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By Jon Christian Ryter

May 17, 2006

Under a hastily formed cluster group of national and international labor union activists and mid-level field organizers, illegal aliens, legal aliens, Hispanic activists, Catholic priests, and school-age children of both legal and illegal aliens, and rank and file union members�compulsorily drafted as paid protesters�as well as leftwing zealots who will show up for any anti-American protest, joined the largely Hispanic May Day national retail "pro-amnesty" boycott by minorities of retail stores all across the United States as though to suggest that the buying power of illegals was strong enough to hurt Main Street America merchants, and that the retail community would buckle and demand that Bush grant the illegals amnesty rather than deport them. Instead, retail America in the path of the May Day parade found themselves the victims of marauding Hispanic street gangs in Los Angeles and elsewhere who saw the chaos as an opportunity for profiteering. Members of Hispanic gangs struck merchants in every city where the May Day amnesty protests were held and either resorted to gypsy-style rack stripping, or they simply robbed the stores at gunpoint.

The amnesty cluster groups that coordinated the nationwide May Day demonstration which followed another nationwide demonstration to protest the anti-immigration legislation that is stalled in the US Senate. After the May Day protest�operating under the umbrella of "We Are America Alliance"�funded by big labor and several leftwing organizations like and La Raza, the Latino coalition announced a new coordinated campaign to register a million new voters before the midterm elections.

In Los Angeles on Monday, May 8, Renan Almendareaz Coello, a nationally-syndicated Spanish-radio DJ and one of the key spokesmen for the alliance, presented vague details of the strategy that began with the chant that was heard in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and everywhere the May Day amnesty protests (that actually began in March and will culminate on May 17) were held�"Ahora marchamos, ma�ana votamos!" ("Today we march, tomorrow we vote!")

To the illegals in America, its that simple. Forget citizenship. Citizenship comes later�after the Democrats vote the GOP out of office. First, the Latinos are being told, they need get a US driver's license. Never mind that, as thieves in the night, they violated the laws of this nation by entering the country illegally, and thus have no constitutional rights or prerogatives as intruders in a nation that has not legally granted them refuge. The Hispanic vote�especially the illegal Hispanic vote�is now more important to the Democrats than the black vote. African Americans have largely freed themselves from the shackles that tethered seven generations of their forebearers to the feeding trough of the State. Since they've tasted financial independence, they've discovered what liberty means. Today, a new generation of indentured minds eagerly await the invitation to dine at the feast-laden table of the State in exchange for the votes that will make them slaves to a new patronage system that the left hopes will evolve from the Election of 2006.

"We need to reach out to our youth�the first, second and third generation�to make sure they vote," Coello (also known to the LA Spanish-listening radio audience as "El Cucuy" (the Bogeyman) told the media. Angela Sanbrano, the Executive Director of the Central American Resource Center noted that the " [few] weeks are crucial to the immigration reform bill," adding that if the House measure is adopted it would become a felony to be in the United States illegally." Speaking frankly, it should be. Those who enter this country illegally conspire to steal the resources of this nation and its people. That should be a crime, and it should be a crime that prevents that person from ever being allowed to apply for, or receive, a visa to enter this country.

On Tuesday, May 9, Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zavala held a press conference at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles flanked by "immigrant" mothers holding white roses to symbolize their separation from their families in Mexico and other Central American countries. Zavala said the drive to produce one million new voters by the November mid-term elections will " the unprecedented momentum of our previous marches into a targeted mass campaign for civil action..." to press for legislation that will reunify families and legalize the nation's 13 million undocumented aliens.

The "We Are America Alliance" is organized in 40 States to press for legislation that will make it easier for Latinos to exercise their prerogative to vote. Angelica Salas, the Executive Director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, said the advocacy groups were planning to launch what she called "Immigration Democracy Summer" beginning July 1 to produce a million new voters�and citizens. Over the Labor Day weekend, Michael Garcia, the president of Local 1877 of the Service Employees International Union, said they will mobilize their recruits into a campaign that will have "...ten times the momentum that we had in 1994�post-Proposition 187," adding that Los Angeles, "...being the largest immigrant community in the nation, needs to lead the way." Interestingly, when they speak, all of the coalition organizations refer to illegal aliens as either migrant workers, guest workers or immigrants, and never as people who broke American law to get into the country, and who are resorting to additional illegal tactics to stay here.

The biggest tragedy is the American people who understand that the United States is a nation of immigrants seem to have forgotten that when they arrived in America, their European ancestors entered the country legally through Ellis Island. They applied for visas at the American Embassy in their native lands, learned the language, and applied for citizenship when they arrived. They didn't sneak across the border in the middle of the night. They strove to be assimilated into the society; they did not want to remodel this society to resemble the land they left.

They applied for work in America's stores, factories and farms and, beginning in 1914, paid income taxes on their earnings from those jobs. They adopted this nation as their own. They were not hyphenated Americans. They were not Polish-Americans, German-Americans, British-Americans, nor were they Asian-Americans or African-Americans. They were simply Americans. Americans who worked together, lived together as neighbors, and when the nation was threatened, they fought and died together. That is the strength of America. That is what made this nation great.

Americans, who have established a unique historic precedent of fighting�and shedding their own blood�to protect the civil rights of beleaguered people in distant lands, are generally willing to accept anyone, from any nation, as an equal and as a neighbor. However, few Americans who earned what they possess through sweat equity, are well-disposed to surrender, without a fight, the equality they earned through their labor to those who ask that equality be imputed to them because they believe the socialists who told them that America stole the land from Mexico in 1848, and they are entitled to retake�by force if necessary�land they believe rightly belongs to Mexico although that land was purchased by the United States from Mexico in the Treaty of Guadeloupe.

