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By Jon Christian Ryter

August 16, 2006

Former Derby mayor Alan Schlesinger, the Republican candidate for the Connecticut US Senate seat will split the conservative-mdoerate vote with Lieberman. On July 21, when it looked like Joe Lieberman might become the "comeback kid, the Hartfort Courant printed a story that Schlesigner had been sued by two gambling casinos for gambling debts in 1989-90. Caesar's Palace filed a lawsuit against Schlesinger on June 12, 1989, claiming he owed $8.800.00. Trump's Castle sued him on May 21, 1990, claiming Schlesinger owed them $13,500. Schlesigner, who signed both tabs as Alan Gold, paid Caesar's $10,211.00 and Trump $18,016.00. The Courant tried to pressure Schlesigner to drop out of the Senate race, suggesting the former mayor unfit to serve. Schlesigner told the Courant he was a "recreational" blackjack player who never lost more than $10,000 a year gambling.

When Gov. Jodi Rell tried to get him to drop out of the race and let the Party find a candidate without any baggage, Schlesigner refused, telling the Courant that he had "...never done anything illegal. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I'm not getting out of this race because I had a couple of lawsuits filed against me 15 years ago. Those losses could have occurred over a long period of time. You have to remember, at the same time I was losing at those casinos, I could have been winning at a different one. I may have been having cash flow problems at that time, and it took a while to pay back the markers."

Schlesigner could be called Lieberman Light. Schlesinger, like Lieberman, is a supporter of the Iraq War. Both men are pro-choice except when it comes to partial birth abortion (even though Lieberman voted against the ban on partial birth abortion). Ken Mehlman, Republican National Committee chairman told reporters that Lamont's victory "...reflects the unfortunate embrace of isolationism, defeatism and 'blame America first' attitude by national Democratic leaders at a time when retreating from the world is particularly dangerous. Like the proud history of so many Democrats before him, Joe Lieberman believed in a strong national defense," Mehlman said. "For that he was purged from his party. It's a sobering moment."

In reality, the sobering moment is the sudden appearance on center stage of another Money Mafia member wanting hands-on influence over the politics of this country through Congress. The last Money Mafia member to find a berth in the US Senate was John D. Rockefeller IV�who, in his earlier days, very much wanted to be the President of the United States. Today he knows its far better to control them than be one of them. The Money Mafia, which is adamantly opposed to full-blown war�since war fosters isolationism and isolationism reinforces borders�still hasn't learned that you can't negotiate with terrorists. Money doesn't solve every ill of mankind. Nor do political concessions. What the Islamic terrorists who are fighting all of the conjoined wars in the world today want is the destruction of Israel. If the nations of the world joined forces and legislatively dissolved the State of Israel�and joined forces with the Arab world to forcibly subdue Israel and disperse the Jews once more, the Islamists would not be satisfied. History assures us that victory would simply embolden them to demand more.

On March 7, 1936, Hitler sent German troops into the Rhineland and reoccupied it, arguing that Germany was threatened by the French and the Russians and needed a buffer zone in order to feel "at peace" with its neighbors. (Germany lost the Rhineland to France at the end of World War I.) British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with Hitler at Berchtesgaden on Sept. 15, 1936 and let Hitler make his case for annexing the Rhineland. Hitler baldly demanded not only the Rhineland, but every Germanic province that was taken from Germany at the end of WWI. England forced the concession on its continental allies by offering Hitler a concilitory "bone." Chamerlain returned to London and proclaimed "peace in our time." A year later, Germany annexed Austria. Europe barely noticed since Austria was, after all, German. Within a year 1938, Hitler was again making demands. He demanded the immediate evaucation of all non-Germans from every Germanic province taken by the Allies in WWI, threatening to flood the continenent with blood if his demands were not met. Chamberlain and French Prime Minister Edourd Daladier returned to Germany, meeting with Hitler first at Godsberg on Sept. 22, and then Munich on Sept. 29, 1938. England and French capitulated to Hitler at Munich. At that point, Hitler knew the world was his was for the taking. The two strongest armies in Europe were afraid of him. Hitler knew he no longer had to ask permission. He could simply take what he wanted.

