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By David Ruben
May 11, 2013

Do you know that the subconscious power of our attitudes, are the most important determinants of our behavior? Everyday in thousands of imperceptible ways, without realizing it, we are subject to what is known as the "availability" principle, a factor which systematically renders your mind and emotions vulnerable to external influence and subtle control. By making use of what is known as “priming,” many communicators and various forms of communication can influence your attitude as well as your overt behavior without your ever knowing it. Researchers and social scientists understand that once a person's attitude is accessible to suggestion, in that moment your attitude can be used as a guide to some form of action. Anyone that wants to guide your actions and attitudes intentionally, or unconsciously uses subtle influences to form and direct your behavior. To understand priming mechanisms lets examine some of the research findings.

Priming researchers Thomas and Znaniecki define how attitude shapes our behavior: "By attitude we understand a process of individual consciousness which determines real or possible activity of the individual in the social world." Researcher Gordon Allport pinpoints the key to human action: "Without guiding attitudes, the individual is confused and baffled. Some kind of preparation is essential before he/she can make a satisfactory observation, pass suitable judgment, or make any but the most primitive reflex type of response. Attitudes determine for each individual what he will see and hear, what he will think and what he will do." A perfect example of the power of priming is described in this article from the Scotsman, UK: DIETERS can be deterred from eating fatty foods like ice-cream by being tricked into believing they were sick after eating them as a child, scientists have discovered. A leading expert in false memories was able to convince up to 40 per cent of people that they had been ill after eating strawberry ice-cream when they were younger. The volunteers then started to avoid eating that flavor of ice-cream. Professor Elizabeth Loftus, who led the study, said: "While we know food preferences developed in childhood continue into adulthood, this work suggests that the mere belief one had a negative experience could influence food choices as an adult." The experiment mirrored the techniques used by Derren Brown, the psychological illusionist, who is able to control people's behavior and "read" their minds through suggestion, literally tricking people into believing they had a fictional “bad” experience with ice-cream.

However, conscious and intentional priming can also be used so that we can predispose ourselves to think and act on thoughts and suggestions we give ourselves. Recently the NY Times published a new study using advanced brain-scanning technology to cast light on a topic that psychologists have puzzled over for more than half a century: social conformity. The study was based on a famous series of laboratory experiments from the 1950's by a social psychologist, Dr. Solomon Asch: Do people who give in to “group-think” in cases in which they know they are choosing to either believe or do wrong do so knowing that their choice was wrong? Or did social pressure actually change their perceptions? The researchers found that social conformity showed up in the brain as activity in regions that are entirely devoted to perception. But independence of judgment - standing up for one's beliefs - showed up as activity in brain areas involved in emotion, the study found, suggesting that there is a cost for going against the group. "We like to think that seeing is believing," said Dr. Gregory Berns, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta who led the study. But the study's findings, he said, show that seeing is believing what the group tells you to believe. The unpleasantness of standing alone can make a majority opinion seem more appealing than sticking to one's own beliefs. If other people's views can actually affect how someone perceives the external world, then truth itself is called into question.

Conscious self-priming counter-effects negative or external priming sources. But, first you must recognize that at some level, you are not thinking and acting from within yourself, but from responding to some extent, to constant external prompts and pressures. If you agree with this statement, you are a perfect candidate for Conscious self-priming. CSP works on 2 levels: 1- Through Observational Priming you will learn new guiding attitudes,to become objective and establish essential preparation that allows you to become aware of virtually all external influences that might negatively influence or guide your attitude and behavior. 2- Through Essential Questioning you will identify and erase all negative mental and emotional programming from the past and present, removing primitive reflex type of responses – no reprogramming being necessary since external response primed programming is the core of why you have struggled to overcome the negative aspects of an externally programmed personality. "Without guiding attitudes, the individual is confused and baffled”

Our program works without effort, or struggle to clear the mind of negative thoughts, feelings and toxic emotions, and predisposes you to be positive, self confident, process based, and internally peaceful. You gain control of your attitude and destiny through establishing your chosen prerogatives and consciously determining your personal direction. Objectives of Conscious self-priming and Essential Questioning

The experience of objectively questioning is the single act which defines humanity. Every great thought, all personal growth, every great philosophy, spirituality, movement, etc. began with a question. Questioning is also the most essential act one can perform, and the most essential skill needed to live your life to the fullest potential. From essential questioning comes growth through the process of defining distinctions between objective and subjective, self and other. When we objectively question, we fulfill our primary roles as humans and begin the process of the eternal quest to come to live from the highest form of self.

Questions concerning all things asked from the perspective of one with no agenda other than knowing the truth produces startling awakening, and unique consciousness, by neither guiding or manipulating the unfolding of discovery. You become the observer of every experience rather than the one connected to the experience.

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The ultimate goal of essential questioning is intuitive awareness. This Path requires, a single discipline of mastery of your thoughts through conscious self-priming observation. Conscious self-priming provides the daily self preparation that is essential to make clear observations, pass suitable judgments, and avoid primitive reflex type of responses. Attitudes literally determine what you will see and hear, what you will think and do. And what’s so simple and powerful about Power Prime is the only attitude you have to change is yours, one moment at a time. Conscious self-priming works because it is gradual and systematic. Conscious self-priming is liberating and renewing because all negative programming is systematically erased thus allowing for total personal awakening, renewal, and intuitive authentic individuality. Once you take charge of your mind and emotions you will move forward with ultimate knowing and strength of conviction and experience Extreme Results! Prime your mind to be aware, intuitive and positive with the Cure Stress Device, or call 855-CURESTRESS

© 2013 David Ruben - All Rights Reserved

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David Ruben is Senior Executive Producer, and Team Leader at the creative boiler room for the Audio Taskforce at Talk Radio Network (the 2nd largest distributor of Talk programming in America). Over the past 4 years David has won 3 LA Comedy Awards in the voice/production category. David has produced some of the most successful nationally syndicated radio personalities such as Michael Savage, The Jerry Doyle Show and The Rusty Humphries Show to name just a few.




Priming researchers Thomas and Znaniecki define how attitude shapes our behavior: "By attitude we understand a process of individual consciousness which determines real or possible activity of the individual in the social world."


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