t answer the questions. Chris was asking these questions because there were no signs on the vehicle and no identifying uniform which is required to work on any city property.

The man up in the boom wouldn’t answer the simple questions and instead asked Chris who he was and he replied he was a concerned citizen. So the mystery guy decided to call the police because Chris was so insistent on finding out who he worked for. So Chris took some pictures and video and left in his vehicle and went down the street to observe the police showing up.

The utility truck was later found at the Motel Six on 7th and I checked the plate which had permanent fleet tags indicating possibly a government vehicle. This raised even more questions in my mind as to why a mystery guy from California was installing surveillance cameras in Oregon, who the contractor was, and who authorized this. So Rick Hake of the Apple Rogue who I contacted initially shot an email to the Chief of Police Bill Landis. Mr. Landis emailed this back; Hi Rick, we are installing two more cameras and the person we contracted with was probably feeling not at liberty to speak for the City.

They are not covert in nature and the City has been public about putting cameras in various places throughout Grants Pass. Not sure if that answers all of your questions but feel free to call me to discuss if you would like further information….. Thanks. A few hours later I called and left a message. He returned my call and I asked him some questions as to there ever being any public notices or civic input and who’s paying for this. Mr. Landis said he was very open about the issue and it was made public, yet we could not find any public notice of this. Upon inquiry, the City Council, and 2 of 3 Commissioners said they didn’t know anything about it.


However, this normally wouldn’t be announced publically as it’s done as normal business of the day according to Dale Matthews a citizen recorder of City Council and Commissioners meetings. His website is

Chief Landis was very cooperative but did not answer some of my questions, so I called Lieutenant Moran and he said he would be glad to show me the cameras and answer any questions I had. I showed up the next day and Lt. Moran was very friendly, professional and forthcoming about answering all my questions. I was taken aback by the openness when I really expected to run into a brick wall.

Lt. Moran told me the contractor was a company called Security Lines US based in Sherman Oaks California and as Chief Landis said in earlier conversation, “They are the manufacturer and so they sent their guy to install it”. After checking the site I found the owner is Mr. Russell Corby.

The project is done under the Lands and Building Project in conjunction with ICMA (international city/county management association) and CALEA (Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) which was passed in 1994 under President Clinton.

The following is from the Wiki site; [CALEA's purpose is to enhance the ability of law enforcement agencies to conduct electronic surveillance by requiring that telecommunications carriers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment modify and design their equipment, facilities, and services to ensure that they have built-in surveillance capabilities, allowing federal agencies to wiretap any telephone traffic; it has since been extended to cover broadband internet and VoIP traffic. Some government agencies argue that it covers monitoring communications rather than just tapping specific lines and that not all CALEA-based access requires a warrant; this is of course highly controversial.]

This kind of legislation is also found in the 1996 telecommunications’ act which requires phone manufacturers to make the phones so they can be remotely turned on and look like they are off for surveillance purposes and downloading information.

These surveillance actions are also part of Agenda 21 the U.N. mandate for the twenty first century that is supposed to be voluntary and non-binding but is being stealthily introduced and adopted around the world through ICLEI and local city/county planning commissions. [The link]

According to Lt. Moran, the city council authorized the project at a cost of approx $7,000 dollars per camera paid for out of the general fund (our taxes) for a total of $98,000 dollars. Fourteen cameras are being projected with eight already installed and six more coming. The installed locations are; 6th and G St., G St and third, G St. and 8th, Baker Park, Depot Park, Westholm Park, and two in Riverside Park. I was also told Morrison Park was next. Lt. Moran emphasized, that if someone commits a crime in the city they will go to jail since they have contracted with the jail for 28 beds to keep the criminals housed.

Lt. Moran went on to say they were working with the Parks Dept on this and as far as he knew no civic input was garnered. According to Lt. Moran locations for the cameras are decided on digital crime data called DIDAC. So in other words, they are being placed where crime is the highest and the camera placement most effective. The oldest of the cameras is approximately 2-3 years old. The cameras have the capability of 360* panning and zoom. These cameras according to Lt. Moran will only be monitored by law enforcement and that no data will be shared with state or federal agencies unless they are cooperating with an investigation.

The cameras are being installed under the guise of fighting crime and have already deterred some crime while helping in other investigations such as auto accidents. While this may appear as a plus for our community, police, and manpower resources, I had to wonder if the police were going to maintain a balance between fighting crime and surveilling the public unwarranted near their homes. The cameras I was told by Lt. Moran will not be installed on private property or in residential areas.

My next concern was the security of the cameras because anything transmitted over the airwaves can be hacked by someone with a laptop and an internet connection. Lt. Moran admitted he isn’t tech savvy so he couldn’t answer that question. So I found on the Security Lines website a reference to the software being LINUX based which is very hard to hack from a computer stand point but it doesn’t address the issue of while the info is in transmission from point to point. The site also says that it’s not broadcast by Wi-Fi but rather uses a cell phone technology. This only means it’s operating at a higher frequency which is also just as harmful as Wi-Fi if not more and doesn’t offer any extended security from hacking it’s just a different frequency. I was told two of the cameras involving the station are hard wired which is more desirable.

According to Lt. Moran the cameras can be monitored at the headquarters, or in the police vehicles or their work Cell Phones but so far no man power has been specifically designated to monitoring.

Like I said, all this sounds like this will keep you safe and cut down on crime as it has already, but I am still concerned with the international organizations like ICMA and NGO’s that are involved may try to expand their operations while the public buys into the security and safety issues. It happened in the city of London, England when they introduced the same kind of program under the guise of fighting crime and now they are home to over a million cameras throughout the city.

Like Ben Franklin said, “Those that would give up liberty for security will receive neither and deserve neither”. Big brother has arrived but can we keep him in his constraints and legally bound, only time will tell.

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The Telecommunications act of 1996, Agenda 21, the CALEA act all violate our fourth and Fifth Amendment rights to privacy and due process and will destroy our sovereignty eventually. Unfortunately, from mass apathy on behalf of the public we have allowed this to happen.

So now we must remain vigilant to make sure the county and city abide by the Constitution, B of R, local laws, and charters. Tell your reps what you think of this and our local city council and commissioners as well. Technocracy Rising a book by Patrick Wood is a must read for all concerned citizens worried about a surveillance state being installed.

There is a much bigger picture concerning this issue and the elite have a master plan for global enslavement. [Link]

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John Marshall is NWVs news writer for Josephine County




The man up in the boom wouldn’t answer the simple questions and instead asked Chris who he was and he replied he was a concerned citizen. So the mystery guy decided to call the police because Chris was so insistent on finding out who he worked for.