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By Michael Shaw

September 10, 2007

Peter Darbee has been the chief executive officer of California’s Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) for approximately two years. Pacific Gas and Electric was the first utility to support California’s global warming legislation. This should come as no surprise as PG&E’s commitment to “Sustainable” policy was evident as far back as the 1992 Rio UN Conference where the globalist Sustainable program and the global warming agenda were laid out and embraced by chosen participants.

Since then, PG&E has been active in the promotion of setting the stage for limiting the prospects of individual opportunity and collective improvement. The Company was one of few business participants (Ken Lay on behalf of Enron was another) to engage on Bill Clinton’s “Council for Sustainable Development.” In summary, Sustainable Development calls for the abolition of private property, the formation of world government and a reduced human population. This is accomplished via the program of so-called “Three E’s.”

The Three E’s are equity, economy and environment.

Equity is the restructure of human nature. Like Communism, it relies on a system of social justice that works to abolish private property in order to pursue the “common good.” The pursuit of a centrally determined “common good” ultimately requires the force of a police state to suppress individual freedoms.

Sustainable Development Economics rely on Fabian socialist economics which like Italian fascism, rely on business that want the protection afforded by government’s legalized force and government that wants the power of business. Today this is called “public /private partnerships.” Sustainable Development redefines free trade to mean centralized global trade “freely” crossing national borders in order to effect an international redistribution of American natural and financial resources. NGO’s and non-profits are used as bridges to transform the system of American economy by destroying free enterprise and abolishing private property step by step.

[See DVD Understanding the NAU & Public Private Partnerships]

The politically based Environmental movement provides Sustainable Developers camouflage as they work to transform the American system of government, justice and economics. Sustainable development is not about saving nature. It is about a revolutionary coup in America. It is about establishing global governance and abandoning the principles of Natural Law.

Sustainable Development is best characterized as "fascist Communism."

The San Jose Mercury, a corporate supporter of globalist Sustainable policy recently featured Darbee and PGE in its July 22 business section headline “The Green Machine.” Darbee himself is quoted regarding a real purpose of Sustainable policy – the contraction of the American economy. Darbee said, ”So when other companies talk to me about their interest in energy efficiency and selling less of their product, but you look at their business model and their business model says to do that they would make less money, I don’t believe them.”

Darbee does not consider the science that supports the fact that CO2 increases are an effect of warming not a cause of warming. (See Global Warming Swindle) He buys into the globalist hysteria that is designed to devastate the American economy and destroy the American dollar. After all, he says, “What I was hearing, was global warming is occurring, mankind is responsible, utilities emit 40% of CO2. The conclusion that I came to as an individual and CEO was [ ] to find out: Is my Company doing something that is hurting the climate and the earth?”

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Climate change is, and always has been, in progress. Evidence of human cause as to current warming is weak; the policy now embraced by PG&E will hurt Californians, and the California economy. Labeling this as “green policy” is a ruse covering up the very dark consequences of Sustainable Development and global warming policy.

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Michael Shaw is a Californian where he is a licensed attorney and has practiced as a Certified Public Accountant. For over 20 years he has owned and operated a multi state self storage company. He is President of Freedom and writes and speaks on Sustainable Development, which he characterizes as "America's greatest threat ever."

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Sustainable Development uses the environment as an excuse to cover its real purposes. Those purposes are the establishment of transformed American systems of Justice and Economics...