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By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.
July 20, 2011


It is with a modicum of embarrassment that I lead off this article with a bit of mea culpa in regard to a piece of misinformation that was included in my last writing, The State of the Nation. In that composition I imputed the following quote to George W. Bush: “The Constitution is just a goddam piece of paper.” That contention was in fact not just a misstatement, but rather a repeating of a complete fabrication that was picked up and stated as gospel.

George W. Bush - who seems lately to have taken on a mythical persona as the great patriotic deliverer of the nation from an also mythical scenario of a near total destruction at the hands of a disorganized rabble of Islamic Jihadists - said and did many stupid things, but he did not make that statement. It is essential in a civilized society that one respect the truth, this especially in a time when it seems that none from the president and the congress on down looks upon the truth as a virtue or an admirable quality. As my dear departed Mother would say, “Be that as it may my dear, it is necessary and important that one always speaks the truth.” And so I make my amends to George and to my readers for that delusive quote.

If old George’s reign had not been such a total disaster I might in fact be conscience-stricken, but since nearly everything that he did as president was absolutely calamitous and contrary to the preservation of the Constitution and the Republic the remorse factor of my confession has been greatly mitigated.

George W. Bush literally destroyed social cohesion in the United States with his multi-cultural policies. His cuddlesome relationship with a Mexican president who encouraged an illegal across the border out-migration of his own indigent nationals - in order to evade financial responsibility for their well-being - encouraged in the United States lawlessness, fragmented social stability, disrupted educational, health, and human services institutional integrity, and emptied the coffers of the state and local governments that were forced by federal mandates to assume the costs for the welfare of the illegal hoards that poured into their environs.

The president who refused to provide for the security of his own borders was not at all bashful about disrespecting and violating the sovereignty and territory of the weaker middle-eastern states that provided for him an excuse to flex a U.S. military might that now seems to be at the unilateral beck and call of whichever president occupies the oval office. George W. Bush’s belligerency knew no bounds and his propensity to initiate undeclared wars to the dire peril of millions of non-combatants was likewise without limitation. Although George W. Bush did not call the Constitution a goddam piece of paper he most certainly viewed it as such. His unconscionable Patriot Act disengaged and negated the guarantees and protections of the Bill of Rights and swallowed up the liberties of the American people.

But, by far the worst thing that George W. Bush ever accomplished was to, by virtue of his sorry and disastrous eight year tenure; ensure the election of the high- steppin’ egalitarian incompetent bungler that currently occupies the office of president and rules over the nation as a king sitting on a throne. George Bush used to take an occasional trip to the ranch for a vacation this one routinely rounds up mama and the brood and jets off in royal splendor to the tune of billions, one could bail out the states that the socialists have bankrupted with the money that this sucker wastes. We are now living in a banana republic under the control of a two-bit third-world oriented despot, atta boy George; we owe it all to you.


This nation and its people are not just slouching towards Gomorrah; they have completed the trip and await an impending doom. I often receive mail from readers who remind me of the period of grace that was granted to a repentant Nineveh. The suggestion is that there is still time for a contrite people to save their sinful hides and preserve their hedonic lifestyles. There are many pleasures of the flesh that have yet to be sampled and savored, and a plethora of worldly ventures to pursue.

The difference between the people of Nineveh and the people of the United States is that the people of Nineveh believed in an unlimited God who could deliver upon a recalcitrant people fire and brimstone or other dreadful and frightening forms of retribution and condemnation. The people of the United States have bought into the ignorant existentialist doctrine that men are themselves gods and indwelled with the spiritual power to determine their own destiny. Like the Antediluvians and the misfortunate wretches of Gomorrah and its sister city Sodom these are destined to go down with the ship.

If there is or ever was a period of grace for this nation and the people who populate it we have been living through it for the past fifty years and it is long used up. Prepare for the worst.


Recently I ran across the following message displayed upon the letter board of a free-standing church marquee: “WE ARE A CONGREGATION OF ORDINARY PEOPLE SERVING AN ORDINARY GOD”

I don’t know which god these people serve, but they certainly do not serve my God. My God is unlimited and unfettered, He is the force that powers the Universe and the creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is in and of the heavens and the earth. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. He lives in every bird that sings His songs and in every drop of rain that replenishes His earth. By His power we draw breath and our hearts beat, and it is by His grace that we survive and thrive. There is nothing ordinary about Him; He is extraordinary in every capacity and in every way, to suggest otherwise it to demean His glory and His holiness.


