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"Men in Black" The Cult of The Judges



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By Jon Christian Ryter
March 3, 2010

Remember when America learned that AIG (America International Group), one of the companies to receive billions in bailout dollars from working class taxpayers, used $165 million of that money to pay bonuses to hedge fund sellers?

To begin with, the American people were furious that, on a strict partyline vote, Democrats with a super majority in both the House and Senate, spent what turned out be $3.6 trillion in bailout bucks that was supposed to rescue the housing industry, save the car industry, and most of all, save the rest of us by bailing out the banking industry. (It is important that you remember this now, because in less than nine months we have an obligation under the Constitution of the United States to throw the thieves out of Congress. And, if we are smart, once we throw them out, we will charge both the bankers and those who took bribes from the princes of industry, and the barons of business and banking in the form of campaign contributions, to enact the theft legislation of 2009 with felony malfeasance and lock them up until the "Theft of 2009" is repaid to the taxpayers of the United States.)

But, hold that thought about the big banker bonuses. We're coming back to it. And, if what I tell you doesn't get you mad enough to march on Washington and physically throw Congressmen and Senators out of the House and Senate and into the middle of traffic on 1st Street NE and Pennsylvania Avenue, nothing will.

When British Parliament member Daniel Hannan spoke before the European Union Parliament on March 26, 2009, about the "stimulus" theft in England, Hannan told the assemblage that the wealthy globalists of Europe (and we're talking about the super-rich bluebloods) think the middle class of all of the industrialized nations have a moral obligation to surrender their own affluence and saddle themselves with trillions of dollars of debt to fund the industrialization of the the third world. (It should be noted that Hannan, speaking directly to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, mentioned that the Labor Party—with a super majority—had already nationalized the banks and the auto industry...hmm...does any of this sound familiar?)


I have no idea what limits have legislatively been placed on the British parliament by either statutory or common law, but under the Constitution of the United States, contrary to the view of the legislators and the courts, the explanatory preamble of Constitution is not an implied right of government. It is merely an explanation of what the Constititon is supposed to accomplish. It does not give legislators or federal judges the authority to assume power reserved exclusively to the States and the people under the 10th Amendment. The framework of law is found only in the seven articles of law which constitute the entire Constitution of the United States. Additional protection is afforded to the people under the Bill of Rights. The value of of the 12th through the 27th Amendments are still being debated by Constititional scholars—particularly the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th Amendments, none of which were constitutionally ratified.

Barack Hussein Obama, who prides himself as being a student of history, actually needs to read a little bit of American history by pre-socialist historians (i.e., pre-1955 copyright). For example, in the article, Amending the Constitution by Eraser (click on hyperlink), I recalled an incident where two term Congressman Davy Crockett was campaigning for re-election in 1830. He was not re-elected. Crockett, a hero in every hollow in Tennessee found voter backlash against him throughout his entire Congressional district. What did Crockett do to upset the voters? He voted "aye" on a humanitarian bill that provided $20 thousand to rebuild several row houses in Georgetown that burned to the ground one blustery cold winter night in 1829. The fire left several families homeless. Stumping for votes, Crockett ran to a farmer named Horatio Bunce who flatly told Crockett he was not going to vote for him. Asked why, Bunce told Crockett that Congress had no authority to give his taxes to private citizens, adding that "...when Congress stretches its power beyond the limits of the Constitution, there is not limit to it, and no security for the people." The people of Tennessee flatly rejected Crockett in 1830 for giving taxpayer money to private projects. Think about that in November, too.

But more important, think about this. This self-educated farmer, Horatio Bunce, had a more comprehensive understanding of what the US Constitution allows, and disallows, lawmakers to do than college educated Americans today. The fault lies with an educational system that has been taken over by the federal government and uses textbooks written by the world's wealthiest foundations which are determined to create world governmentthat is long on totalitarianism and short on liberty.

Which brings us back to Daniel Hannan is his statement about the growing, global financial crisis that grips Europe, and Gordon Brown's takeover of the banks and auto industry. Does any of this sound familiar? When Hannan told Brown that he had " out of our money....Every British child is born owing around £20 thousand," did that sound familiar?

First, its important to understand how this "financial crisis" came about. The socialist far left and the far left GOP members who felt comfortable being bankrolled by globalists, would like you to think that when the subprime mortgage industry collapsed, it triggered a national banking crisis that caused the problem. Second, its important to understand that the US banking crisis was fabricated by the Federal Reserve with one regulation designed to make it appear that about a third of the US banks were on the verge of collapse when none of them were. The subprime mortgage industry collapse was triggered by that same regulation. It's called "mark to market."

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The princes of industry and the barons of banking and business knew the American people would not sit still for the Jesse James legislation they planned to push through Congress like John Dillinger and Ma Barker robbing a bank, unless they really believed that a genuine, catastrophic financial crisis threatened not only them but their children and their children's children. "Mark to market" is a Fed rule that devalues the assets held by banks by forcing mortgage banks to devalue the collateral they are holding on their loans. It's a paper "sleight-of-hand" that makes it appear that a bank that was solvent at 9 a.m. when they opened their doors for business was suddenly insolvent at 9:05 a.m. when the bank manager read the Fed regulation. For part two click below.

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I have no idea what limits have legislatively been placed on the British parliament by either statutory or common law, but under the Constitution of the United States, contrary to the view of the legislators and the courts, the explanatory preamble of Constitution is not an implied right of government.