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By Jon Christian Ryter
October 19, 2008

The State of Virginia, the military "capital" of the United States, has not voted for a Democratic Presidential candidate since it cast its electoral votes for Lyndon B. Johnson—and a continued presence in Vietnam—in 1964. According to the liberal media, suddenly Virginia is the unexpected battleground that will likely decide the Election of 2008. In 2000, Democratic nominee Al Gore, Jr. correctly predicted that the race would be decided by Florida voters. In 2004, Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry correctly predicted that race would be settled in Ohio. Earlier this month both Democratic presidential nominee Barack Hussein Obama and Virginia's liberal Democratic governor, Tim Kaine, both opined that the Election of 2008 would be decided by Virginians. Virginia is a critical State for the far left this year because not only is there an extremist liberal running for President, former Virginia Governor Mark Warner—a liberal who supports a date-certain withdrawal from Iraq—is vying for the US Senate seat of retiring Sen. John Warner, a pro-military Republican moderate. Warner's seat is also being sought by an equally popular former Republican Governor Jim Gilmore, who supported the surge in Iraq. The left absolutely needs Warner's seat and its almost a certainty that the dead will rise in Virginia to vote against military-minded John Sidney McCain in the most military state in the union.

In addition to the the White House and Warner's US Senate seat, the left has posted "do not resuscitate" signs over the reelection campaigns of 4th term Republican Congressman Randy Forbes (Chesapeake); 10th term Republican Frank Wolfe ((Herndon); 11th term Republican Tom Davis (Annandale)—and they would also like to administer nonsectarian last rites to 5th term Congressman Virgil Goode, Jr. and 6th term Bob Goodlatte (Roanoke) even though those two are in fairly conservative areas.

The Washington Post noted that Obama " trying to end 44 years of Republican dominance and become the first Democrat since Lyndon B. Johnson to carry the State. McCain's challenge," the Post article continued, "is more immediate, as he has less than three weeks to reverse polls that show a trend against him." Sounds logical. But there is an inherent flaw in the truth because it fails to factor history into the accounting. Virginia is a Democratic State because its roots are tied to the Jeffersonian Democratic Party (which isn't remotely related to the Marxist version of democracy we have in the Democratic Party today).

Virginian Democrats (at least those who invest their own sweat equity in their nation, their State and their community by toiling 8 to 12 hours a day to provide for their families), are Jeffersonian Democrats not Marxist Democrats. They don't believe, as suggested by Obama running mate Joe Biden that it is patriotic to let politicians drain individual sweat equity from the middle class to achieve the redistribution of their "wealth: (i.e., sweat equity) to those who think this nation owes them a living because their ancestors may have been slaves. Anyone who agrees to let the federal government act as their personal banker and spend their money to enrich those who feel it is the obligation of society to provide for them because work is beneath them, or those whose idea of "work" is collecting a welfare check or sitting on a curb with a sign and a tin cup are stupid

Frankly, that political philosophy is stupid and suggesting it in a political campaign presupposes that the voters are blind idiots. (And, sadly, many of them are.) .The promise of America to its citizens is not economic equality. It is only that the poorest man among us has as much right to liberty as the richest man among us; and that freedom is a gift given to all men by God and not by self-serving politicians who have come to see themselves as gods. The promise of this nation is that each of us would, by law, have an equal chance to be whatever we can be, based not on government largess, but based on our own intelligence, our own business acumen, our own common sense, and the sweat of our own brow.

In life, some will success, some will fail. All this nation offers is a chance to try, not a guarantee you will succeed. No where in the Constitution of the United States did the people bequeath to government the right to guarantee anyone financial equality by taxing one class of people to specifically elevate another specifically to shackle them to both the feeding trough of the State and the voting booth which guarantees that the poor, to keep their entitlements, must re-elect the politiicians who, themselves are shackled to the money barons who control their votes in Congress.

When Obama expressed concern about the regulations governing out-of-state voting of college students in Virginia, Obama appealed to Gov. Tim Kaine, to waive the rules for colleges students—especially those attending Norfolk State University, which is one of the nation's largest black universities. In the end, with ACORN people working the ploy, the rule was applied to those, with out-of-state ID claiming to be college students attending classes on colleges or universities anywhere in the State—without the need to prove they were full-time students with temporary roots tied to the Virginia community where they were claiming the right to vote.

Norfolk alone represented several thousand Obama votes. In a close election, the votes cast by the student body of Norfolk State University could easily control who gets Virginia's 13 electoral votes. In other words, out-of-state college students who are most likely also registered to vote in their home States, could decide whether Virginia votes Republican or Democrat this year and, quite possibly, which nominee becomes the 44th President of the United States.

Since there are almost as many colleges and universities in Norfolk, Virginia as there are churches, Kaine had Obama appeal directly to the City of Norfolk to waive the regulations for registering college students to vote. Sadly for the people of Norfolk County and the 239 thousand residents of the City of Norfolk, the integrity of their election has been compromised because, as the Norfolk Electoral Board noted in a statement it issued when the waiver was made, by eliminating the regulation it is impossible to determine the residency status of any college student in Norfolk.

