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By Jon Christian Ryter

November 4, 2003

When the chase for the race to the 2004 Democratic nomination began the only serious contenders were former House Minority Leader Dick Gephart [D-MO], Senator John Kerry [D-MA] and Senator Joe Lieberman [D-CT]. Kerry was viewed by moderates as a Teddy Kennedy liberal and, thus, too liberal to be viewed as a serious contender against President George W. Bush. Serious pundits looked at the race as one between Lieberman and Kerry with Gephart viewed as "the also ran" who has been running since 1988. Had Bill and Hillary Clinton not stuck their nose in the practice run of the 2004 marathon, Joe Lieberman would likely be the very clear front-runner on his way to locking up the nomination as he jumped the hurdles of the early primaries, building momentum as he went.

Hillary who wants, more than anything else in the world, to be the first feminist.--er...female--President of the United States, could not let that happen. But as much as Hillary wants to be president, she knows that if she joins the fray too soon that members of her own party (who helped keep her secrets secret while her husband occupied the Oval Office) will begin to open all of that soiled "Gate-luggage" she's been toting around her neck for the past decade. And they will eagerly display all of her sordid secrets for all the world to see in order to eliminate her from the contest.

Hillary fully intends to join the race, but hopefully on her own time table--which is later rather than earlier.

Hillary, like FDR in 1940, wants to be "drafted" at the Democratic Convention when the first ballot does not produce a nominee. But, of course, for that to happen, Hillary must first make certain that there is no clear cut winner going into the convention. Also, she has to make sure that none of the campaigners get close enough to secure the nomination with deal cutting on the floor before the first ballot is cast. The Clintons accomplished that by persuading additional candidates to join the fray.

North Carolina Senator and first class ambulance chaser John Edwards didn't need any encouragement. Like most good personal injury legal sharks, Edwards could smell blood. He knew from the gitgo that all of those who had thrown their hats in the proverbial ring were vulnerable. He also remembered that an Arkansas lawyer named Bill Clinton was the dark horse nobody knew in 1992--and Clinton came from behind and stole the White House from the second most popular presidents in the second half of the 20th century.

Edwards attempted to use the Ross Perot strategy of claiming to be "self-financed," and therefore not beholden to special interest groups. Of course, going in, it was clear to every American that Edwards was already beholden to the most notorious special interest group in the United States--the American Bar Association. Edwards still can't get out of single digits, and likely he will follow former candidate Senator Bob Graham [D-FL] into obscurity.

Following him out the door when the race heats up will be socialist Congressman Dennis Kucinich [D-OH], the poster child of the American Communist Party.

With the race narrowed, all that will be left (for the moment) will be Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Hillary is, of course, Snow White. The seven dwarfs are: Howard Dean, Joe Lieberman, Dick Gephart, John Kerry, Wesley Clark, Carol Mosely Braun and colorful Al Sharpton who never saw a middle class white man he didn't believe was a racist.

To fracture the support that the Democratic candidates generally receive from the African American community, Bill and Hillary urged Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton to step up the plate--specifically to dilute Kerry's impact with the liberals (since diminutive Dennis could not seem to attract anyone except the dyed in the wool communists and a handful of loyal Kucinich groupies around Cincinnati, Ohio). It's unclear what the Clintons offered Sharpton (except perhaps to stroke his super ego). It is believed what Moseley Braun was promised financial help from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to regain her Illinois Senate seat from Senator Peter Fitzgerald when she bows out after Hillary bows in.

The Dean organization, in an attempt to corral the scattered black sheep that have begun to stray into Sharpton's and Braun's camp, urged Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. [D-IL] to endorse the Vermont governor, which he did last Monday. Sharpton responded by charging that Dean's platform promotes an "anti-black agenda." Black extremists will jump on that bandwagon even though Dean has "rented" the support of the Rainbow Coalition. Hillary and Bill, of course, will ask Jesse Jackson, Sr. to handle his son--at least for the time being. Green, of course, will pass from white to black.

When Hillary encouraged Dr. Dean to enter the race to curb the popularity of both Senators Lieberman and Kerry, she had no idea that the former Vermont governor would skyrocket into the role of front-runner and become a threat to the "Draft Hillary" movement. That's why Bill and Hillary call Wes Clark.

