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By Michael Shaw

January 25, 2006

The Three E’s of Tyranny

The symbol of Sustainable Development most frequently found in the literature of its proponents is a diagram of three connecting circles, representing three E’s. The three E’s are: “equity,” (transformation of the system of equal justice to one of social justice) “economy” (transforming a system of free enterprise into a system of global and local public-private partnerships) and “environment” which is intended to sugarcoat the transformation under a guise of ecological crisis management. To Sustainable Developers, environment means putting nature before man.


Sustainable Development seeks the restructure of human nature. Like communism, it relies on a system of social justice that works to abolish private property in order to pursue the “common good.” The pursuit of a centrally determined “common good” ultimately requires the force of a police state to suppress individual freedoms.


Sustainable Development relies on Fabian economics which, like Italian fascism, relies on businesses that want the protection afforded by government’s legalized force and government that wants the power of business. Today this is called “public-private partnerships”. Sustainable development redefines free trade to mean centralized global trade “freely” crossing national borders in order to effect an international redistribution of American financial and natural resources. NGO’s and non-profits are used as bridges to transform the system of the American economy by destroying free enterprise and abolishing private property step by step.


Sustainable Development is not about “saving” nature. It is about a revolutionary coup in America. It is about establishing global governance and abandoning the principles of Natural Law. Sustainable Development is a plan to abolish private property and to destroy individual liberty, equal justice, and limited government. Link by link, Sustainable Development seeks to destroy the governing authority of the United States Constitution, subvert the principles of the Declaration of Independence and turn this sovereign nation—indeed, any sovereign nation—into a globally governed “homeland” where human beings are treated as biological resources subject to an ever changing listing of “human rights.” The politically based environmental movement provides Sustainable Developers camouflage as they work to transform the American systems of government, justice and economics. [Must see video: Liberty or Sustainable Development]

Conditions for Global State Collectivism

A 21st century global state collective requires the satisfaction of four conditions:

  • A global collective requires an imperialistic military power capable of squashing all others. If America abandons its commitment to an individual’s unalienable right to life, liberty, and property, imperialism and global governance will be in the waiting.
  • Government control of the monetary system. This was achieved in America in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established. The Federal Reserve is the granddaddy of public-private partnerships.
  • Government control of the educational system. If understanding the attack on private property makes you ill, wait until you learn how the federal government is partnering with states to indoctrinate children with global government values, attitudes and beliefs. Facts and knowledge are no longer the basis for education.
  • A collective must have control of rural lands and natural resources. This is why the ranchers in Alpine Texas and the farmers in the Pajaro Valley on the central coast of California are so important to the preservation of freedom in America.

Protecting Liberty Before it is Too late

Each of us must choose between two paths. The road to liberty requires a conscious decision to defend our neighbor’s rights if we are to be secure in having a life of our own. The infrastructure for a collective tyranny is established on the back of public evasion.

What can you do to protect individual liberty and equal justice? How can individuals defend against the march of a global tyranny cloaked in the warm and fuzzy term Sustainable Development? How can we Restore Liberty before it is too late?

Here is a place to start:

  • Respect people. Understand your neighbors’ unalienable right to life, liberty, and the use and enjoyment of their property. Don’t approve the communitarian “stakeholder” premise that destroys everyone’s natural rights.
  • Know the Declaration of Independence. Become reacquainted with the principles of our democratic Republic. Commit to securing the blessings of liberty to our posterity and to ourselves.
  • Understand and work to eliminate harmful indoctrination pro­grams in the current government education system. Take charge of your child’s nurturing.
  • Advance freedom locally by:

- Holding elected representatives directly accountable to the American Constitutional system of government that is currently being undermined with federally coordinated grants and a consensus process with predetermined outcomes.

- Participate by investigating, researching, writing, and speaking out. Monitor the corruption inherent to Sustainable Development.

- Support freedom advocacy groups that spread the spirit of liberty and that provide information explaining Sustainable Development.

- Communicate with others and broaden the circle of the willing so the word spreads and awareness grows; build lists.

- Work to help awaken genuine free enterprise business people and customers everywhere to the threat posed by a Sustainable transformation.

- Reject local receipt of federal, NGO or foundation grants.

- Do not enter into government funded or NGO sponsored conservation agreements and other contracts.

- Reject your counties “comprehensive”, “community”, Smart Growth or Wildland planning.

- Defend your land, home and business; dedicate against eminent domain abuse.

- Understand and fight political regionalism at the local level.

- Apply yourself to liberty as you are best suited. Draw upon your goodwill to humanity. Protect for yourself and posterity a life that is one’s own.

  • Support the repeal of the Endangered Species Act. The ESA is the primary tool used to eliminate citizen ownership and management of America’s rural lands and natural resources.
  • Expose Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are working to undermine the American vision or who are promoting a global political agenda that is contrary to the ideas of liberty.
  • Spread the word to your friends, family and associates about the existence and nature of Sustainable Development policies and programs that threaten parenthood, private property and individual freedom.

When we prevail, people in America and in the rest of the world will be free to pursue the potential that exists within each of us. Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of liberty.


The Foundation Principles of the United States of America are facing a great threat. Posterity will long live with the consequences of the battle over Sustainable Development and the anti­human ideas it represents.

Sustainable Development activists and supporters are often unaware - but not always - that tyranny is the natural consequence of their environmental, social equity, and new economy movement. Yet, these dire circumstances also propel the greatest opportunity in history to advance individual liberty, human happiness and genuine peace.

As the Sustainable Development initiative gains approval, it is wise to recall George Washington’s truism: “Private property and freedom are inseparable.” Freedom, abundance and a healthy planet are also inseparable.

If Americans come to a timely understanding of the threat and face the challenge squarely, the deceptive fraud of Sustainable Development will quickly come to light. America will rise to protect Liberty through an orderly transition directed by reason and respect for individual determination.

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We are charged with protecting the ideals of Liberty, and a culture premised on Parenthood and Private Property. As the implications of Sustainable Development become clear, America’s parents and grandparents will increasingly come to understand the consequences of tarnishing the principles of private property. The circle sounding Paul Revere’s warning is growing. Join in now, because the political globalists, some decked in green coats, some proclaiming social sciences, and others calling for bogus free trade, are here! Protect your children, your property, and the American experience.

Draw upon the American heritage of industriousness, the hope that springs from western civilization’s culture and the quality of the human spirit to expose Sustainable Development and Protect Liberty. Click below for part one.

To purchase single or bulk copies of this report, please visit: or, call 831-684-2232. Pass them out to all your city council members and County Commissioners. Wake up your local officials before its too late.

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Michael Shaw is a founder and director of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz and is a frequent host of the nationally syndicated Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio Show. He holds degrees in Political Science and Law and has practiced as an attorney and as a Certified Public Accountant. For 20 years he has implemented Abundance Ecology land management techniques on land he owns on the central coast of California. His success at creating an indigenous plant wonderland is unparalleled. Details are available at

Michael Shaw is also successfully litigating Sustainable Development policies with two California Counties (Alameda and Santa Cruz). These actions are redressing government theft of the reasonable use of private property. More information on the Nature Conservancy and Sustainable Development (research documents, subject topic articles, radio archives, neighborhood tools to counter Sustainable Development and free subscription to The Report) is available at

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Sustainable Development is a plan to abolish private property and to destroy individual liberty, equal justice, and limited government.