“Hell is naked before him, and destruction hath no covering. He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. He bindeth up the waters in his thick clouds; and the cloud is not rent under them. He holdeth back the face of his throne, and spreadeth his cloud upon it. He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end. The pillars of heaven tremble and are astonished at his reproof. He divideth the sea with his power, and by his understanding he smiteth through the proud. By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent. Lo, these are parts of his ways: but how little a portion is heard of him? but the thunder of his power who can understand?” Job 26:6-14


One wonders if the sick and sorry narration of the Casey Anthony episode will ever end. The nation’s media milks the notoriousness of the seemingly never ending continuum for every last prurient and salacious morsel of evil. They are like vultures upon a rotten carcass. Indeed it is a tale that exposes the deep filthiness and debasement of a people. Not only does it reveal the rotten heart of a murderess and the baseness of the society that produced her, it opens up to inspection the degradation of the judicial system and highlights the abasement of the character of the individuals within that system.

I include in this last statement the lawyers, some of the witness - including Casey’s own mama - and most especially the jurors who covered themselves with dishonor and disgrace by their failure as decent human beings to render a just and proper verdict.

The court proceedings pertinent to the case, including the trial, were convoluted and extraordinarily tedious. Much court time was dedicated to extraneous issues that were neither relevant nor appropriate to the matter at hand. Most of these were floated by the defense in a desperate effort to occlude the pertinent facts of the case, which were that a despicable trollop chloroformed her 2 year old daughter that she might be unconscious and out of the way so that her mother would be free to party and engage in promiscuous serial sex.

During the course of her mothers’ orgies little Caylee was either asphyxiated or overdosed by a Chloroform saturated rag that had been duct taped to her face and died. Following her death mama Casey hid her body in the trunk of her car and later transferred it to a wooded area where the decaying process that had began in the trunk of the car continued to the point that she could be identified only by forensic means.

Casey neglected to report the disappearance of her daughter for a period of twenty-nine days and it was only at the insistence of her anxious grandparents that the little tyke was finally reported as missing. The fact is that during the entire period of time that little Caylee was missing good-time Casey continued her debauchery at the local night spots, knowing good and well that her little girl lay moldering in the woods.

So desperate was Casey Anthony to escape the penalty for the crime that she had committed that among other delusive tactics she attempted to divert attention from her foul soul by fabricating a tale that her father had molested her during childhood. Certainly a conscious less hollow excuse for a human being - a lover of self - that kills her own daughter and discards her remains like a sack of garbage would have no compunction about slandering the character of her father.

Enter now the second most despicable character in this putrid real-life drama, Casey’s attorney Jose Baez. This unconscionable creep saw this case as an opportunity for fame and fortune and he was not one bit reticent about shedding any semblance of integrity or probity in his quest for such. His tactics were basic and simple and quite befitting a simpleton such as he, the plan was to throw a ton of imaginative crap against the wall in hopes that some of it would stick.

Now a reasonable person would think that twelve supposed intelligent people would be resistant to such a blatantly stupid contrivance, but not these jurors. All any defense attorney has to do these days is utter the words reasonable doubt and jurors believe that they have to have witnessed the smoking gun in the hands of the accused. These dimwits swallowed hook, line, and sinker the implausible story that little Caylee accidentally drowned in papa Anthony’s swimming pool and granddad being the cad that he was made out to be by his loving daughter and her shyster attorney covered up her death.

Of course in order to make this entire stratagem fly with the jurors it was deemed necessary to do away with the Chloroform evidence, the duct tape evidence, the putrefaction odor in Casey’s car, Casey’s failure to report her daughter’s disappearance, and the long string of lies by Casey relative to Caylee’s death, including the whopper that she was kidnapped and killed by a fictitious nanny. All of this was accomplished by calling Casey’s mother Cindy to testify in behalf of the defense. Cindy was given the task of throwing herself on the sword in behalf of her murdering daughter.

This she did with remarkable aplomb by testifying that it was in fact she rather than her daughter who did the internet search for Chloroform and its properties and effects. She was lying through her teeth, which was later proven. But apparently Florida prosecutors choose not to prosecute instances of intentional and blatant perjury in capital cases. When one contemplates the facts of this event one has to marvel at the abject stupidity of the individual jurors who heard the case. My, my, my and tsk, tsk, tsk.

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When one seriously studies the case it is glaringly evident why Casey is what she is. Poor George married an emasculating woman and the family structure was turned on its head. It is a situation that is repeated millions of times in millions of homes across this nation today. It is also a situation that is encouraged by social reformists and caused to flourish by a seriously defective judiciary. Take note and take heed there are millions of Caseys’ among us today in our society, don’t expect justice should one of them make you a victim.

And that dear reader is all that I have at this sitting, where will you be when the sky falls and the earth is turned inside out. Give it some thought.

� 2011 - Jim R. Schwiesow - All Rights Reserved

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Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.










George W. Bush literally destroyed social cohesion in the United States with his multi-cultural policies.