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By Bill Barnstead

November 22, 2006

I was raised back in the days when a man always left the dance with the woman he brought. Things are different today. On Nov. 2, 2000 Texas governor and president-elect George W. Bush was invited to the dance by Mr. and Mrs. America (although the people didn't know for 36 days that he was the dance partner they picked). The dance, as far as the president is concerned, was over on Nov. 7, 2006. And, tastelessly, the president�who left his date at the door�departed from the dance with another woman: California congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Had the American people looked at the President's "dance card" on his first day in office they would have been shocked to see that his dance card was already full�and the President had not reserved a single dance for them. The reason? They weren't his "date" for the evening although they gave him his invitation to the dance.

After 8 years of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the man that conservatives believed would walk in the legendary footsteps of Ronald Reagan and they hoped, grow into them, stumbled off the path of glory and detoured onto the utopian lane where political misfits like Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry and Jimmy Carter walk.

Utopian Lane was paved by the global intentions of men like George Soros, David Rockefeller and a myriad of equally important patriotically-challenged financial and industrial giants and merchant chiefs whose names you wouldn't recognize�but who have enough wealth to buy the bidding of presidents, princes and prime ministers. They are men who feel they owe no allegiance to God or country. They are determined to dissolve the boundaries of all the nation states in order to create a tariff-free global trade union they alone will control as they reshape the world into a single global state called Utopia.

The architects of world government were names like Cecil Rhodes, Baron Alphonse Rothschild, Arnold Toynbee, Alfred Lord Milner, Reginald Lord Esher Balliol Brett, Lord Albert Grey, Jan Smuts, the European banking families of Baring, Erlanger, Fould, Kuhn, Lazard, Loebb, Mallet, Mirabaud, Nobel, Schneider, Schroder, Seligman, and Speyers�and some of the wealthiest industrialist, mercantile and banking families in the United States: Vanderbilt, Mellon, McCormick, Morgan, Gould, DuPont, Dillon, Carnegie, Astor, and the wealthiest family in the world�Rockefeller. Included among the invisible Money Mafia are names you will recognize from their roles in the Wilson and/or FDR Administrations but won't equate their names with incalculable wealth: Walter Burns, Clinton Dawkins, John W. Davis, John Foster Dulles, S. Parker Gilbert, Edward Grenfell, William Leffingwell, Tom Lamont and Elihu Root.

They are among the 200-odd families that are shareholders of the privately-owned Federal Reserve System�and all the central banks in the world. And, they are one other thing. They are also the key architect's of both World War I and World War II. Why? To merge the nation-states into a cohesive global community without borders, ruled by commerce. They are also the names of the men President Dwight D. Eisenhower referred to when he warned the American people to beware of the military-industrial complex as he ended his second term as President of the United States.

From 1912 the money barons have controlled every national election in the United States. From 1925 the vetting process for upcoming political leaders in the United States was controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR was created by the global Money Mafia in the United States and Europe to begin the generational indoctrination of the American people on the merits of world government. No president has been elected since 1912�including Ronald Reagan�whose candidacy was not approved and backed by some faction of the Money Mafia.

In the mid-1860s during the rail and oil booms, the robber barons learned they could buy whatever legislation they wanted to stifle their competition or to increase their profits through legal bribery�campaign contributions. Over the last 150 years this form of legal graft has grown into nearly a billion dollar per campaign-cycle industry as special interest groups intensified their efforts to buy the political philosophies they need to shape the ideology of Congress and the White House. Every special interest group in America speaks to, and influences, politicians with their checkbooks. No politician in either party is immune from this legalized form of graft. Every politician in the country goes to the dance with one partner and leaves with another. And the American taxpayer is left to sit out the dance, alone, in the corner of the room. [Read "Whatever Happened to America?"

Politicians only need the voters for about an hour or so every four to six years to get elected. Once in office the politician doesn't need the voter until the next election. What he does need, however, are pockets deep enough to finance the next election campaign. Greed being what it is, even when the politician is independently wealthy, the money he uses to get reelected comes from special interest groups, industrialists, and businessmen who are willing to pay large sums of money to politicians without ethics to get custom-tailored legislation to increase their wealth�and the politician's power over the people.

Politicians notoriously brings one party to the dance and leaves with someone else. That's why we always become disappointed in those we elect to public office. And that's why the American people chose to remember Jack Abramoff on election day. Bur rather than fire everyone bribed by the lobbyist�which should have taken out far more Democrats than Republicans (in particular incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid)�the voters took their wrath out solely on the GOP.

When the political pundits finally figure it out, they will decide that there were several reasons why the voters turned on the Republicans. First and foremost, the voters became disillusioned with the party's leader George W. Bush who squandered his covenant relationship with the American people. When he was inaugurated on January 20, 2001, Bush said he intended to be "...the president of all the people." It took the American people five years to realize Bush apparently intended to include all of the Mexican and Canadian people in his catch-all "all the people" phrase.

