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By Rabbi Nachum Shifren
August 24, 2010

[Rabbi Shifren is a Candidate for California State Senate]

For years, we have been made to feel guilty about our country, our language, and our flag. Our schools, work places, and political parties have been part of a coordinated assault, preparing the way for a Third World "bienvenido" (welcome) to an already overburdened Los Angeles.

The uniqueness of the United States of America, with its treasure of individual rights guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, has been ripped off by revisionist teachers and administrators with their willing political accomplices. Their goal has been to transform this country into "just another country," calling into question the entire premise for our way of life.

We are not just another country. We are the beacon for freedom throughout the world. Each of us has the golden opportunity to make a better life for ourselves and our children — unless we are stopped and trapped by entitlements that enslave and imported criminality that robs us of our free will.

Why has this happened?

Malevolent special interest groups are constantly claiming that their "civil rights" have been violated. Of course, illegal aliens cannot fairly claim any rights here, since they have already broken the law by being here illegally.


Unfortunately, after years of being hammered with the "white man's guilt" trip, after continually being told that America is a racist nation that stole the land from Mexico (never mind the war that we won, or the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo), we see that the big-lie technique has worked its evil spell upon the land. School children, EVEN INCLUDING MANY AFRICAN AMERICANS, are somehow convinced that the US is just one big Home Depot, where everybody who wants to work may come in and pick up a check — whether they actually work or not! Radical Hispanic groups, with their well-placed proxies in City Hall and Sacramento, put continuous litigation, as well as political pressure on our elected leaders — to the point where our own citizens are now confronted with unbearable costs in exorbitant taxes, dumbed down schools, and lower quality of life.

Until now, not one group of African Americans has been able to shed the despicable slavery of the so-called "Black/Brown Coalition," this title having been nurtured for a generation by a corrupted Black leadership led by the likes of Maxine Waters.

But a new era has dawned! People of all colors are waking up! We are beginning to hear from a whole new generation of black leaders and patriots who refuse to succumb to the lies and bribes of their black "leaders" who have been letting illegal immigration go un-checked. These new leaders are AMERICAS BLACK SHIELD. I am proud to be their supporter, and to have their support. Their role is simply to insure the survival of Blacks here in America, to continue the civil rights movement as exclusively a guarantorship for emancipated slaves' rights, and to ensure that the 14th amendment is their legacy.

Rabbi Shifren is joined by Ted Hayes, Les Jordan, Chanell Temple, Linnard Larrimore, and James Spencer, members of America's Black Shield, in this broadcast of National Public Radio. Subject: Arizona Law, illegal aliens, and the legacy of Civil Rights movement.

The upcoming November election is the most important in our state's history. The groups that oppose American sovereignty in Southern California will be out in force, working overtime to lay the big guilt trip on you and other voters.

PLEASE, ENSURE THAT YOUR VOICE IS HEARD IN SACRAMENTO, by working hard to elect me, Rabbi Shifren. Together we can make a difference— a real difference. With our votes and our encouragement of others to vote, we can insure that our culture, our education establishment, and our language remain in our own hands — not those of radical invaders who would take away our rights to live and prosper.

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Blessings to you and your families for a secure, prosperous, and proud California!

Your friend, Rabbi Nachum Shifren

[Dear NewsWithViews readers, patriots and friends of Rabbi Shifren. Your help is needed at this time to elect Rabbi Shifren to State Senate in California. Please attend his special Campaign event on May 16, in the City of Orange, California. Cong. Dana Rohrabacher will be the keynote speaker. THE NATION YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN. Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen said: "If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn around America tomorrow!" To RSVP go to: www.RabbiForSenate.Com]

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Rabbi Shifren is a southern California native. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Spanish and German literature. He has been a language teacher in LA City schools since 1992. He is also fluent in Hebrew. Having lived in Israel for nearly a decade, he has been an observer and commentator of developments in Israel, the Israeli and foreign press, and the recent rise of Islamic Jihad.

He is also the dirctor of "surf and soul" surfcamp, where teens learn self-discipline, proper attitude, and physical fitness. A Malibu surfer since 1962, he is known universally as the surfing rabbi. Through his seminars and classes, he has taught thousand the challenge and thrill of wave riding and the postive aspects of the surfing life style.

Rabbi Shifren has declared his candidacy for the Calif. State Senate in 2010, and is the only candidate to openly pledge to oppose the advent of Sharia law in the United States. He is a tireless supporter of individual freedoms and preserving the distinctive greatness of America, her language, and culture. Known for his no-nonsense approach to education and prison reform, Rabbi Shifren is in his own class of patriotism and staunch conservative values.

Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen said: "If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn America around tomorrow."











Until now, not one group of African Americans has been able to shed the despicable slavery of the so-called "Black/Brown Coalition," this title having been nurtured for a generation by a corrupted Black leadership led by the likes of Maxine Waters.