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The ADL vs. Faith and Freedom










By Rabbi Nachum Shifren
April 19, 2016

I taught for 25 years in arguably the worst school district in the nation: Los Angeles Unified (?). I endured racists and incompetents of all colors. During my tenure standards disappeared, being replaced with the mantra of "diversity" and "cultural sensitivity." One could sense a certain element of "pay back" from minority low and upper-level administrators against an entire educational system that once was the envy of the world. Gradually pride in America and American exceptionalism gave way to the chalkboard of revisionist history. Suddenly our Founding Fathers were "racists", the bedrock of our freedoms and individual liberties, the Constitution, became a means of enslavement by the White Man.

As an inner city teacher, my students were Black with a large percentage of Latinos. As my career came to a close, increasingly violent confrontations surfaced. Tires slashed, graffiti-smeared car windows, and death threats dared. At one point, the failure rate of my classes was over 70%. Nothing to be proud of, despite herculean attempts to stem the tide: tutorials were offered to failing students, before and after school. My breaks during school hours never saw me lounging in the cafeteria. I remained at my desk for those that needed help. But when the day known as "back-to-school-night" came, out of 150 students, 4 parents dropped by, not to see what their kids were learning, or how they could improve academically, but rather to complain about their student's failing grades.

"He/she never told me there was any homework!" was the common refrain.
"But she comes to class!?" one naive parent's transparent dysfunction surfaced.

As I witnessed the increasing deterioration around me, and unabashed dumbing down of curriculum, I realized I was in a war zone. The pressure to comply with feel good prompts from administrators frazzled at having to explain how $18,000 per student per year is being wasted, became unbearable for many teachers. This explains the 7-year average turnover rate of today's schoolteachers. Ever ridiculous demands to turn my class into "rappers" and "break-dancers" from one administrator were enough to challenge every ounce of an educator's dignity and integrity.

What is here being described is the bitter experience of tens of thousands of teachers, trapped in a system of corruption and racism, not daring to expose the horrific truth of America's inner city schools today. Americans cannot, dare not, confront the present reality that not just white teachers, but Whites in any capacity, are under the gun.

Among the Latino students in my classes, many if not most were illegal aliens. One day my principal, himself a Latino, asked me to come to his office immediately (it couldn't wait till after school).

"Mr. Shifren, can I have the keys to your classroom?" he asked, unceremoniously.
"One of our students has accused you of threatening to shoot him," he blandly went on.

I was incredulous. He was using the "terrorist act" against me, believing a straight-F student over the teacher. The "La Raza" community activists had schemed to transform an illegal alien troublemaker into a victim of white racism.

This scandal plays itself out daily in thousands of classrooms throughout the country. Very few teachers are prepared emotionally or financially (lest they lose their mortgages or find themselves black-balled by the politically corrupt school district, with their careers in shambles, and all the hype about "changing America" a pathetic illusion, destroyed in one instant on the alter of "students of color") to deal with this reality. Meanwhile, white flight has turned our government schools into third world education-free zones, where if you made a surprise visit you'd never suspect you were in America.

Lakisha was my best student, a true American success story. I was shocked one day when she revealed to me, with tears in her eyes, that she "had" to leave the school.

"You're doing tremendous work here, I don't understand it" I said, saddened as I was dumbfounded.
"Other students are harassing me, calling me an "oreo", she said. 'White on the inside, black on the outside!'"

The one means of survival for teachers has recently been denied them: many districts, pressured by the catapulting rates of graduation (50% in L.A.) of "students of color", have instituted an insidious plan to prevent teachers from expelling students for rowdy and uncivil behavior. Translation: when one of my students was sent to the dean's office for stabbing another student, she was immediately sent back to class with the following note: "you may not deprive our students of an education!"

And so it goes. Racist apologists increasingly move to the forefront of society, blaming the plunging math and English scores on lack of "self esteem" due to White/societal indifference. Note: we never hear about our grandparents' lack of self-esteem, coming to American from distant lands with the clothes on their backs. Sans ESL courses, no community activists, or racist incitement to quash their thorough immersion into the English language and american culture. Yet, their children went on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, providing the bulwark of the most prosperous society in the world.

The last 8 years of the Obama era has seen a precipitous increase in the war against Whites in America. Any mayhem or civil unrest can find its source as determined by whistle blowers of "white racism." Any pretext for rioting and looting is met with total silence where non-Whites are involved

Question: How have the communist and progressives succeeded in marginalizing White America, while allowing for a steady erosion of standards and accountability at all levels?