As President of the United States, Bush had a historic covenant with the American people (or, to be more Constitutionally-correct, with the 50 States whose agent he actually is)�not with the transnational industrialists, bankers and merchant princes who bankrolled his two elections and whose core objectives are at odds with the American people and the 50 States. Bush lost the people in the 2006. And the people blamed the Republican Party for letting him run amuck.

The Republicans lost because Bush lost his conservative moorings. During six years Bush loved the look of his signature so much he never found a piece of legislation he wasn't willing to sign. He didn't veto his first bill until a few months before the 2006 election. Just like the tax-and-spend liberals, Bush expanded the size and scope of government. He signed every spending bill that was put in front of him. And, rather than protect the Bill of Rights like his conservative predecessors, Bush weakened the Constitution under the guise of protecting the people�just like Bill and Hillary Clinton. Bush is destroying the national sovereignty of the United States by kowtowing to the globalists who demand open borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico. Erasing the borders creates a defacto hemispheric "union," and prepares the United States for its subservient entrance into the stateless global community of the UN.

But most of all, the Republicans lost this year because they were wrong. Dead wrong. Bush was wrong. Frist was wrong. Hastert was wrong. The Democrats, who loved the issue of amnesty, were wrong. And most of all, the vision of the transnationalists who are sending American jobs overseas and importing illegal aliens to dilute the value of what jobs are left was wrong. But, since Pennsylvania Avenue and K Street�and the media�agreed, who was left to protest what the people knew was wrong? Just the voters.

When they went to the polls to vote�those who actually did�the American voters were mad. Not at the liberals. They were mad at Republicans who acted like Democrats. You can't blame them. If you're going to have a house full of Democrats they may as well look like donkeys and not elephants. But I guess that's what happens when you let the dance partners from K Street set the agenda in the dance hall at the lower end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

It's about time the American people made it clear to every politician that seeks public office that the voters expect their dance cards to include only the name of the American people. We can no longer turn a blind eye to politicians with their hand outstretched for legal bribes from special interest groups. We need to force Congress�or the courts�to outlaw all forms of political contributions. Working class partisan party members donate $50 or a $100 to their favorite candidates and expect nothing in return. When corporate donors or the wealthy elite pledge millions of dollars to senatorial or presidential candidates or their parties, or when special interest groups kick in hundreds of thousands of dollars, they aren't doing it because the're patriotic. They are buying patronage, plain and simple. No one gives thousands or millions of dollars to politicians without expecting a lot more in return.

That's the reality of politics. It's about time we made the politicians leave the dance with the partner they came with. When politicians are allowed to accept large contributions, the donor expects more than thanks and an autographed photo of the candidate. Plain and simple, large contributions are bribes. They need to be outlawed, not regulated. Let's make sure our politicians�all of them�leave the dance with those they came with.

We must let Congress know the voters will now have zero tolerance for the legal bribery of Congressmen, Senators, and presidential candidates. Contribution over $50 or $100 can only come from voters who must have no means to profit from their contribution except to elect honest legislators or presidents who will seal our borders and protect the economy of the United States.

Further, laws must be implemented that allow candidates to use contributions only to offset specific campaign costs such as travel, motels, etc. for the candidate and his/her staff�but not money that can be used to annihiliate challengers for his or her seat in Congress. America needs to level the playing field in order to restore citizen politicans in the equation of governance. They can accomplish this by bringing the cost of running for office back down to the level that any citizen politician can afford by banning all forms of political advertising by candidates, parties or special interest groups in any media that are currently used to steamroll the citizen politician.

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If the candidates want to get their message out, let them talk to the voters in the public forum. If it was good enough for Thomas Jefferson, Andy Jackson, and Teddy Roosevelt its still good enough for the next generation of presidential wannabees. This is the only way to restore the natural marriage between the office holders and the American people�and the only way to make sure the politician goes home with the "date" he brought to the dance.

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� 2006 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

[Read "Whatever Happened to America?"]

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Bill Barnstead is a Boston businessman. Bill has been a solid supporter of the GOP for over 45 years and has been a major contributor of the Republican party and Republican causes. He is currently disillusioned with the GOP and George W. Bush. The old warrior is now speaking out.

Jon Christian Ryter is the pseudonym of a former newspaper reporter with the Parkersburg, WV Sentinel. He authored a syndicated newspaper column, Answers From The Bible, from the mid-1970s until 1985. Answers From The Bible was read weekly in many suburban markets in the United States.

Today, Jon is an advertising executive with the Washington Times. His website, has helped him establish a network of mid-to senior-level Washington insiders who now provide him with a steady stream of material for use both in his books and in the investigative reports that are found on his website.










After 8 years of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the man that conservatives believed would walk in the legendary footsteps of Ronald Reagan and they hoped, grow into them, stumbled off the path of glory and detoured onto the utopian lane where political misfits like Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry and Jimmy Carter walk.