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By Michael Shaw

December 16, 2005



The Nature Conservancy is a beneficiary of a public/private partnership - the remake of the American economic system. As inside players in the Sustainable Development scam, the Nature Conservancy has harmed many lives. Public private partnerships scheme to implement the Wildlands Project in order to take global corporate control of land and resources.

Public/private partnerships invite insider corruption

The financing shenanigans of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) are well documented. The Washington Post ran a three day front page expose which has lead to an ongoing Senate investigation. Before the Post expose, Range Magazine ran a detailed and very thorough investigation of TNC operations. Former San Francisco Chronicle journalist, Tim Findley broke this story for Range with a superior piece of journalism. Findley has been interviewed on the Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio Show where he called TNC the "most sinister organization in America".

The Nature Conservancy does not play fairly with ordinary people. They coordinate with government and others to gain massive land grabs.

The Nature Conservancy takes control, directly or by conservation easement, of the management and use of the lands and natural resources owned by private citizens. TNC is a collaborating partner with the American Wildlands Project. TNC acquires land interests from battered "willing sellers" while coordinating with other "partners" such as government regulatory agencies and various "Non-Governmental Organizations". People become "willing sellers" as a result of legislative or regulatory entanglements, agency abuse, tax funded windfalls (bribes), or judicial threats.

The Nature Conservancy business model demonstrates the economic premise of Sustainable Development.

Beginning at least as early as the 80's the ideology of Fabian socialist economics began its accelerating hold. Then it was called “privatization” or “third way.” Today the warm and fuzzy term for the economics of the Fabian inspired global Sustainable Development [see: Liberty or Sustainable Development video] program is "public/private partnership." The purpose of global to local public/private partnerships is to secure globally managed corporate socialism. By definition, an economy based on public/private partnership eliminates free enterprise and liberty itself. With this economic model comes an advancing police state.

Transforming America

From Texas, Maine, North Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, and all across America, TNC is routinely identified by rural residents as a major threat to their way of life. The pattern is very clear. TNC pretends to rescue the environment. In fact, TNC is an integral part of the Sustainable goal of centralized control over the world's natural resources. TNC is participating in the creation of a global governance system that abandons Natural Law and Equal Justice.

At the new Pajaro Valley High School in Watsonville, California, students are being trained in "global citizenship". Selected students have been identified and are being assigned field work in the Watsonville sloughs as ‘swamp restorationists'. Perhaps they are being prepared for an ultimate assignment to the Nature Conservancy under quickly evolving federal education policies that transform the nature of education. Children are no longer being given facts and information needed to a live life of their own.

Support for the TNC - and the web to which TNC belongs - is to sanction our own victim hood.

© 2005 Michael Shaw - All Rights Reserved

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Michael Shaw is a founder and director of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz and is a frequent host of the nationally syndicated Freedom 21 Santa Cruz Radio Show. He holds degrees in Political Science and Law and has practiced as an attorney and as a Certified Public Accountant. For 20 years he has implemented Abundance Ecology land management techniques on land he owns on the central coast of California. His success at creating an indigenous plant wonderland is unparalleled. Details are available at

Michael Shaw is also successfully litigating Sustainable Development policies with two California Counties (Alameda and Santa Cruz). These actions are redressing government theft of the reasonable use of private property. More information on the Nature Conservancy and Sustainable Development (research documents, subject topic articles, radio archives, neighborhood tools to counter Sustainable Development and free subscription to The Report) is available at

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The Nature Conservancy takes control, directly or by conservation easement, of the management and use of the lands and natural resources owned by private citizens.