Many are the factions of useful idiots, a consortium of tenacious marauders along with the ACLU, a battery of civil rights lawyers, and the malevolent disgruntled, that have tied the hands of America, forcing compliance with Hussein Obama's pledge to transform the nation. The obstacles are daunting: from local city councils, school boards, state legislatures and down the line to Congress and the Justice Department, the clock is ticking.

The examples of attacks against White America are many: Ferguson, the Confederate flag, the recent Supreme Court decision to count illegals in redistricting (the death knell of the middle class), the "Dream Act", the wave of illegals storming the border, the refusal to come to terms with Islamic terror, the introducing of Ebola patients onto american soil, Common Core (it's author admitted it was the antidote to "White privilege"), the outrage of the "New Black Panthers'" violence toward white voters, the issuing of drivers' licenses to illegal aliens from Mexico and not requiring them to drive with liability insurance (if you're white and you're stopped without such insurance, your care will immediately be confiscated and assigned a $300 fine.) When questioned about the blatant unfairness of this policy, LAPD Chief Bill Bratton commented: "If you don't like it, move somewhere else!", and the mother of all deceptions, the documented illegal smuggling of Muslim "refugees" via UPS cargo planes and surreptitiously released into unsuspecting civilian populations without background checks, ad nauseum. Note: Christians in the Middle East are undergoing a genocide. Why are we not hearing about their resettlement? Answer: they're Christians, let 'em burn in Hell! And burn, they are. Not one word of empathy from our Golfer in Chief. He knows that they will not fit into his narrative of transforming America, no expectations of raping white women, inciting violence among the middle class, voting for leftist candidates, breaking the treasury with welfare issues, housing, food stamps, etc.

The king coward himself, Eric Holder, disgraced his justice department and his sacred duty by whipping out the race card at every opportunity when black thugs were dealt with by the authorities. No amount of grand jury testimony about the facts would dissuade his racist agenda. Like some sort of racist cabal, one could expect herrs Sharpton, Jackson, and the NAACP lackeys to extend their carbon footprint to every city where a white officer had confronted black hooliganism.

All the while, Whites were raped, murdered, and harassed with flash mobs descending on parks and shopping malls, pillaging and destroying--it's all been caught on film dozens of times, we know it, we see it, it's there. Where is the opposition to this fascism? Like the deer in the headlights that they are, they will never say the truth: this is a war against Whites.

"OTM" has become a household term, sort of. Border officials warn of an increasing number of Other Than Mexicans infiltrating through the porous southern border. OTM, a.k.a., jihadists, The degree of nonchalance about this scandal can only be interpreted thusly: Only Whites and Christians need be concerned. The same government that is mandated to our security, is the one paving the way to another 911. And they ALL tell us to get ready for another major terror attack!

George Orwell must be sweating bullets in his grave....We know with certainty we'll be hit, yet we're perilized by fear: NOT of dying in some nuclear holocaust, not by having our wives or children raped or assaulted, not by a fifth column sworn to destroy us--no, we can deal with a certain level of mass destruction aimed at the heartland. Our REAL fear is identifying and stopping our sworn enemies: muslim jihadists and their domestic facilitators and apologists.

One thing is clear: if these mobs of haters and killers were white Christians, the embarrassing scene being played out before our very eyes would have been resolved yesterday. Let's stop to think: the 911 hijackers were here illegally on visas that had expired. There are over 100,000 middle easterners, many from countries who are openly hostile to us, that are here illegally. We do nothing. Worse, Obama and his water carriers are planning on bringing hundreds of thousands of Syrians to America. Again, people who haven't been vetted and are not suited to our culture, mores, and constitutional way of life. But let the American taxpayer foot the bill...those of still working our 2 or 3 jobs to stay alive. Their billionaire brothers in Saudi Arabia , Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai are not suckers, not like us. They refuse to take in the "refugees", since they know the problems they'll have to deal with. Ironically, their argument, "let them stay in Syria!," is right on the money. Yet when Americans with sense utter those very words, they're met with cries of "racism." But the point is, the wave of Muslims washing onto our shores has nothing to do with "relief", as the abandonment of the Christians in the Middle East clearly shows. The whole purpose is to first destroy the Republican party, and then to neutralize and transform America and its white population. Recent reports of "Black Lives Matter" folks creating havoc with Palestinians in Israel is another example of racism on display. And how are Black activists from Chicago, with the highest homicide rate in the US, highest unemployment rates, highest incarceration rates, able to waltz over to the Middle East and cause grief there? Answer: gotta address the Jewish racism. Not even a Kafka could make sense out of this nonsense.

