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By Jon Christian Ryter

October 19, 2004 and several other liberal 527 voter registration groups funded by George Soros, Peter B. Lewis, the CEO of Progressives Insurance, and Teresa Heinz-Kerry's Tides Foundations, such as America Coming Together (ACT). New Voters' Project, America Votes, and Students for a Democratic Society. Soros and are also financing several more radical groups such as Act-Up and Barrio Warriors who have gotten deeply involved in voter registration drives in what Democrats construe as the key battleground States (where close Senate races are every bit as important as the race for the White House). Most of the Democratic voter registration drives appear to be racked with fraud as liberal activists attempt to register�as lawful voters�children as young as 13 and 14 years of age, and both legal and illegal alien residents on the grounds that because the decisions of the White House affect their lifestyle, everyone in America (who will vote for their candidate) should have a voice in selecting the occupant of the Oval Office. Because as the Democrats struggle to register millions of ineligible voters, the fight to disenfranchise the military vote�which is expected to go overwhelmingly for Bush (approximately 70% of the military vote this time is anticipated to be Republican)�has already begun in earnest as Democratic lawyers file lawsuits to disenfranchise the military by delaying the mailings of oversees ballots (which will assure that those ballots will not arrive back in the United States in time to be counted), and to invalidate any ballot that arrives in an envelop without a valid USPS postmark. In the same token, Democrats have engaged in a mass marketing effort to make sure that all registered Democrat American citizens living abroad receive absentee ballots�and instructions how to make sure their votes are counted as their laywers launch lawsuits designed to disenfranchise those who are shedding their blood on foreign soil on legal technicalities that those in harm's way have no control over.

In New Mexico, Albuquerque police officer Glen Stout became concerned when his 13-year old son received a voter registration card�as did one of his son's 15-year old friends. What that means is that Stout's son and the 15-year old neighbor are legally entitled to vote in the State of New Mexico without the fear of being challenged since a law pushed through that State's Democratically-controlled legislature and signed into law by Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson earlier this year prevents precinct workers at any of New Mexico's polls from asking for any form of identification from any voter, or asking their age�even if fraud is obvious.

The fraud the Republicans fear most is that from illegal aliens whose identities and citizenship status cannot be checked under the Democratic "voters' rights" law. Most of the illegals were registered through third party registration groups. Phyllis Lamb, of the New Mexico Bureau of Elections said that people who registered through third parties are construed to be legally registered since those who register in person no longer have to show identification to prove [a] they are a resident of the State, [b] that they are not registered to vote elsewhere by verifying a permanent address within the State of New Mexico�and also within that voting precinct, and [c] that they are an American citizen over the age of 18, and that they have a constitutional right to vote in a national election for the President of the United States.

Barrio Warriors, Act-Up and have actively engaged in re-registered people who are already registered (suggesting that they are attempting to create two voters where only one exists), and in registering non-citizens� mostly illegal aliens from Mexico in States like New Mexico where poll workers cannot question a voter's eligibility. It is becoming clear as these third party voter registrations are examined in those States that have a legal right to question them that as many as 50% of the approximately 10 million new "voters" who have been registered across the United States are either ex-convicts (in States that deny them the right to vote), non-citizens that do not possess a constitutional right to vote, minors under the age of 18 who signed voter registration cards at one of the George Soros-Bruce Springsteen concerts (or in covert registration drives in several high schools around the nation), or they are people who have been registered and re-registered two or more times, opening the door for caravans of migrant voters that move from precinct to precinct voting names that have been assigned to them. In one instance, the Election Board in one State discovered that several people had signed as many as 35 voter registration cards each. Because the registrations were submitted by liberal voter registration 527s, the fraud was dismissed as the actions of a few overzealous workers who, because they were being paid for each signed voter registration, their friends simply wanted to help them earn some extra money.

