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By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.
January 15, 2013


"I believe what Republican Abraham Lincoln believed: That government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more." --Barack Obama

Horse Manure! What our imperialist president means is that the government, in his mind, must maintain absolute control over the thoughts and actions of the great unwashed that they might be collectively subject to totalitarian rigid discipline, order, and systematization. In this regard he is much like Abraham Lincoln, that great flamboyant deceiver who regimented a nation by the instrument of war; a war that he conceived and set into motion unilaterally in spite of opposition by the people - or their representatives - whom he was elected to serve domestically and represent internationally as president.


I am sick and tired of hearing the propaganda that this dim-witted dictator was a great emancipator and of the continued deification and worship of this destroyer of the Republic. If I have to read or hear one more time of him being a poor rail-splitter or of the scribbling of his homework on a slate with charcoal I am going to heave. This is all just fictional schoolbook propaganda; he was in fact a political authoritarian centralist, a rich corporate lawyer, and a totalistic dictator of a dimension no less destructive than an Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin. And he was every bit as heartless and cruel, under his rule six hundred twenty-five thousand people were unceremoniously murdered and hideously assailed in every conceivable filthy mode and manner.

That this numbskull, Obama, fancies himself as a reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln should be a dire warning to a free and independent people who value and esteem the Constitution and the freedom and liberties that it provides.

It is pretty difficult to escape the notion that Obama has similar notions in regard to unifying the United States as a component of a one-world international system by the same means that Lincoln destroyed the Republic and institutionalized a centralized government. By war if necessary, just give him enough rope and you will learn that lesson the hard way.

All of the Constitutional evasions that have been imparted to recent presidents have their roots and foundation in similar acts by Abraham Lincoln. Are you reading this, Bill O'Reilly? You should be as you are a major promoter of this dastardly potentate.

Thomas J. DiLorenzo is the author of "The Real Lincoln" and "Lincoln Unmasked" DeLorenzo is a professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he has written for the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Washington Post, Reader's Digest, Barron's, and many other publications. His books authoritatively document the egregious and totalitarian excesses of Abraham Lincoln and his administration, I would suggest that the readers of this article obtain copies of his books and be amazed by their accuracy and the scholarly documentation of the criminal endeavors of America's greatest dictator.

Here is a partial delineation of the components of his dictatorial platform, which destroyed the Republic and can be expected to furnish and encompass the guiding principles of the Obama domination.

Lincoln instituted a war (against his own American citizens) without an authorization by Congress. He stepped all over the First Amendment and free speech by censorship of the media, he suspended habeas corpus, imprisoned - without trial - thousands of Northern citizens, employed Federal troops to interfere with elections, and confiscated private property…including firearms in violation of the Second Amendment. And he effectively nullified the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution. No greater American tyrant ever existed, that he is deified and worshipped by deluded historians, movie producers and movie directors brings into question the intelligence of those who would claim as historic and reverential his previously delineated criminal intrigues. The recent movie "Lincoln" is a propagandist piece of crap.

To disagree with Lincoln was to invite arrest by the military and incarceration in military controlled internment prisons, and we are rapidly approaching the coming together of a dictatorship controlled by Obama that exhibits the same characteristics. Be warned people your power to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints is in great jeopardy and tenuous at best.


Make no mistake about it Obama will prevail and succeed with the abolishment and confiscation of firearms and ammunition. The cave-in by our worthless Congress in the face of his imperial demands for more taxes portends ill for any chance of preserving the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. This sucker knows full well that that a disarmed people cannot prevail against a criminally inclined totalitarian government. He will win, just as he did on the tax issue. Be reminded of this each time that you look at your payroll stub and when you file your 10-40 return.

Obama will confiscate guns, and then will completely dismantle what little is left of the Constitution. It is just a matter of time.

It is a nation of sectionalized, mongrelized, immoral, and dependent people that have neither the will, the inclination, or the courage that was exhibited by the people of the Confederacy in the face of tyranny. What Lincoln started, Obama will finish. The people of this nation love comfort, possessions, and good times well above liberty. This becomes more evident with each passing day.

We are at the point of our last chance to preserve one nation under God:

You are the children that God dearly loves. So be just like him. Lead a life of love, just as Christ did. He loved us. He gave himself up for us. He was a sweet-smelling offering and sacrifice to God.

There should not be even a hint of sexual sin among you. Don't do anything unclean. And do not always want more and more. Things like that are not what God's holy people should do.

There must not be any unclean speech or foolish talk or dirty jokes. All of them are out of place. Instead, you should give thanks.

Here is what you can be sure of. Those who give themselves over to sexual sins are lost. So are people whose lives are not pure. The same is true of those who always want more and more. People who do those things might as well worship statues of gods. No one who does them will receive a share in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Don't let anyone fool you with words that don't mean anything. Because of things like that, God is angry with those who don't obey. So don't go along with people like that.

At one time you were in the dark. But now you are in the light because of what the Lord has done. Live like children of the light. The light produces what is completely good, right and true.

Find out what pleases the Lord.

Have nothing to do with the acts of darkness. They don't produce anything good. Show what they are really like. It is shameful even to talk about what people who don't obey do in secret.

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But everything the light shines on can be seen. Light makes everything clear. That is why it is said,

"Wake up, sleeper.
Rise from the dead.
Then Christ will shine on you."

So be very careful how you live. Do not live like people who aren't wise. Live like people who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity. The days are evil. So don't be foolish. Instead, understand what the Lord wants. You are the children that God dearly loves. So be just like him. Lead a life of love, just as Christ did. He loved us. He gave himself up for us. He was a sweet-smelling offering and sacrifice to God.


� 2013 - Jim R. Schwiesow - All Rights Reserved

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Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.










There should not be even a hint of sexual sin among you. Don't do anything unclean. And do not always want more and more. Things like that are not what God's holy people should do.