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By Michael Shaw

June 5, 2012

‘Just give us a couple of years of cheap money,’ cry some from the financial inside. In early 2011 Ben Bernanke announced that the Federal Reserve (the U.S. Central Bank and world’s reserve bank) would impose a two year cap on key interest rates. More recently Bernanke has announced to hold rates low through 2014. Coupled with his program of monetary expansion this maneuver may likely cause dollar decimation and loss of its status as the international reserve currency. Tomorrow’s woe has been delivered to the American people.

Globalism is on the march and it has but one outcome – control over regular people by the elite. The course for paper money, money controlled by an international oligarchy, printed out of thin air and underlying the U.S. economy for 99 years, has been positioned to likely break – within even an older baby boomer’s lifetime.

The system is creating ‘free’ money to jam the insiders with interest free money to keep them guiding the globalist political-economic Trojan horse a while longer. In the process, money ultimately becomes valued as wallpaper as many more dollars ultimately chase the same goods and services. The result is that it will cost ordinary people much more to buy necessities. At the same time the price of homes is likely to decline as the middle class pressure increases, due to a lack of employment opportunities. Political choices will then be said to be ‘limited’. At that point, interest rates may be set to skyrocket, whereupon a new system, designed for total human control, has been planned and is ready to implement. This is the end goal of the U.N. Agenda 21 Action plan, which is the globalist Agenda for the 21st Century.

The monetary system funds the Agenda 21 Action plan and thereby achieves an accumulation of dollar crippling government debt – a major tactical advance for globalism, and a huge wake up for those Americans still dreaming that we do not face a threat. The execution of this crippling is led by federal agencies that implement Agenda 21 including the U.S. Department of Education, the U.S. Department of the Interior, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and others.

Other funding of Agenda 21 operatives includes:

An army of tax exempt NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that are accredited by the United Nations for purposes of implementing Agenda 21,
Multinational corporations that receive tax benefits and are essentially exempt from duties under the emerged globalist trade regime.
The recruited class of "Public-Private Partners" and the emergence of government favored B Corporations.

The present monetary system operates to create debt, which inevitably works to crash the currency. Woe to the indebted. Prepare yourself and others for increasing risk of a dollar crush, or even collapse.

In addition to the monetary system, the political and economic infrastructure necessary for a global government has been established, including regional trade pacts that control manufacturing, distribution and global profit centralization.

Also, federal government land ownership (think natural resources) aids the globalization process. Federal agencies are formal partners with various global governance organizations. (1) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), implements and enforces federal laws on human and environmental health and incorporates a sustainability framework, (2) The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) implements and monitors conservation work by its various Commissions and the Secretariat with and on behalf of the IUCN Members. (3) Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP), which is a multi-agency partnership that measures environmental effects of conservation for managing agricultural land for environmental quality, and (4) U.N. World Heritage Sites (UNESCO), 21 of which are in the United States of America.

Let alone the fact that federal land ownership violates Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution! These circumstances and others are for the purpose of centralizing power and resources, today’s primary goal of the global oligarchy.

The big step ahead is the takedown of the currency in order to take down the country. The effects of monetary policy are designed to give rise to a presumption that global, central control is our best, even only, alternative.

Following the formation of the present system’s first central bank, The Bank of England, the motto of the fiat money system may as well have been, ‘Let me make the money and I care not who makes the laws.’ This sentiment acknowledges that a central bank can direct lawmakers via the banker’s control of the supply of money.

Today, the creation of all currencies is by fiat and all are united through the Bank of International Settlements. Thus, centralized power on a global level already exists. We are about to feel some additional hard effects of that reality, as we approach 2014 with more people out of full-time work or losing their homes.

Implementation of the Agenda 21 program, the program to restructure our way of life, our government, and our boundaries is the primary cause for imploding government budgets which create debt that can never be repaid and thereby doom the prospects for the dollar. From the globalist perspective the mission is to drive Smart Growth policies in a race until financial collapse. It’s like pigs to a sooey call.

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The federally dictated (Democrat and Republican) implementation of the globalist Action plan called Agenda 21, now in communities everywhere, will accelerate the push for urban Smart Growth and Wildland designations for at least as long as the dollar lasts. By then, will China have ‘secured’ their debt with the American Wildlands (America’s resources) serving as that security?

Humanity is under the greatest pressure ever exerted. Video: The Ultimate War.

So, what can we do? Two things – first, get ready for the globalist assault and then, simultaneously, join the battlefront in the war to restore America.

Get prepared!

1) Have barter.
2) Have access to food, grow it, store it or become part of an informed food collective.
3) Have personal defense.
4) Get out of debt if you can and then…

Join – in the defense of liberty! To do that you need to understand what Americans are up against. Learn about Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

2012 Michael Shaw - All Rights Reserved

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Michael Shaw is a leading critic of Sustainable Development, also known as the U.N.’s “Agenda 21,” which is the Action Plan implementing world government in the 21st century. Shaw delivers a powerful presentation, “The Ultimate War: Globalism vs. America.” The Ultimate War: Globalism vs America In this exposé he illustrates the local infiltration of globalist policy in the community in which he is speaking. Shaw leads which is dedicated to providing news and information on what America stands for and how Agenda 21 is designed to transform America and the human experience. For further reading, visit and check in regularly for information posted at the Town Crier.










The system is creating ‘free’ money to jam the insiders with interest free money to keep them guiding the globalist political-economic Trojan horse a while longer.