What America is experiencing in the nationwide Hispanic protests that began in March has not been the result of mere happenstance. It is the effect of much diligent planning by socialist societal engineers who are remodeling the nations of the world into a utopian global community where the wealthiest nations share their bounty�and their jobs�with the impoverished nations in order to create tomorrow's consumers�and more wealth�for the transnationalist merchant princes, barons of industry and princes of banking as the human capital of the world is recast as human chattel, the property of Camelot�the American aristocracy in the Kingdom of Utopia, the New World Order.

During the summer, Democratic alien-advocates working through Section 527 advocacy groups will reinforce their effort to recruit leftwing community organizations, union halls and liberal churches to become "immigrant action justice centers" to challenge and change the existing voting laws that scrutinize the identification of voters too closely to "protect" the voting rights of Hispanic voters from the prejudices of the GOP. In reality, what they are trying to accomplish is what they succeeded in doing in several States in 2005 and the summer of 2006�change the voting laws sufficiently to create a legal haze over the voting process where the citizenship of "motor voters" cannot be challenged because they are not checked.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of high school teenagers who earned drivers' licenses through their Drivers' Education classes were assigned voter registration cards that became voted ballots in the Election of 2004. Furthermore, the Democratic Party, with the aid of advocacy groups like, will continue the motor voter registration drives started by Al Gore in 2000 and refined by John Kerry in 2004 when literally millions of ineligible "voters" in the battleground States were registered�and allowed to vote absentee ballot to preclude challenges to their eligibility. In many instances throughout the battleground States in 2004, ineligible voters were registered and voted at the same time on election day.

"Ahora marchamos, ma�ana votamos!" March today, vote tomorrow. Beginning in the spring and continuing through Labor Day, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and their utopian supporters from leftist organizations and labor unions staged marches, protests, and boycotts designed to pressure State legislators into amending State voting laws to protect Hispanics from voter discrimination, The leftists insist the GOP targeted Latinos at the polls in the Southwest swing States in 2004 just as they claim without evidence of wrongdoing, that the GOP intimidated African American voters in Florida in 2000 to steal the election for George W. Bush.

What the Democrats are attempting to do is to weaken the safeguards in the electoral process at State level to allow undocumented aliens to register and vote�without challenge by precinct officials even when its obvious the "voter" is not an American citizen. Under the guise of "letting every vote be counted," the legislative process is being manipulated by the left to allow non-citizens to vote under the guise that, after the votes are cast, the registrations will be examined and, if it is deemed the voter was not eligible, his or her vote would somehow be "uncounted" when it will be impossible to ascertain for which candidate the "voter" voted. The argument launched by the left is that every person, citizen or not, who lives in this country�legal or not�has a vested interest in the country since the decisions made by government impact all of us. Further, they claim that the undocumented illegals are eager to become taxpaying citizens�all they need is more time.

Although statistics proof that, even when given the opportunity to become a citizen, only about 14% of the Mexicans who were in this country illegally between 1986 and 1996 and who became eligible for citizenship under the amnesties offered by Reagan, Bush-41 and Clinton, actually applied for citizenship or for a work visa. Yet the number of registered Latino voters in California increased from 434 thousand in 1994 to 1.9 million in 2000. What's wrong with this picture? The Reagan amnesty legalized 2.3 million Hispanics. The Clinton amnesty in 1996 created 5 million new legal residents nationwide but only a handful of them chose to become new taxpayers. They were now here legally but their obligations to family members in Mexico superceded their financial obligations to the US government since they still viewed themselves as citizens of Mexico living in captured Mexican provinces in the United States.

Rosalind Gold of the National Association of Elected and Appointed Latino Officials Educational Fund justified the statistics by noting that Hispanics naturalize at a lower rate than other immigrant groups because the US borders their homeland. Where Asian immigrants naturalize at a rate of 60%, Hispanics naturalize at 14%. Gold noted, however, that the Latino population in Los Angeles grew from 27% in 1994 to 43% in 1996 when the Clinton amnesty and citizenship drive for new 1996 voters took place. In point of fact, Gold's explanation indicates why amnesty is the wrong way to go. And, of course, it also explains why President George W. Bush is bucking a bronco that can't be broken on the issue of immigration.

With 63% of the American people adamantly opposed to amnesty in any form, the voters have made it clear that contrary to the UN's "open borders" demands on the member states of the emerging New World Order, they expect their representative government to comply with their wishes: seal the American borders, deport the illegals and adhere to the rule of law with respect to immigration policy and procedure.

It has not dawned on the president yet, but his loss of popularity with the American people is centered on one issue and one issue only�immigration. Sixty-three percent of the American people demand the borders be closed and that no amnesty be granted. They want the illegals deported. A week ago, only 37% of the American people had a favorable opinion of how Bush is running the country. Today, his approval rating is down to 33%. That would suggest that 67% of the American people now disagree with Bush's amnesty program.

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The left has launched what they call "Immigrant Democracy Summer." Officially it kicks off on July 1 and runs through Labor Day. It's objective is to create 1 to 1.5 million new Hispanic voters in November. The left intends this to be an unprecedented effort to stop the rightward swing of the political pendulum and seal the fate of this nation as America is forced to surrender its sovereignty to the overlords of Utopia once the left takes back the House and Senate in 2006, and wins the White House in 2008.

� 2006 Jon C. Ryter - All Rights Reserved

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The biggest tragedy is the American people who understand that the United States is a nation of immigrants seem to have forgotten that when they arrived in America, their European ancestors entered the country legally through Ellis Island.