ACT, working with the Service Employees International Union {SEIU), the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) (which, legally, cannot participate in political campaigning) and formed a new banner group, America Votes, to register "first time voters" in what they view as the critical swing States�Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Colorado Gov. Bill Owens accused America Votes of trying to undermine the election process with the tactics they are using, and asked the Colorado attorney general to investigation hundreds of questionable voter registration applications in that State. "I am very concerned," Owens said, "that such groups have [deliberately] registered people whoa re not qualified to vote." Susan Casey, John Kerry's state director did what Democrats caught with their hand in the cookie jar always do�she lamely responded that the governor is simply trying to scare people away from the polls on election day. She said these tactics, on the part of the Republicans, were the result of polls that showed that Kerry was in a dead heat with Bush. She also noted that high voter turnout generally favors the Democrats.

According to a 66-page Democratic National Committee strategy manual made public by Internet guru Matt Drudge on Thursday, the DNC is already planning to challenge the election results�suggesting the Democrats have a pretty good idea that regardless how many illegal votes they are able to sneak into the voting booths across the country, they still anticipate losing the election. "If no signs of [voter] intimidation [by Republicans] have emerged yet, launch a preemptive strike [by arguing that voters are being intimidated]." The manual suggests that the Kerry Campaign should rely on DNC party officials, minority rights organizations, and civil rights leaders�i.e., Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton�to accuse the GOP of wrongdoing. (That is pretty much what Al Gore did in 2000. So it appears the Democrats have simply dusted off the 2000 playbook, added a few new twists, and are planning to use a modified version of the Gore tactics to try to steal the White House in 2004 by using black activists like Jackson and Sharpton to denounce the Republicans while allowing the Kerry Campaign to keep up the appearance of being above the fray while the Bush people have to defend themselves, making them look partisan�which, again, is precisely what Al Gore did in 2000.)

Part of that strategy is needed because John Kerry has not connected with the Black voters in America who are angry because the Kerry camp has grouped all minorities together�Blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals in an effort to use African-American suffrage to legitimize homosexual marriage. The African-American community is deeply offended by this tactic, and as a result, it appears that many middle-class minorities will either sit out the election, vote for Bush, or cast a protest vote for Ralph Nader. Kerry, like Gore before him, will use past voting record of African-Americans in those precincts to claim vote fraud robbed Kerry of those votes, and demand either a recount or a revote.

Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams, a Black Republican (who was one of the speakers at the Republican National Convention), denounced the DNC strategy, saying that "...Democratic operatives have been suggesting that Republicans would engage in voter intimidation. The allegation," he said, "is not new, but very untrue. As I look at this 66-page guide, it says, 'If no signs of intimidation occur, launch a preemptive strike.' What that means is if there is no evidence�and I don't expect there will be�just make it up and talk about it anyway. The problem is that John Kerry has not connected with the African-American voters, and he's trying to gin up his base."

Democratic spokesman Jano Cabrera spun it as best he could. "We make no apologies for fighting these tactics by exposing the dirty tricks when they happen and helping educate local officials and activists about past Republican tactics so they can prevent them from occurring this year."

The difference this year, of course, will be 100 UN monitors from 25 European nations�none of whom are wildly excited about America�all of who are charged with the responsibility of making sure that the Election of 2004 is "fair and transparent" through the eyes of those who scream the loudest�the minorities whom everyone assumes will be disenfranchised as the Democrats covertly attempt to disenfranchise middle class America.

Adding to the dilemma, Democrats anticipate hundreds, if not thousands, of complaints of vote tampering, poll access, and other voting rights violations will be filed with the Justice Department as the Kerry Campaign's 25,000 or more lawyers demand recounts or the disqualification of what will largely be Republican votes on Nov. 2. Democrats are already filing lawsuits "in anticipation" of problems, claiming the Bush Justice Department is wholly unprepared because it was so wrapped up in Bush's war on terrorism that it had no interest in developing a comprehensive plan to track and document complaints in order to swiftly deal with allegations of GOP wrongdoing.

� 2004 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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In New Mexico, Albuquerque police officer Glen Stout became concerned when his 13-year old son received a voter registration card�as did one of his son's 15-year old friends.