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By Rabbi Nachum Shifren
June 17, 2010

[Rabbi Shifren is a Candidate for California State Senate]

I joined the Sierra Club in the early 70's, idealistic and full of vigor, absolutely inspired by my family's hikes in the high mountain passes and glacial lakes of the Sierra Nevada. From the day that my father drove through the Wawona Tunnel in 1958, securing our spacious campsite right in the middle of the presently most coveted and crowded park in the world, Yosemite, I have been actively engaged in our natural resources. Now, after nearly 46 years of surfing and life guarding at our Southland beaches, I have learned to respect and admire the grandeur and beauty of our state from the perspective of an adult, balancing kids' tuition's, family responsibilities, and work.

With this in mind, I was amazed at the Sierra Club's endorsement for State Assembly (District 47), Democrat Jones. Looking at the accolades showered upon him, there is nothing mentioned about how he will "create" jobs, any jobs, let alone "green" jobs. WE ARE IN A DEPRESSION HERE IN L.A. COUNTY. While a recital of environmental ethos at this time may seem praiseworthy to some, it is hardly relevant when people in the state are some of the most over-taxed, over-regulated in the country--adding to the misery of a nearly 20% unemployment rate.

But there's something more disturbing than just liberalism at play here. There is anarchy. Candidate Jones boasts of endorsements from Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters! Is this something you boast about? Or is this something best kept a closely guarded secret? Why is this endorsement telling? Because for most Americans, Jackson is synonymous with the most banal type of race-baiting and mudslinging. Extortion of Toyota and Coca Cola are notches in his belt for previous race trafficking, coercing companies to payola, lest they prefer to deal with accusations of "racial issues."


Waters? She unabashedly came out for Soviet style regulation of our oil industry! The press? No problem here, after all, it's a democracy, right? For everyone except those that advocate upholding the law, Like Sheriff Joe and Gov. Brewer of Arizona. In any normal country, Waters would be sacked subsequent to her being tarred and feathered. Here is a corrupted politician that has done diddly for her Black constituents regarding jobs, the dumbing down of inner city schools, or ethnic cleansing by Latino gangs. But what is sinister is that not only is she given a pass, this type of political anarchy further emboldens candidates such as Democrat Jones to further the misdeeds, corruption, and fleecing of the taxpayers--all with the acknowledgment by the politicos that he is following in the "Democratic" mould.

Finally, what planet does the Sierra Club live on? Must one necessarily be a radical, tax and spend liberal to appreciate the natural beauty of California? Are we not dependent on the fundamentals of prudent economic policy, insuring both high-quality jobs balanced by a sober stewardship of our environment? Where is the balance here on the part of the Democrats and their choke-hold on the environmental movement in our state?

My father, an ardent environmentalist, once taught me: THE UNEMPLOYED MAKE POOR GUARDIANS OF OUR NATURAL RESOURCES.

Our latest embarrassing voter turnout indicates that the majority of Californians are fed up with politics as usual. The corruption and waste in our state is so endemic, so completely transparent, that many voters have simply gone underground, seeing no relief from our governmental institutions. I urge all those disaffected voters that are beyond outrage to support me.

-- I pledge to work for a part-time government. My opponent, Curren Price, insists on full-time ripping off the public, wasting your money 24/7
-- I pledge legislation of Jamiel's Law
-- I pledge to make English our state language
-- I pledge to work for a "tent city" in our prisons. No more country clubs with free medical and dental for those that rape and kill our loved ones.
-- I pledge to break up school districts, giving power back to local communities, letting them be accountable for their children's education
-- I pledge to oppose sharia law
-- I pledge to close the border. Period. Gangbangers and felons from across the border will be made to pay for their acts, serving as a deterrent to the wannabes
-- I pledge to NEVER raise taxes, rather, I will seek a 10% reduction for starters. Same applies for government spending.


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I am assuming that you are with me in your disgust and desperation about where our state is headed. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IN NOVEMBER!! I need the support of you and your friends and neighbors.

Blessings for a strong, safe, and prosperous California!

[Dear NewsWithViews readers, patriots and friends of Rabbi Shifren. Your help is needed at this time to elect Rabbi Shifren to State Senate in California. Please attend his special Campaign event on May 16, in the City of Orange, California. Cong. Dana Rohrabacher will be the keynote speaker. THE NATION YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN. Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen said: "If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn around America tomorrow!" To RSVP go to: www.RabbiForSenate.Com]

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Rabbi Shifren is a southern California native. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Spanish and German literature. He has been a language teacher in LA City schools since 1992. He is also fluent in Hebrew. Having lived in Israel for nearly a decade, he has been an observer and commentator of developments in Israel, the Israeli and foreign press, and the recent rise of Islamic Jihad.

He is also the dirctor of "surf and soul" surfcamp, where teens learn self-discipline, proper attitude, and physical fitness. A Malibu surfer since 1962, he is known universally as the surfing rabbi. Through his seminars and classes, he has taught thousand the challenge and thrill of wave riding and the postive aspects of the surfing life style.

Rabbi Shifren has declared his candidacy for the Calif. State Senate in 2010, and is the only candidate to openly pledge to oppose the advent of Sharia law in the United States. He is a tireless supporter of individual freedoms and preserving the distinctive greatness of America, her language, and culture. Known for his no-nonsense approach to education and prison reform, Rabbi Shifren is in his own class of patriotism and staunch conservative values.

Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen said: "If we had 10 more teachers like Rabbi Shifren, we could turn America around tomorrow."











Our latest embarrassing voter turnout indicates that the majority of Californians are fed up with politics as usual.