Hillary had been saving former NATO commander and retired 4-star general Wesley Clark to use as the "spoiler" to drain the Reagan Democrat vote from George W. Bush in 2004. Now, it appeared that if she wanted her "Draft Hillary" movement to develop sharp enough teeth to gnaw through the planned convention deadlock, she had to use Clark to dilute Dean's lead--not enough to make Clark the new front-runner, but enough that none of the candidates could win enough primary or caucus votes to win the nomination on the first ballot at the convention. A quick push poll suggested Clark might be able to pull it off.

Before throwing his own hat in the ring, Clark's sole ambition was to reactivate his commission and be named Chairman of the Joint Chiefs--or possible Secretary of Defense. Once again, Clark agreed to become Hillary's pawn. Clark initially became Hillary's pawn when he joined forces with Attorney General Janet Reno to help plan and coordinate the lethal attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas where theological misguided 89 American citizens--many of them children--died.

The military's role in Waco stand in a direct violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which expressly prohibits the American military from acting in any police roles over the civilian population in the United States. It is important for every American to understand that while Janet Reno volunteered to become the 'fall guy" on Waco, the order to proceed came directly from then First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton (in her self-anointed role of co-President of the United States) and not from Bill Clinton who has become the conservative's scapegoat on Waco.

Hillary's strategy, like FDR's "divide and conquer strategy" in 1940, will likely prove to be very effective if the American people don't wake up very soon. In 1939, Roosevelt decided to buck tradition and seek a third term. The Democratic Party opposed the idea and pressure was applied on FDR to "pick a successor" so the Party could promote him as the Party's choice for president in 1940. A dozen Democratic candidates were standing in line waiting for FDR to give them the nod. When he didn't, several announced they would seek the nomination without FDR's blessings. One of them was FDR's vice president, John Nance Garner.

From 1938 to early 1940, Roosevelt intimated several times publicly that Secretary of State Cordell Hull would make a good foreign policy president. However, even though FDR suggested several times that Hull would be a good candidate, when the media began prodding him in 1939 to actually name the person who would be charged with the responsibility of keeping the FDR legacy alive, Roosevelt refused to name Hull. In fact, when the organized Democrats began campaigning for Hull, FDR encouraged his former campaign chief and Postmaster General, James Farley to throw his hat in the ring against Hull, promising Farley that he would endorse him. The endorsement never materialized. When the media began to look at Paul McNutt, the head of the Federal Security Agency (who had been on the short list of possible FDR vice presidential candidates in 1936) as a possible successor to Roosevelt, FDR appointed McNutt as High Commissioner of the Philippines and got him out of the country.

As Roosevelt encouraged several of his underlings to throw their hat in the ring (and then surreptitiously stabbed them in the back), he was secretly courting labor leaders John L. Lewis, president of the American Federation of Labor, and Daniel Tobins of the Teamsters' Union, as well as several "loyal" governors to initiate a "draft FDR" movement. Roosevelt knew the American people were opposed, due to the traditions of the White House, to any president seeking a third term. In addition, FDR also knew that very few Democratic Party officials wanted him to seek a third nomination because they didn't relish the idea of a bitter campaign to defend a third term candidacy as the world inched closer to another world war

Hillary knows that America is not ready for a female president. Even more, she knows the country is not ready for a female candidate that half of American despises and 60% believe committed felonies by covering up unethical dealings concerning the joint Whitewater real estate venture that she and Bill were engaged in with Jim and Susan McDougal in Arkansas.

Hillary also knows if she jumps into the fray at this time, Howard Dean, Joe Lieberman and Dick Gephart will delight in opening the old Clinton "gate" wounds. And, the dirty laundry aired during the preliminary campaigns automatically becomes fair game during the general campaign. (That's why Howard Dean signed an Executive Order in Vermont before leaving office that all documents concerning the actions of any Vermont governor are sealed for a period of six years after the governor leaves office.) Dean's foibles as governor cannot come back to haunt him in 2004. If he doesn't get his party's nomination this time around, it won't matter what gubernatorial secrets he's concealed by 2008.

If the Clintons were not manipulating the standings of the wannabes from behind the scenes there would be, by this time, at least one giant among the dwarfs. Very likely that giant would be Joe Lieberman. But, when the "draft Hillary" campaign gets into full swing, Lieberman--like the remaining six dwarfs--will simply become a footnote in history under the category: "the also rans."

With Hillary saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who will be president next fall?" the dwarfs are obliviously singing: "Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to the early primaries we go."

� 2003 Jon Christian Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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"With Hillary saying, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who will be president next fall?" the dwarfs are obliviously singing: "Hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to the early primaries we go."