At stake in Virginia is not only the Presidency, but one key US Senate seat and from three to five House seats. When the Washington Post reported that Virginia could very likely become the State that decides the Election of 2008 was it subtlety preparing the voters for the theft of Virginia's 13-electoral votes by the Obama Campaign and ACORN?


Using his discretion as governor, Kaine restored voting rights to 2,633 felons, adding to the 3,000-plus felons whose voting rights were restored by former governor and current Senate candidate Mark Warner. Under what could be called a voting quid pro quo, those felons whose voting rights were restored by Warner voted for Kaine in 2005, and will likely vote to place Warner in the US Senate.

Warner and Kaine only restored the voting rights of those they could reinstate without catching voter flack in rule-of-law Virginia. Restoring voting rights to the hardcore Virginia felons was left to organizations like ACORN/Project Vote that aren't concerned about voter backlash. The scene that played out in the slums of Richmond, Virginia earlier this year was playing out in every major urban city in the country. ACORN/Project Vote operatives, using the federal Motor Voter Law, combined with an even more lethal State laws that allow those registering to vote to immediately cast an absentee ballot that helps them avoids scrutiny. That's why Fido, Kitty, Charles Manson and your 15-year old son or daughter is registered to vote.

In Virginia, ACORN/Project Vote has added 306 thousand new registered voters to the voting roster. All of them—about 75% of whom are not legally eligible to vote, and usually would be challenged before they stepped into the voting booth—will cast unchallenged absentee ballots for Democrats this year. In 2004, President George W. Bush won Virginia's 13 electoral votes by a margin of 262,316 votes. (It is important to understand that ACORN and other George Soros (who is funding ACORN and Project Vote) and Tidewater Foundation-funded voter registration drives have registered over 10 million illegal Democratic Party voters in the United States since President Bill Clinton ran for reelection in 1996. those illegal voters are still voting—and they are still voting for the Party that gave them a voice in American politics. It is critically important for the American people to understand that these billionaires are not putting up millions of dollars because they want to make sure some poor slob's right to vote is not denied because, believe me, they couldn't care it you voted, didn't have a meal yesterday, or dropped dead today. They are putting up millions of dollars solely to guarantee that the people they are bribing get elected by controlling who votes for whom.

If everyone ACORN/Project Vote registered in Virginia this year votes, the Democrats will take Virginia with a margin of 43,784 votes. Virginia is one of the few States in which Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin will have an impact. In 2004, Baldwin and Michael Peroutka took 10,161 votes in Virginia. If Baldwin doubles his showing, the Republican numbers drop by 10 thousand, and the margin of victory for the Democrats becomes approximately 54 thousand votes. The Democrats—and their allies in the liberal media—will claim the voters were hard hit by the economy, and showed their disdain for the Republican banking collapse by voting for Obama (who, together with Sen. Chris Dodd, the Congressional Black Caucus and Carter-era and Clinton-era laws which forced US banks to loan money to minority buyers without the credit standing to merit the loans. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac intensified the problem by guaranteeing millions of bad loans, as favors to politicians, that ultimately collapsed).

But just in case there is a backlash by white voters in Virginia against Obama's pledge to the NAACP to expeditiously implement the redistribution of wealth from the white middle class to the black underclass, ACORN/Project Vote spent the last two years registering those not eligible to vote in every battleground State. In 2004, Ohio was the pivotal State that determined the election. But, had Kerry taken 6 thousand more votes in New Mexico, 5,000 more votes in Iowa and 50 thousand more votes in Colorado, he would have been the 44th President of the United States. Had Al Gore, Jr. taken 41,000 more votes in West Virginia in 2000, Florida's 297 vote victory for Bush-43 would not have mattered at all because union strong West Virginia, which almost always votes Democratic (but which gave its 5 electoral votes to Bush in 2000), would have flipped the election with Gore taking 271 electoral votes and Bush taking 266.

And finally, looking at the States where ACORN/Project Vote investigations are currently taking place, we see why the ACORN/Project Vote effort concentrated on Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Illinois. If Kerry had taken 117,600 more votes in Ohio in 2004, he would have become the 44th President of the United States. ACORN/Project Vote knows Ohio is within their grasp this time around with the new rules that are now being challenged in federal court. So is Nevada and Colorado. They also know, even if they fail to steal Virginia with illegally-registered voters, they can still win Ohio's 20 electoral votes with 117,600 ACORN/Project Vote voters; Nevada's 5 electoral votes with 21,500 ACORN/Project Vote voters; and 9 electoral votes with 96,525 ACORN/Project Vote voters. And, if the Election of 2008 shapes up as a clone of 2004 (which utilized a decade's worth of ACORN/Project Vote voters), Barack Hussein Obama will win the election with 270 electoral votes to 267 for John Sidney McCain.

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And if McCain-Palin should somehow prevail, the Democrats who funded ACORN/Project Vote—and the liberal media that concealed the attempted theft of the nation—will all start screaming at the top of their lungs that, once again, George W. Bush and the oil companies stole another election from the people.

� 2008 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

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Since there are almost as many colleges and universities in Norfolk, Virginia as there are churches, Kaine had Obama appeal directly to the City of Norfolk to waive the regulations for registering college students to vote.