On March 10, 1939 German panzer divisions invaded the rump Czech state. Six days later, the Czech government capitulated and Czechoslovakia became the first non-German nation to fall to the Nazis in WWII. This alarmed the west because the Czech Republic was not a Germanic state�it was Slavic. England and France declared war on Germany.

This is the reality of human conquest. Nations remain free only as long as they remain strong�and their spine remains rigid with resolve. When nations show a willingness to concede or retreat, their enemies always view their willingness to compromise as weakness and, instead of "peace in our time," that nation will face devastation in their homeland because their adversaries will simply follow them home. Worse than the dictator, however, is the zealot. For the past 100 years the worst threat to the world has not come from fascism or communism, but Islam. For the past thirty years, every war fought in the world has been tied to Islam. In every one of those wars, Islamists initiated the conflicts using terrorism as a catalyst for change. In most instances, the Islamic terrorists�as in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s�claimed they were being persecuted in their homelands, and their fights for independence were justified. Only, the Islamics were migrants in both countries. Muslim zealots were determined to convert the populations. And, as in the Mideast, they used terrorism to win converts.

The utopian one-worlders�controlled by the international Money Mafia (that is close to its objective of creating a world without borders)�are rewriting international law into what can best be described as a bizarre Mr. Roberts Neighborhood-concept that allows the utopian world community to decide what a nation can do, internally�and respond militarily if it bucks the edicts of the "community of nations." This is what led to the Balkan War in the 1990s. Albanian Muslims infiltrated the Kosovo Province of Serbia�just like Mexican illegals are infiltrating the United States�seeking work in the mineral rich minefields of Kosovo. The Albanian Muslims who encouraged the migration wanted to annex Kosovo. Yugoslav strongman Slobodan Milosevic was determined not to let that happen. Since Yugoslavia was a powerful totalitarian regime that was a thorn in the side of the European Union, the utopian leaders who were constructing the "new" Europe into a borderless community, needed Milosevic's empire broken apart. NATO�under the control of the European Union�with the help of the United States, delivered the coup d'etat. Now the precedent is established. Somewhere down the road to Utopia the globalists will likely use that precedent to breakup the United States, creating an independent Hispanic Southwest.

It is important to keep in mind that the Money Mafia has been working towards its goal since 1906�breaking the world's most powerful nations into manageable States. But, before the globalists can succeed with the remaining steps that must be accomplished before the United States can be welded into the New World Order, it must disarm America. Not just its military�its citizens as well. At the end of the Gulf War in 1991 America stood alone and unrivaled not only as the most powerful military force in the world, but the most powerful economy as well. Today, as the industrial strength of America is being exported to those nations that would love to see the United States reduced to a minor power, the third world nations are getting stronger and America is getting weaker because the United States is being destroyed from the inside by the transnational industrialists�the Money Mafia families�who head the nation's largest corporations. Helping them are the bankers who put profit ahead of national patriotism. These are the men who think of the world not as separate Nation States, but as a utopian global village�a single economic community without borders and without tariffs from which they will grow even more wealthy as the human capital of the world is redefined as the primary commodity�chattel of the 21st century.

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This is the Money Mafia. This is the invisible power behind government. Ned Lamont is simply the newest exposed face of that cartel. While the international cartel of industrialists and bankers that pull the strings of the G-8 holds he Lamont view that the world can no longer afford to destroy its infrastructure with war, their political philosophies are evenly divided between capitalism and communism, and between socialism and fascim. Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV represents the extremes of capitalism. Lamont, who is the poor rich compared to Rockefeller, represents the extremes of socialism. I wonder if Connecticut realized what it was doing when it voted for Ned Lamont? For part one click below.

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It is important to keep in mind that the Money Mafia has been working towards its goal since 1906�breaking the world's most powerful nations into manageable States. But, before the globalists can succeed with the remaining steps that must be accomplished before the United States can be welded into the New World Order, it must disarm America.