There is no one to oppose Obama and his push to national (White) suicide. The Republicans, far from being a "loyal opposition", have kowtowed to his every whim. Their cavalier attitudes regarding their treachery and abandonment of their core beliefs is on record. Obama's, and the left's intentions on bringing a massive Third World wave into America goes unopposed, as they've stymied the conversation masterfully using the race card. Not even America's survival is open for discussion, truly remarkable. We're chided by Obama about being paranoid about absorbing a few "grandmothers and children", yet we see clearly that the vast majority of "refugees" are single, young Muslim men, unskilled at anything except furthering the plot to destroy White, middle class America without firing a shot. And that's the point: they need not subdue America through force of arms; they'll be given free rein at the ballot box. There is no normal country in the world that would concede to such a suicidal plan.

The fact that the FBI has identified at least 30 armed encampments of Muslim extremists within our borders bothers no one. The fact that they're still free to operate shows the effectiveness of Islamist PR in stymying debate about our national security.

Very few Republicans have been willing to step up, especially after they saw Michelle Bachmann eviscerated by the pro-Islamist lobby. The practice of "seeding" Islamists into middle class communities proceeds unabated, with the help of Christians and Jewish "charity" groups, who are getting big bucks from the government, and serve as a smoke screen to deflect from where the responsibility lies about the breakdown of our society and security. But there's good news: Out of the 1.5 billion Muslims world-wide, it is estimated that only 1% of them (1.5 million) will attempt to blow themselves up as shahids, or martyrs, in order to neutralize the west and establish their long-cherished caliphate.

I gave a speech on the steps of city hall in Dearborn, Michigan (Youtube: "Rabbi Shifren speaks in Dearborn Before Muslim Mobs), home to over 100,000 Muslims. This was not Teheran or Mogadishu, but if not for the vigilance of the local police during my speech, my fate well could have been at the hands of a vicious mob.

The Egyptians were able to accomplish what our country doesn't have the guts to do: outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood and their network of jihadists. Instead, we wine and dine them in the West Wing, where our muslim president lectures us on "peaceful Islam."

As the first president of the American Communist Party aptly stated: "Americans will never accept Communism, but they will accept liberalism. And behold: we have a presidential candidate whois a devotee of Saul Alinsky, whose "Rules for Radicals" is her mantra in her quest to destroy the country! The overt cooperation between radical jihadists and the Left to vanquish America is in full gear. And again, the communist/progressives are little worried about jihadists designs, as long as they are instrumental in bringing down the White middle class.

As of this writing, China, Mexico, and the rest of the world are mortally afraid of a new spectre: it isn't ISIS or worldwide Muslim terror; it isn't the horror of a dirty bomb falling in the hands of our enemies; it isn't the transformation of America into a third world nation, without borders or national resolve; nor is impossible national debt on anybody's mind. No, the only thing haunting America and the rest of the world, is Donald Trump- the perfect storm.

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The latest news is that Black Lives Matter, NAACP, and other leftist hispanic groups will be assembling the most massive protest against the probable nominee, Trump. They promise violence, a show of force that will be "unprecedented". Against the legally nominated candidate? And what about all those Americans whose vote will be denied? Is their only crime that they were born White?


2016 Nachum Shifren - All Rights Reserved

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Rabbi Shifren is a southern California native. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Spanish and German literature. He has been a language teacher in LA City schools since 1992. He is also fluent in Hebrew. Having lived in Israel for nearly a decade, he has been an observer and commentator of developments in Israel, the Israeli and foreign press, and the recent rise of Islamic Jihad.

He is also the dirctor of "surf and soul" surfcamp, where teens learn self-discipline, proper attitude, and physical fitness. A Malibu surfer since 1962, he is known universally as the surfing rabbi. Through his seminars and classes, he has taught thousand the challenge and thrill of wave riding and the postive aspects of the surfing life style.

Rabbi Shifren has declared his candidacy for the Calif. State Senate in 2010, and is the only candidate to openly pledge to oppose the advent of Sharia law in the United States. He is a tireless supporter of individual freedoms and preserving the distinctive greatness of America, her language, and culture. Known for his no-nonsense approach to education and prison reform, Rabbi Shifren is in his own class of patriotism and staunch conservative values.





I taught for 25 years in arguably the worst school district in the nation: Los Angeles Unified (?). I endured racists and incompetents of all colors. During my tenure standards disappeared, being replaced with the mantra of "diversity" and "cultural sensitivity."